Haunted Adventure Trilogy - Atari 2600



The Haunted Adventure Trilogy is a collection of the following Atari 2600 hacks:

  • Haunted Adventure - Boo! (Enhanced!)
  • Haunted Adventure II - Redemption (Enhanced!)
  • Haunted Adventure III - Witch's Flight (New!)

The first two games are modifications of Nukey Shay's 8KAdvent (itself a hack of Adventure) and Haunted Adventure III is a hack of John Dunn's Superman. These are sophisticated hacks that will keep you busy for some time! Accompanying the game is a 52-page manual, the largest by far that we've ever included with a homebrew or hack!

A description of each of the games follows:

Haunted Adventure - Boo!

A mod of Nukey Shay's 8kAdvent and Anthony Wong's original Haunted Adventure


This game has been greatly enhanced from the original Haunted Adventure and many new features, graphics, sounds, and different areas have been added to make a spooky journey back to the realm of Spirit Bay.

End the curse of Spirit Bay by finding the still-beating soul of old man Graves and returning it to the crypt under the cemetery. Use various keys and tools to explore the house. Avoid and try to banish the three ghosts and other creatures trying to scare you to death.


  • 3 game levels with different variations
  • Newly animated ghosts and creatures that haunt the mansion and you
  • Mysterious doorways to be discovered and unlocked
  • New rooms and scenes to be explored
  • Strange objects to find and use
  • New randomization routine for game level three with many new different object combinations
  • New music, sound, and lighting effects
  • Left Difficulty switch now controls both creature movement and attack speed
  • Pause the game for both Atari systems

Haunted Adventure II - Redemption

A mod of Nukey Shay's 8kAdvent and my original Haunted Adventure II


Nukey Shay and I have worked to make this mod to create a completely different experience with new and exciting twists and turns for any daring adventurer. Many special effects and secrets have been added for this new edition of Haunted Adventure II that have not been seen before.

Explore the multi-story mansion of Old man Graves, battling ghastly creatures with an ancient sceptre to find a magical urn and escape with your life. After accomplishing this, help Old man Graves to his redemption and save his spirit from a greater evil... The sequel to Haunted Adventure - Boo! has 3 separate stories and different objectives for each game. Areas to explore extend to inside, around, and under the mansion. There are objects to be discovered to help you complete your journey, but six deadly creatures will try to hinder you.


  • Discover unique objectives and rooms for all 3 games
  • 6 newly animated creatures that haunt the region of Spirit Bay
  • 4 entrances that lead to new areas
  • Over 100 rooms and scenes to explore with higher resolutions
  • Mysterious objects to find and use
  • New music, sound, and lighting effects
  • New randomization routine for game level six (1000's of different object combinations)
  • A few undocumented secrets for true adventurers to discover on their own
  • Newly animated backgrounds and objects
  • New Difficulty setting to decrease or increase creature movement speed
  • Pause game works for both Atari systems

Haunted Adventure III - Witch's Flight

A mod of John Dunn's Superman


Help Jono Care recover the magical urn and return her haunted friends to their proper resting place before day breaks. Avoid new evil entities released by Charon in a plot to have dominion over our world. New scenes, creatures, and entrances have been added to the third chapter in the Haunted Adventure series.


  • Find the urn pieces and return them to Graves' Manor
  • 6 newly animated creatures that haunt the region of Spirit Bay
  • Avoid the three evil entities that search relentlessly for you
  • 2 known entrances that lead to Graves' Manor
  • New scenes to explore around Spirit Bay
  • New music, sound, and lighting effects
  • Pause game works for both Atari systems
  • More secrets to discover

Haunted Adventure Trilogy includes 32K cartridge and 52-page, full-color manual.

Author Anthony "atwwong" W. Wong
Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick
Cartridge Size 32K
Label and Manual Design Anthony "atwwong" W. Wong

bradhig on 10/08/2017 07:36pm
Probably the only one looking for the ultimate easter egg in game3. Best adventure hacks to date.
Liduario on 10/01/2017 03:09pm
This is a huge and fun game. I can't ask more from an adventure based quest for my Atari. You have variety and plenty to explore. Difficulty is high but I find it rewarding and fair. Manual is top notch too.
Jonathan Rose on 10/29/2015 12:06am
This is one hack that is criminally under-appreciated. It uses Nukey Shay's 8k Adventure hack and puts the characters from haunted house into two, HUGE games. Haunted Adventure II took me a good DAY to play through on the hardest setting. There are more secrets, nooks and crannies to explore in this game than you would believe could be crammed into one Atari cart.

I haven't touched the original Adventure since I got this cart. It's better in every way, and much more fun than most of the later Adventure hacks to boot.

If you like Adventure, this is two of the best conversions (they are much more than hacks) ever made, plus a nice little Superman hack to round it off, though the third game is nowhere near as good as the first two.

Great cart, and two very deep games to boot.
Cankerwurm on 02/21/2013 12:06am
I can't believe I'm the first to review this game. This suggests to me that it's been unfairly overlooked, or that there aren't as many Adventure fans out there as I'd thought.

This here is a complete value pack that you simply can't go wrong with. It's two complete Adventure hacks (so well done they seem more like brand new games), plus one Superman hack on one cartridge, which places its value much higher than its current price. If you consider yourself an Adventure fan (and/or a Superman fan), you simply can't do without it. It's one of the rarities in that you can sit and play it for longer than most Atari titles, and also find yourself coming back for more. And if that wasn't enough, there's an easter egg contest thrown in to boot! That oughta keep you busy for a while.

So do yourself a favour and buy it. I guarantee that the only problem you'll have with this game is coming up with new and inventive excuses for not showing up at work every day.

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