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Board Type:  Legacy Board        Melody Board (Add $5.00)      

We can now produce single cartridges of just about any Atari 2600 binary you send to us, complete with a custom, glossy, die-cut label. You simply send us the binary you want programmed, along with the label artwork you'd like us to print, and we'll create your custom, labeled cartridge.

Your finished cartridge will look fantastic, as we use die-cut labels with rounded corners and a strong adhesive that won't peel up once applied to the cartridge. We will ship your completed cartridge within 1-2 weeks upon receipt of your label and binary files. If you need your order more quickly, please let us know and we will try to accommodate your request.

How to order:

  1. Select above the type of board you wish to use. We can produce cartridges using legacy 2600 boards or cartridges using the newer and more advanced Melody board.

    Legacy 2600 Board: Supports 4K, 8K Atari (F8), 16K Atari (F6), 32K Atari (F4), and 64K (EF) bankswitching methods.

    Melody Board: Supports all known bankswitching methods including SARA on-board RAM. Melody boards can be reprogrammed in the future if you'd like to order a new game or the author makes an update to the binary you send us.

  2. Add the cartridge to your shopping cart. If you wish to order additional cartridges, repeat the process.
  3. Complete the checkout process and pay for your order.
  4. After placing your order, please email the game binary (or binaries, if you have ordered multiple cartridges) and label graphics to [email protected]. Please reference your order number in the email. Label files should be 300 or 600dpi, or if you use the Atari 2600 Label Maker, select the 360 dpi option.

Creating Your Labels:

Labels sizes are below. Labels must include a 1/8" bleed around all four sides. Do not put any important text or borders along the "cut" edges of the label or they could be cropped.

Main Label:

Width (with bleed): 3.00"
Height (with bleed): 3.625"
Cut Width: 2.75"
Cut Height: 3.375"

End Label:

Width (with bleed): 3.00"
Height (with bleed): 0.8125"
Cut Width: 2.75"
Cut Height: 0.5625"

The "cut" width and height represents the size of the label when applied to the cartridge. The "bleed' width and height represents the size of the label you must deliver to us. If you use the Atari 2600 Label Maker, we can add the bleed since the background is a solid color.


  • We will NOT make cartridges of homebrew games or hacks without the original author's permission. Please secure that permission (or point us to where the author has said it's okay to make cartridges, such as a forum thread) before placing an order.

  • If you order labels of rare Atari 2600 games, we will add the text "REPRODUCTION CARTRIDGE" in small type somewhere on the label. This is to help prevent people from reselling these cartridges on eBay (or elsewhere) as the "real thing" to unsuspecting bidders.

  • Prices above are for single cartridges. Remember, these are built to order and we have to spend some time setting up your label files before we can print them. You are ordering a custom, high-quality product so we feel those prices are reasonable considering the time involved in producing each cartridge. If you want to order multiple cartridges with the same binary and labels, please contact us to discuss volume pricing.
David G on 02/14/2024 08:23am
Very satisfied! Easy process! The quality of the cartridge and label are outstanding!
I plan on purchasing more!
Thanks AtariAge!
Jeffrey Perry on 12/08/2021 11:44am
I was looking for a useable copy of the diagnostic test cartridge for practical use. I supplied the ROM and reproduced the B&W label artwork (adding my own logo so it wouldn't appear authentic) and am blown away at how good it came out. Absolutely recommend, especially for something custom/personalized!
Jwelsh on 04/25/2020 12:35pm
I supplied the bin, the labels i made, and Atariage took care of the rest. They came out better than i expected, extremely high quality labels.
TrekMD on 07/28/2019 02:28pm
This simply awesome! Great way to get homebrews into carts (with permission) for personal use.
Robbie on 07/10/2014 04:31pm
To start off, this is great quality! Great to put your homebrew games on!
Dan on 01/24/2014 03:13pm
Highly recommended! The cartridges are very nicely made from quality materials -- and the labels look great!

It's really neat to have our family's own homebrew game in a cartridge. The kids love it.
Cortat G on 04/07/2011 05:24pm
This is perfect if you want to play rare games or prototypes on your atari without spending a lot! You can even Design the label! Like if a rare game is a silver label, you can make it a picture label! The picture on the label looks fantastic! Now There's a cheaper, Cooler

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