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Those evil Xotec are at it again, and this time, only you can save the peaceful planet of Zarilon from certain destruction! Equipped with the latest Atari Z2PA Advanced Calculation Computer, you must break through the Xotec Homeworld's dangerous Pulsar Fields, and take them down, piece by piece. It won't be easy. Aim your mining laser and fire! The colors disappear as you go. One wrong move and Zarilon is doomed! The Pulsar Fields get tougher the farther you go in. Do you have what it takes? Join the Zarilon Defense forces and find out!

In Chunkout, you take on the dangerous role of Commander Brock Starblaze as he attacks the defenses of the legendary Xotec homeworld. Using your precision Atari Joystick, you will help him guide the CX-40 Voidstar's Photon Laser Device to take apart the Xotec Pulsar fields particle by particle.

It won't be easy. The Pulsar fields get harder the farther in you go. Your Z2PA Advanced Calculation Computer will show you a view of the Pulsar field at the atomic level. Each block is a single particle in the overall field. Particles come in several colors, and these tend to be grouped into larger groups of the same color, due to the subatomic structure of the Xotec fields. The Scientific types are calling them 'Microconglomerate Quantum Phase Packets', but our R&D boys just call them 'chunks'.

Each chunk of the Pulsar Field can be burned away with a nanosecond pulse of the Voidstar's Photon Laser. One pulse destroys all connecting particles of the same color. As you burn away chunks of the field, the other particles will rearrange themselves. Particles of similar color will form larger chunks, and that is the key to success. Skillful use of the Photon Laser will allow you to combine, and then eliminate all of the particles in the current Pulsar Field, and then it's further down into the Xotec defenses as you systematically burrow through the Pulsar Fields. Reach the homeworld, and the war is over.

The further in you go, the tougher things get. The inner defenses of the Xotec homeworld are very tricky. Scans show that the particle distribution becomes very difficult, and the chunks get continually smaller, forcing you to use all of your abilities to combine them in to big enough chunks. No one ever said this would be a cake walk.

Chunkout is an original homebrew game written by James Todd for the Atari 2600, who created his first version of Chunkout for the Nintendo Gameboy Color in 1999 and more recently a Nintendo Entertainment System version in 2008.

Includes cartridge and 8-page, full-color manual.

Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick
Cartridge Size 4K
Author James Todd

Stan Dean on 09/04/2017 07:41pm
A lot of people are going to sleep on this game because it doesn't look like much. It' just a screen of multi-colored blocks. It doesn't have a flashy title screen or rocking soundtrack. What it does have is incredibly addictive puzzling action that anyone can immediately pick up and play, but few can actually master. And if you master it, there is still the matter of getting a good score. I can easily pop this in the Atari and blow a solid hour before I realize it. "Just one more. I know I can clear it this time..." Famous last words. If you like puzzle games, Chunkout 2600 is a winner.
Jeff Johnson on 12/27/2015 10:15am
Chunkout is an addicting game that had quickly hooked me. It has a very beautiful start screen where the tiles randomize colors. It was quite pleasing to the eyes.

This is a strategy game where you get to choose which blocks you want to pull out of the pile. The blocks above and sometime to the side of the hole fall in. As a nice touch you get a preview of all the blocks that will be removed. The strategy in this game is to plan ahead a few moves so that you don't run out of choices.

All in all it's a fun strategy game, and a welcome edition to the 2600. I only ever made it past level 1 once, but I'm no great player. The game was very fair for me because there is no timer. With a little patience you can clear the level, but it's also fun to go full out commando and try to blast your way through without any planning.

I do wish there was a high score for the session as well as a "game over" display. While I think it is fair without a timer, some players might have liked a timer mode to be included as well. Nonetheless this is a fun little game to play, and you should really check it out.
Bruce Clarke on 10/19/2011 11:34pm
I'm very impressed; Chunkout is a colourful fun game that plays well to the Atari's strengths and weaknesses. The manual and 'warranty' are nice touches also.

I have quite a few 2600 homebrew games, and this is definitely one of the better ones. I highly recommend it as an excellent puzzler game, and quite challenging at the higher skill levels.

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