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The year is 2552. Planet Earth still exists, but overpopulation has forced many of her former residents to colonize other worlds. After contact with an outer colony was lost, a battlegroup was sent to investigate and was almost completely destroyed; only one badly damaged ship returned to tell of a seemingly unstoppable alien warship that had effortlessly annihilated their forces.

This was humankind's first encounter with a group of aliens they eventually came to know as the Covenant, a collective of alien races bent on wiping out humanity. A desperate plan is set in motion: board a Covenant vessel and learn the location of the Covenant home world. But before the mission begins, Covenant forces strike and annihilate the attack force.

The Covenant are now on Earth's doorstep. One ship escapes and makes a blind jump into deep space, hoping to lead the Covenant away from Earth. The ship crashes on Halo--an artificial ring world that is actually a weapon capable of destroying all life in the galaxy should it fall into the hands of the Covenant.

You are the Master Chief--all that remains of a classified military project to build a series of genetically enhanced super- soldiers. You are humanity's last and best hope against the Covenant--but you're woefully out-matched, and survival is not guaranteed. Can you battle your way through the massive world that is Halo, defeat the Covenant, and save humanity?

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Halo 2600 is an original homebrew game created by Ed Fries for the Atari 2600. Ed Fries once worked as the VP of Game Publishing for Microsoft's Xbox division and was instrumental in bringing Bungie Studios into the Microsoft studio family). AtariAge worked with Ed Fries to produce Halo 2600 in physical cartridge form, and a limited run was produced for the 2010 Classic Gaming Expo. After the Classic Gaming Expo, additional cartridges were produced using a different label (pictured in this auction) to differentiate the two releases.

In the game, Halo players control Master Chief in a non-scrolling exploration game with rooms to explore and a variety of enemies to shoot. The Chief faces a variety of enemies across 64 playfields, and must find hidden keys to unlock the game's force-fields in order to reach the final boss encounter. But first, he needs a weapon...

Additional Information

Halo 2600 includes the cartridge with a high-quality, glossy, die-cut label, and a professionally printed eight page, full color, glossy manual. Your copy of Halo 2600 will be shipped in a box to ensure that the manual and cartridge arrive safely! Available in NTSC, PAL50, and PAL60 television formats — please select above

Number of Players 1
Controller Joystick
Cartridge Size 4K
Programming Ed Fries
Label and Manual Layout Nathan Strum
Crio Corlben on 12/12/2017 04:22pm
It's a pretty fun game, great concept needs a box for a cib
moycon on 08/18/2017 12:26pm
I love the idea of porting modern games to the Atari 2600, and as a fan of the Halo series picking this up was a no-brainer if only for the coolness factor of displaying the game on a shelf.

Truth is though, this is a great Atari game to play as well. The game features a title screen with cool music. A large semi "open" world with plenty of easily recognizable and colorful enemies. Game play is similar to the game Venture with the exception of only being able to shoot left or right. You can find various upgrades ( Faster guns, shields etc.) to help you on your quest to find and face off against the final boss. If you manage to defeat him, a new harder game mode is unlocked.

I really enjoyed this game and would recommend it highly. It is both fun to play, and just display on a shelf next to newer Halo games!

Escapism on 03/27/2017 04:29pm
Just great!
I momentarily convinced my son this was the first Halo.. he was like "how come this isn't a thing?" :D
Great style and look, fun to play and a very novel thing to have in your collection.
K. Michael on 01/31/2015 11:18pm
Huge Halo fan, I've played all the games, watched all the 'movies' and read all the books so I just had to ad this to my collection. The 'story' in the manual is fantastic and a true love-letter to Halo, perfectly adapting and simplifying story elements from the novel 'Fall of Reach' as well as Halo 1 and 3 into a game that works on the 2600. Hearing the Halo theme play through my Atari, as well as seeing Halo 1's opening screen (converted into 2600 graphics of course) got me pumped, and gave me the same nostalgic feeling I got when I first played Halo 1, the feeling that this would be something 'new.' And it truely is new, when it comes to the Halo Universe, a Halo game for my oldest console is something I never expected to exist, or play.

The game itself plays sort of like Bezerk, except you are only able to fire left and right. Like Bezerk, each screen you progress through speeds up the enemies movement and fire. However unlike Bezerk the fire-fights felt more intense, as the enemies seemed to actually dodge my shots. The actual map and gameplay is a little bit more like 'Dark Chambers' with you needing to find keys to progress, and you have power ups such as pistols and shields to help you.

The Covenant are a little disappointing in this game, while they are easily recognisable as the covenant from Halo, they don't really have any differences. Even if it was something as simple as Elites taking two hits to kill, and brutes charging at you instead of shooting, it would just have been nice for them to feel like different aliens rather than the same ones with different skins.

All in all, Halo 2600 is a great game. If you are a Halo fan who is also into the classics, you will love this game, if you are just an Atari fan, I think you will probably still enjoy it quite a lot.

So, when's Halo 2602 coming out?
Alfred Williams on 07/16/2014 12:50am
The concept of taking a modern franchise and converting it into an old video game system isn't a new idea, but few times have I seen it executed as flawlessly as I have here.

I'm no Halo fan, in fact I loathe first person shooters, but there's something extremely novel and fun about owning this unofficially sanctioned port of one of the most successful FPS franchises out there.

Gameplay wise, it holds up. You grab your gun, collect keys, powerups, and explore perilous zones. I've never made it to the end boss, but as a 4k game, it holds quite well. It's basically shoot them before they shoot you, in this top down 3rd person shooter.

Either way, the gameplay is there, and it does make one nice conversation piece as well. My friend is a big Halo fan but he thinks I was nuts for buying this. Oh well his loss...

4/5 joysticks.
BenjaminR on 03/20/2014 01:26pm
Finally a Halo game that is actually worth playing! This is a fun action game that plays a lot like the arcade game Berserk. The levels are easy to navigate and the challenge is just enough so that it will take you a little time to actually beat it. Best of all, you will want to play it over again even if you do complete it. The overwhelming popularity of first person shooters in the last few decades is one of the reasons I stopped playing video games for the last 15 years. Thankfully this version of Halo isn’t anything like the original ‘eXBockz’ game of the same name. It’s nice that AtariAge offers this game both with and without a box. Thankfully, the only thing this game has in common with Halo is the name.
Theodore Woolsey on 08/27/2013 07:13am
I'm not a big fan of the halo series, and i dont own any of the games besides this one. But i have to say, this game is great! its quite a big game which is challenging and fun. There are weapons you can pick up as well as sheilds. there are a bunch of different enemies in the game as well, all from the halo series, so fans will enjoy this game, as well as people like me who aren't very familiar with the game. This is not a game you have to be a fan of to enjoy, you can just jump into the game and have fun. Awesome game, very impressed with it. 5/5!
David Bongo on 06/11/2013 08:15pm
This isn't the biggest game out there - what do you expect out of a self-imposed limit of 4K? But the gameplay is good and fans of the modern HALO series assure me that the sprites are recognizable.

As a game on its own merits it's a bit too small, which would lead me to give a 4 joystick review. But two things bring it up to a 5.

First - Mr. Fries had a limit of 4K. What do you expect from that?

Foremost - in my experience, those "punk kids" that are level 18 grandmasters of Halo 3 or 4 or whatever is out there now can't get a grip on this game. "It's too hard" is simultaneously funny and sad. It's a 4-way joystick and one button. How that can be hard compared to the modern controller beats me....

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