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Atari 2600 Catalog - Parker Brothers

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Company: Parker Brothers
Part Number: [none]
Year: 1982
Titles: 9

This Parker Brothers catalog features nine games for the Atari 2600. Of the two Parker Brothers catalogs that feature 2600 games, this catalog is much harder to come by. Nine titles are featured in this catalog, five of them listed as Coming Soon. Each game is pictured on its own page, complete with artwork unique to this catalog. There are some differences in the boxes shown in this catalog versus the actual released games. For instance, the artwork on the Star Wars: Jedi Arena box is completely different from the released game. Also, on the Sky Skipper box the gorilla looks like he's holding a banana, whereas the released game shows him holding a coconut.

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SystemTitle Model #Page
Sky SkipperPB53507
Star Wars: Jedi ArenaPB50008
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackPB50502
Strawberry Shortcake Musical MatchupsPB59106
Super CobraPB532010