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Atari 2600 Catalog - Starpath

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Company: Starpath
Part Number: [none]
Year: 1982
Titles: 12

This catalog was produced before Arcadia changed their name to Starpath. This catalog contains 12 SuperCharger games, although many of them did not find their way to store shelves with the name as depicted in this catalog. For instance, there's a page dedicated to a game called Excalibur, but it would later be released as Dragonstomper. This catalog contains a special offer for a full color Communist Mutants from Space poster, along with a detailed explanation of the benefits the Supercharger brings to the Atari 2600. The last two pages contain a "Coming Soon" section, listing Frantic, Killer Satellites, Jungle Raid, Clone Attack, Sword of Saros, Labyrinth, and Last Line of Defense. Only Killer Satellites and Sword of Saros were released with those names.

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SystemTitleModel # Page
Phaser PatrolAR40004
Communist Mutants from SpaceAR41015
Suicide MissionAR41028
Killer SatellitesAR410310
Sword of SarosAR420111