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Self-Published titles are those that are released by the programmers or individuals who have created them, as opposed to being published by a larger company attempting to sustain a business on profits from game sales. Many self-published titles have been released over the last few years, most often at the Classic Gaming Expo. These include titles that have been programmed from scratch (such as Crazy Valet and SCSIcide), to prototypes for which people have faithfully produced boxes, manuals and labels for (such as Combat II and Elevator Action). We expect this list to expand over time as more games are released.

System View:

SystemTitle LabelModel #YearRarity TV CartManBoxROMShot
2003 AtariAge Holiday Cart  2003Manual iconBox icon
2004 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Holiday Qb  2004 Box icon 
2005 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Reindeer Rescue  2005 Box icon 
2005 Minigame Multicart  2005 Box icon
2006 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Toyshop Trouble  2006 Box icon 
2007 AtariAge Holiday Cart: Stella's Stocking  2007 Box icon 
A-VCS-tec Challenge  2006 Box icon
A-VCS-tec Challenge  2006 Box icon
AStar  2006 Box icon
Backfire  2003  Box icon
Bee-Ball  2007 Box icon
BLiP Football  2006 Box icon
Boulder Dash    Box icon 
Bugs BunnyRed 2002 
Colony 7  2007 Box icon
Combat Two  2001 
Conquest of Mars  2006 Box icon
Crack'ed 261422002
Crazy Balloon  2005 Box icon
Crazy ValetLimited Edition 2000 Box icon
Crazy Valet  Box icon
Crazy Valet CGE  2001 Box icon 
Cubis  1997  Box icon 
Dark Mage   Manual iconBox icon
E.T. Book Cart  2006 Box icon 
Edtris 2600  Manual iconBox icon
Elevator Action  2001
Elevators Amiss  2007 Box icon
Encaved  2007 Box icon
Enigma Machine  2005  Box icon
Euchre  2002 Box icon
Eurocon2005  2005Manual iconBox icon 
Fall Down  2005 Box icon
FlapPing  2005 Box icon
Four-Play  2006 Box icon
Gingerbread Man  2007 Box icon
Go Fish!  2005 Box icon
GoSub  2007 Box icon
Graz2004  2004Manual iconBox icon 
Holey Moley CX261212002
Hunchy II  2005 Box icon
I Project  2008    
INV  Manual iconBox icon
INV+  2004 Box icon
JoustPong  2004 Box icon
Krokodile Cartridge  2005 Box icon
Lady Bug  2006 Box icon
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring  2002
Medieval Mayhem  2006 Box icon
Melbourne Tatty  2007 Box icon 
Mental Kombat  2002
Mine Sweeper   Manual iconBox icon 
Mondo Pong   Manual iconBox icon
Okie Dokie  1985Manual iconBox icon
Phantom II / Pirate  2006 Box icon
Pick Up 110342002
Poker Squares  2005 Box icon
PoloText 2002
Pressure Gauge  Manual iconBox icon
Rainbow Invaders  2006 Box icon
Raster Fahndung  2007 Box icon
RealSports Basketball CX26792002
Reindeer Rescue  2006 Box icon
Revenge of the Apes  2003
SaboteurSilver 2004 
Save the Whales 110352002
SCSIcide  2001
SCSIcide  2001Box icon
SCSIcide PhillyClassic3  2002 
Secret Agent  2001Box icon
Skeleton  2002Box icon
Skeleton+  2003Box icon
Snow White CX261072002
Solar Plexus  2005 Box icon
Space Battle  2006 Box icon
Space Treat  2002Box icon
Space Treat Deluxe  2003 Box icon
Squish 'Em  2007 Box icon
StickyNotes Cart  2006Manual iconBox icon 
Strat-O-Gems Deluxe  2005 Box icon
SWOOPS!  2005 Box icon
Sync  2007 Box icon
Synthcart  2002Box icon
Testcart  2001Box icon
Tetris 26   Manual iconBox icon 
This Planet Sucks  Manual iconBox icon
Toyshop Trouble  2007 Box icon
Ultra SCSIcide  2005 Box icon
Vault Assault  2001 Box icon
Vault Assault PhillyClassic3  2002Box icon  
Video Simon   Manual iconBox icon
Vong  2008Box icon
Yahtzee   Manual iconBox icon
Z-Blocks    Box icon