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Sky Jaguar High Score Contest

Troy Whelan - 185,360

May 29, 2004 - Winner Selected!

Congratulations to Troy Whelan, who submitted the high score in the Sky Jaguar High Score Contest! Troy's score of 185,360 nets him a copy of the ColecoVision version of Magical Tree, a game that was developed and completed by Opcode Games. Magical Tree will not be available for purchase, and Troy will be one of the lucky few who own a copy of this game, complete with a beautiful label designed by Dale Crum! Congratulations to Troy Whelan and thanks to everyone who entered!


Sky Jaguar BoxWhen a weakened and vulnerable Earth is invaded by the vicious Zephyr army, the planet's only hope is a fleet of powerful ships, the Sky Jaguars. It'll take sharp reflexes and amazing skill to survive the Zephyrians' unrelenting assault... can you last long enough to discover and destroy the enemy's hidden headquarters?

Sky Jaguar is an original ColecoVision port of the Konami game of the same name, brought to life on the ColecoVision by Opcode Games. Sky Jaguar appeared as an obscure arcade game, as well as on the MSX computers, which this version is based on.

• A perfect conversion of the popular MSX game
• Designed by the creators of the long-running Gradius series
• Intense and challenging gameplay
• Power-ups and hidden items add to the fun

Sky Jaguar made its debut recently at the PhillyClassic 5 gaming expo.

AtariAge and Opcode Games are sponsoring a Sky Jaguar High Score Contest, the winner of which will receive a copy of the ColecoVision version of Magical Tree, a game that was developed and completed by Opcode Games. Magical Tree is a ColecoVision port by Opcode Games of the MSX game of the same name. However, Opcode Games will not be selling Magical Tree, so the winner will own a rare copy of this game, complete with a custom label (we will post pictures of the cartridge soon!)

Here are some screenshots from the ColecoVision version of Sky Jaguar:

Sky Jaguar
Sky Jaguar
Sky Jaguar
Sky Jaguar

Magical Tree was released for the MSX a few months after Antarctic Adventure and Cabbage Patch Kids, two games Konami ported over to the ColecoVision in 1984. Magical Tree is a fairly difficult game to find today, and it appears that a European version of the game was never released. Magical Tree is a climbing game where the player's objective is to reach the tree's top, some 2,000 meters above the ground.

Here are two screenshots from the ColecoVision version of Magical Tree:

Magical Tree
Magical Tree

How To Enter

First, if you do not already have a copy of Sky Jaguar, you will need to purchase one from the AtariAge Store. Sky Jaguar includes an offset printed box, manual and label, with original artwork created by Dale Crum and manual text written by Jess Ragan. Sky Jaguar is an enjoyable shooter, and with professional packaging to match games released back when the ColecoVision was young!

After you've obtained a copy of Sky Jaguar, your goal is to achieve as high a score as possible! Once satisfied with your score, please send a photo of your television displaying the score to [email protected]. The best way to take a clear picture of your television is to use a tripod with your camera (or place it on a stable surface) and do not use a flash. Please do not reduce photos to a resolution of less than 1024x768 (sending us the original image straight out of your camera is fine). You may discuss the contest with other AtariAge visitors in our Contests Forum.

When the contest has ended, we will post all the submitted scores to this page, along with the submitted pictures. The highest submitted score will receive the copy of Magical Tree!

The contest ends at 11:59pm (CST), Sunday, May 16, 2004! All submissions must be received by then! Good luck!



Troy Whelan - 185,360
Troy Whelan
Score: 185,360
Rossignol Numa - 113,000
Rossignol Numa
Score: 113,000
Joe Kollar - 110,880
Joe Kollar
Score: 110,880