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T-Shirt Slogan Contest

AtariAge T-ShirtThe Contest is Over

Wow, we had over 200 slogan suggestions for the t-shirt contest - we'd like to thank everyone who participated! After reading through all the submissions, we discovered it's not an easy thing to choose one entry out of hundreds for a single winner. So, we took the easy way out and picked three. Anyway, without further ado, here are the winning entries (in no particular order):

"Classics Only Get Better With Age" - Ashley Alford
"Mine's Got a Wood Panel" - Dave Exton
"Good Games Only Need One Red Button" - Joe Kollar

Each winner will receive an AtariAge t-shirt of their choice with their slogan on the back. You can see all the entries by scrolling down this page, or jump straight to the entries. If you'd like to discuss the slogans, tell us what idiots we are for not picking your entry, or just tell us which one was your favorite, please go the the T-Shirt Contest Thread on our forum. Thanks!

The Original Contest (Now Over)

Yes, you can finally order gear with the AtariAge name and logo on it. T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, hats, and other items are all available. Now you can look stylish (kinda) and support AtariAge at the same time. You can see all the products at the AtariAge Gear Store. To kick it off, we're offering a free t-shirt to whoever can come up with the best slogan for the back of a t-shirt.

Ideally the slogan will be relevant to Atari in general, not one system in particular. A good example is "Have you played Atari today?", which was an official Atari slogan. More specific slogans are acceptable (a specific console, AtariAge, etc), but you will have a better chance of winning if the slogan is broad.

The contest will run until Midnight (CST), Friday, April 26th, 2002. All submissions must be received by this time! After the contest has ended, we will announce the winner and post the entries for everyone to see. Please not that this contest only lasts one week, so don't procrastinate too much!

How to Enter

For your slogan to be considered, please understand these guidelines and conditions. Any questions may be directed to [email protected]:

  • Slogan Length - We don't have a set limit, but obviously you want to keep the slogan relatively short. We're not going to print a paragraph on the back of a t-shirt.
  • Duplicate Winners - in the event that two people submit the same winning slogan, the first person who submitted the slogan will be declared the winner.
  • Format - Simply send us an email with your slogan clearly indicated, and be sure to include your real name. You do not need to send your slogan in a graphic format, simple text in an email will do.
  • Multiple Submissions - While we will gladly accept multiple submissions, we ask that each slogan be unique from your previous submissions in some significant fashion. We reserve the right to reject slogans that differ only in some minor attribute from previous entries. We will gladly replace previous submissions with new entries if you so request.
  • Use of Copyrighted Text - If you use any copyrighted text, you must seek permission from the copyright holder before using that material as part of your submission.
  • Permission to Reprint - By submitting an entry (or entries) to this contest, you agree to allow AtariAge to reproduce your submission(s) without your having to grant permission or receiving compensation for the right to do so (except for the free t-shirt of course).

Slogan submissions and questions about the contest must be sent to [email protected]. We will post submissions publicly on this page after the contest is over, in order to be fair to all submissions. The contest may also be discussed in our Contests Forum.

Remember, the contest ends at Midnight (CST), Friday, April 26th, 2002!

The Entries:

Name Slogan
Ben Behar Zero polygons per second.
Brad Jewell Your television misses it.
Zanza Your mom liked it, your dad wins on it, I'm in it!
Randy Ball Your Atari misses you.
Al Kuester You're never too old to play Atari.
Bohus Blahut You're an orange button away from instant death.
Bryce Blackford You are Always "Player 1" to Us.
Dave Summers Yesterday, today, tomorrow... Atari Age, we're game.
Tyler Stoelting Yar says "up yours Mario".
Trenton Ray Woodgrain Revival.
Frank J. La Monica Wishing i still had my Activision patches...
Brad Jewell Will Work for Atari.
Jason King Why don't you act OUR AGE?
Ben Behar Who's your daddy? Atari.
Matthias David Who needs 3D if you have an Atari.
Bryce Blackford Where the Key to the Universe is Held in the Button under Your Thumb.
Paul Vidro Where the fun never grows old!
Howard Wen Where the Age of Atari is always.
Bryce Blackford Where Resolution is Overrated, and Gameplay is Reinstated.
Marco Kerstens When only the best will do!
Chris Johnson What-station?
Billy Eno What your older friends played when they were kids.
Marco Kerstens Whakka, whakka, whakka.
Jason King We still play Atari todaaay...
Steffan Ros Videogames = Atari.
Frank J. La Monica Two Words...Space Invaders!
Matthias David Today is the past, Atari is the future.
Daniel Scott Jr. Timeless in the age of Atari
Howard Wen Through the Ages, it's always Atari.
Bohus Blahut This game variation looks an awful lot like the other 255 game variations.
Marco Kerstens There can be only one!
Mark Androvich The Voice of Our Age.
Chris Johnson The ultimate upgrade.
Paul Sanderson The True Home of Atari.
Marco Kerstens The Queen of Sites for the King of Consoles.
Russ Perry Jr. The play's the thing (no matter how big the pixels are).
Bohus Blahut The history of the future.
Dave Summers The games you know/remember/love... Atari Age, we're game.
Jason King The games people play.
Billy Eno The Atari 2600: as fresh as it was in 1992.
Frank J. La Monica Take a trip back in time with your Atari!
Tom Cosby Jr. Still Fresh and Full of Life.
Joe Kollar Square Boxes + Crappy Sound = Best Atari Game Ever.
Christian Samuel Some legends never fade away... Atari.
Tom Cosby Jr. Simpler times that were a world of Fun, Atari.
Mark Androvich Show Your Age.
Frank J. La Monica Seize a golden handy HTML format!
Tom Cosby Jr. Revisit the Past and Make the Future with Atari.
Chris Johnson Remember the day.
Joe Grand Reliving the era of classic gaming.
Christian Samuel Redefining childhood memories. ATARI.
Rick La Fleur Real men play with their joysticks!
Frank J. La Monica Real Men play Atari....and so do some women!
Al Kuester Putting the 'joy' back in joystick!
Bohus Blahut Pushing pixels since 1975.
Joe Grand Purveyors of finely crafted classic gaming news.
Mark Androvich Proud of Our Age.
Billy Eno Preserving the timeless games, the games that time forgot, and the ones that it is desperately trying not to remember.
Rob Kelly Plug and Play.
Dave Summers Play, today... Atari Age, we're game.
Jay Snellen, III Play With The Past!
Jah Fish Play with my joystick.
Zanza Play with joy....stick to Atari.
Dave Exton Physical Age - Mental Age = Atariage.
Matthias David past, present, ATARI.
Dave Summers Parents just don't understand... Atari Age, we're game.
Frank J. La Monica Overcome the Pitfalls of life...and find an oversize diamond ring too!
Ashley Alford Over 30 Years of Innovation in Home Gaming Systems.
Tom Cosby Jr. Over 30 years and with New Games still Created!
Thomas Jentzsch One webpage fits it all.
Dave Exton Old gamer, please pass quietly.
Fred Quimby Old Ataris never die. They get better with 'Age.
Bryce Blackford Numb Thumbs Unite!
Mark Androvich Not Afraid to Age.
Mark Androvich Not Afraid of Our Age.
Joe Grand Nostalgia for old people.
Matthias David Nostalgia = Atari.
Zanza My XBox is already dead.
Brad Jewell My other car is a.... Eh, who am I kidding, I sold it to buy Quadron MIB.
Ben Valdes My girlfriend slept with the AtariAge slogan judges, but all I got was this lousy T-shirt.
Adam McFarlane My games cost me $3.
Zanza My Dreamcast is dying.
Adam McFarlane More fun than playing with yourself.
Dave Exton Mine's got a wood panel.
Adam McFarlane Mario Fears Bentley Bear.
Bohus Blahut Life-like graphics and sound... if you squint and don't hear too well.
Adam McFarlane Joypads Suck!
Eduardo ET2K Joy to the World.
Chris Johnson It's not over yet.
Kevin Bunch It's back.
Chris Johnson It's a revival.
Billy Eno It's 4 hours until dawn, we've got a 1.2Mhz processor, 128 bytes of ram, 64 different colors, it's 2002, and we're playing an Atari 2600. Hit it.
Ben Behar Intellivision Sucks.
Ashley Alford Intelli-who?
Bohus Blahut If you squint, you can see it's a tank.
Tyler Stoelting If you don't play Atari go to hell!
Chris Johnson I've got your XBox right here.
Joe Grand I'm with stupid ---->
Tyler Stoelting I'm an Pole Position // junky.
Tyler Stoelting I pitty the fool who don't play Atari!
Adam McFarlane I didnt Sell Out.
Joe Grand I can't believe I paid $15 for this shirt.
Bryce Blackford How Old is Your Pixel Addiction?
Bryce Blackford Home for the Fans of the Single Pixel Action Hero.
Bohus Blahut Hey PlayStation! Who's your daddy?
Jah Fish Have you posted on AtariAge today?
Christian Samuel Have you played Atari lately?
Adam McFarlane Hands up who's gonna be playing their (insert console) in 25 years?
Ashley Alford Got quarters?
Steve Anderson Got fun?
Adrian Roberts Got Atari?
Al Kuester Got Atari?
Brian Prescott Good. Clean. Fun.
Joe Kollar Good games only need 1 red Button.
Tom Cosby Jr. Get Back to Fun, Play Atari!
Tom Cosby Jr. Games that have a Past, Present, and Future.
Tom Cosby Jr. Game Systems that Never grow Obsolete.
Zanza Game of the (last) century.
Ben Behar Fuji Fanatic.
Matthias David Forget your life, forget your future, forget everything, but never forget Atari.
Dave Summers For those about to play... we salute you. Atari Age, we're game.
Fred Quimby For a good time, call 2600.
Zanza First, last, and always.
Brad Jewell Feed your T.V.
Dave Exton FCUK INTV
Steffan Ros Expiration date: unknown!
Christian Samuel Experience Atari again.
Tyler Stoelting Eat my 16.5 million color dust N64.
Tyler Stoelting Dont Blame ME! Tramil is the jerk off!
Mark Androvich Don't Be Afraid To Show Your Age.
Bohus Blahut Doing more with less.
Zanza Did you say Playstation?
Zanza Come out and play.
Ashley Alford Classics only get better with age.
Al Kuester Classic gamers don't die they just click away.
Jason King C'mon...try a byte.
Zanza Built to last.
Bohus Blohut Bleep. You're dead.
Tyler Stoelting Bigger is Better 'cause I'am the SuperSystem.
Tyler Stoelting Big Red button Baby!
Bohus Blahut Beyond the space age (graphic of Space Invader guy) - Atari Age
Chris Johnson Beep
Joe Grand Because the new games suck.
Frank J. La Monica Because H.E.R.O. would suck on a new system!
Marco Kerstens Back with a Vengeance!
Matthias David Back to the roots, back to Atari.
Frank J. La Monica AtariAge.Com...Because your inner child still loves Atari!
Jose Olivera Jr. Atariage: The best Atari site on all the Internet!
Joe Kollar AtariAge: Because Only Geeks Bought An Odyssey 2.
Joe Kollar AtariAge: Because everything in life should be covered in woodgrain and come with paddles.
Al Kuester AtariAge is my age!
Jim Combs Atari.The Legend Will Never Die.
Frank J. La Monica Atari...You can't get a better arcade conversion anywhere!
Frank J. La Monica Atari...Where else can you be a chicken,alien,and cattle rustler all in one day?
Frank J. La Monica Atari...Because Syzygy is too damn hard to pronounce!
Jim Combs Atari. What dreams are made of.
Adrian Roberts Atari. They don't make 'em like they used to.
Jim Combs Atari. Mother's Milk.
Bill Combs Atari. More games. More fun.
Adrian Roberts Atari. It ain't 'retro' if you still play.
Jim Combs Atari. If you play it, you will have fun.
Adrian Roberts Atari. Grab your joystick.
Adrian Roberts Atari. Grab your joystick and shoot.
Adrian Roberts Atari. Grab your joystick and play.
Jim Combs Atari. Bigger than Mt. Fuji.
Christian Samuel Atari: The flame still burns.
Christian Samuel Atari: State of the art retro.
Steffan Ros Atari: Back to Front!
Joe Kollar ATARI: The Manuals were longer then the code.
Larry Klukaszewski Atari: Just Play It!
Alfonso Flores Atari, just another example that old is fun.
Steffan Ros Atari, future inspiration!
Steffan Ros Atari, for pioneers only!
Rich Stowe Atari-Some Things Never Go Out of Style
Trenton Ray Atari is an addiction you'll never get over.
Eduardo ET2K Atari is Alive!
Ronen Habot Atari forever...
Eduardo ET2K Atari 4eva!
Steffan Ros Atari 1972 - ?
Tom Cosby Jr. Atari = Games Everyone Loves.
Tom Cosby Jr. Atari + Games = Fun!
Ben Behar Atari - Your Move.
Ronen Habot Atari - there's nothing like it.
Tom Westgate Atari - it's an attitude.
Tom Westgate Atari - it is your father's video game.
Chris Johnson Ask me how.
Brad Jewell Any Television Always Remembers Irata.
Fred Quimby And God said, "let there be fun." And there was Atari.
Tom Arnesveen An informative page for an informative age.
Tom Cosby Jr. Always Evolving and Living Strong.
Ronen Habot Always Atari.
Tyler Stoelting All your Atari is Belong to Us!
Mark Androvich Act Your Age.
John Wright Act Your Age!
Ben Behar 6507 Inside.
Bohus Blahut 4 bit graphics, 2 bit fun.
Chris Johnson 3D hardware accelleration can kiss my arse.
Ben Behar 2K is OK.
Al Kuester 2600 reasons why I love Atari!
Bohus Blahut 256 colors is NOT "old school".
Matthias David 20 years later, and again an Atari.
Joe Grand 1980 wasn't -that- long ago.
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