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Atari 2600 Hacks - ROL Out

Original Game:Breakout 
Hacked By:Nukey Shay
Type of Hack:Functional Hack
Year Created:2004
Download ROM:
For those of you who abandoned the original Breakout when Super Breakout offered more walls, more challenge and more fun, welcome back! ROL Out breathes new life and new challenge into the old two wall bust-em-up classic. Now, Breakout is on par with its bigger, better brother!
What's New
  • 64 game variations (6 selectable options) instead of 12.
  • New options are double (2 paddles), rotate (spin the wall), and refill (replace each line as they are cleared).
  • Added a quick-select (hold both reset and select to go through the variations quicker).
  • The dropped options are "invisible" (I reused the ram pointers devoted to the color table), and "timed mode" (with endless walls, there's no point to having a timed game).
A full list of game selections can be found here.
Before and After Screenshots
Original GameHack
ROL Out - Original ScreenshotROL Out - Hack Screenshot
ROL Out - Original ScreenshotROL Out - Hack Screenshot
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