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Atari 2600 - Atari - Silver 1 Label Variation

For the Atari 5200, Atari must have decided that everything needed to be larger, and naturally this must have extended to the cartridges as well. These cartridges also have lots of grooves along the edges, which dirt finds its way into quite easily. The front of the cartridge has a large label, which ironically is the exact same label size as that used on the 2600, just rotated 90 degrees. The back of the cartridge contains a space to store overlays. Atari produced two label styles for the 5200, which we call "Silver 1" and "Silver 2" to denote the order in which they arrived. The Atari logo is embossed on the cartridge underneath the label.

The "Silver 1" label style is that used by the original batch of cartridges Atari released for the 5200. The label background is silver, and the text "Atari 5200" is featured prominently at the top, with 5200 rotated 90 degrees, adjacent to the "I" in Atari. Under that is the name of the game in white text against a blue horizontal bar the width of the label. Under the title is a graphic unique to the game and then copyright text in black under the image.

Title Model #Label NotesYearCartRarity TV 
Super BreakoutCX5203 1982
Star RaidersCX5205 1982
Space InvadersCX5204 1982
Realsports TennisCX5214 1986
Realsports SoccerCX5213 1982
Realsports FootballCX5207"Football"1982
Realsports BaseballCX5209 1983
QixCX5213 1982
Pac-ManCX5208 1982
Missile CommandCX5202 1982
GalaxianCX5206 1982
DefenderCX5218 1982
CountermeasureCX5210 1982
CentipedeCX5215 1982
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