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Atarian Magazine - AtariAge Magazine Archive

Atarian Magazine, published in 1989, covered the Atari 2600, 7800, and XE systems. Only lasting three issues, Atarian offered game reviews, interviews, previews, tips and tricks, and more. Atarian interviewed Nolan Bushnell in their first issue, and he even mentioned Save Mary, a game that was never released for the Atari 2600.

You can browse the issues of Atarian Magazine online, or download all the issues as a single file for viewing at your own leisure. The magazines are available as low resolution scans or high resolution scans (better for printing):

Thanks to Peter Perpetua III for contributing these scans.

Click on a magazine cover to view the contents of that issue:
Issue 1, May / June 1989
Issue 2, August 1989
Issue 3, October 1989
Issue 1
May / June 1989

Issue 2
August 1989

Issue 3
October 1989