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Numb Thumb News - AtariAge Magazine Archive

Imagic published only two issues of Numb Thumb News, one in 1982 and the second in 1983. The magazine was part of the Numb Thumb Club whose membership could be purchased for only $2. Included in the membership was a subscription to the magazine, a club card, and a poster of your favorite game. The short lived title included information on new cartridge releases, videogame tips, high scores, interviews, special offers, and more.

You can browse the issues of Numb Thumb News online, or download the two issues as a single file for viewing at your own leisure. The magazines are available as low resolution scans or high resolution scans (better for printing):

Thanks to Peter Perpetua III for contributing these scans.

Click on a magazine cover to view the contents of that issue:
Volume 1, 1982
Volume 2, 1983
Volume 1

Volume 2