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Atari Owners Club Bulletin - AtariAge Magazine Archive

The Atari Owners Club Bulletin is a UK publication that looks like it was started by a company called Ingersoll Electronics and later picked up officially by Atari. So far we have managed to acquire scans of nine issues of this newsletter, but we suspect we may be missing quite a few. The earliest number we have is 19, and the latest is 28, with an obvious gap of issues 26 and 27. If you have additional information about this newsletter or could provide us with scans of issues we're missing, we'd love to hear from you!

You can browse the issues of Atari Owners Club Bulletin online, or download all the issues as a single file for viewing at your own leisure. The magazines are available as low resolution scans or high resolution scans (better for printing):

Thanks to Rick Weis for providing the magazines for us to scan.

Click on a magazine cover to view the contents of that issue:
Issue 19
Spring/Winter 1982

Issue 20
Spring 1982

Issue 21
June 1982
Issue 22
September 1982
Issue 23
Debember 1982
Issue 24
February 1983
Issue 25
Summer 1983
Issue 28
Spring 1984