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Star Raiders
 STAR RAIDERS 		atari game program instructions 		 CX2660
	4 skill levels     survivial information     for one player



	With Commander Champion and Li San O'Rourke in the Star Fighter,
	you're on the tail of the Krylon invaders.  You've taken an oath
	to destroy the Krylons and avenge the Doomed Planet.

	Through interstellar space you hyperwarp faster than the speed
	of light, past uncharted stars and planets in an unexplored
	parallel universe.  Watch out!  You nearly collided wit an
	asteroid.  Run into an asteroid at this speed, and POW!  you're
	space dust.  Good thing the Star Fighter's protective shields
	are on.

	Check the Krylons' position on your Galactic Map.  Looks like
	they're heading for your starbase.  Given half a chance they'll
	destroy it to keep you from recharging and repairing the Star
	Fighter.  Their ships are fast, but you can hyperwarp anywhere n
	the galaxy in an instant...  if your energy supply holds out.
	It's a duel to the death.  Will you succeed in destroying the
	Krylons before they wipe out the starbase?  Will the Star
	Fighter perish like the Doomed Planet?  Or will you complete
	your mission and return a hero?


	Your first mission is to destroy all Krylon warships and save
	the starbase.  Failing that, you must wipe out all Krylon ships
	before the Star Fighter is destroyed.  If you run out of energy
	or take a hit with your protective shields off, the Star Fighter
	blows up, Krylon takes over the galaxy, and the game ends.  If
	you complete your mission and destroy all the Krylons, the ATARI
	FORCE computer evaluates your performance and assigns you a new
	rank, based on:

	* Mission skill level
	* Amount of energy remaining
	* Number of visits to the starbase for energy and repairs

	Mission Skill Level and Energy are shown on the Control Panel 
	(Figure 1) at the start of a game.  T10 means that at Skill Level 10,
	there are 10 targets.  The higher the skill level, the more targets,
	and the harder it is to survive.  Start at level 10 and work your way
	up to 40.  See Section 6 for descriptions of the mission skill levels.

	NOTE: Once the game starts, the T counter keeps track of targets

	[Figure 1 - Forward View and Control Panel (The Target Marker is
	shown to be at the center of the screen.  Energy Remaining is
	shown to be at the bottom left of the screen as E400.  Skill
	Level & Targets Remaining is at bottom center as T10)]

	The higher the skill level, the more energy units you start with.  If
	you run low on energy, you can recharge at the starbase, assuming
	Krylon hasn't destroyed it and you have enough energy to get there. 
	See ENERGY for additional information.


	Press GAME RESET to display the forward view from the front of
	the Star Fighter (Figure 1).  The computer signals game start
	with three tones and automatically turns on the protective
	shields and Attack Computer.

	Shields keep the Star Fighter from being destroyed by Krylon photon
	torpedoes and asteroids, but they do not protect it against damage.

	NOTE: When shields are on, space appears blue; when they are off, space
	appears black.  When the Attack Computer is on, the Target Marker 
	appears in the middle of the screen (Figure 1).  If your shields and
	Attack Computer are not on, move both DIFFICULTLY switches to B.

	Now press the GAL MAP button on the Video Touch Pad(tm) (Key 2) to
	display the Galactic Map (figure 2).


	Each square on the Galactic Map represents a sector of interstellar
	space.  The map shows you:

	    @@@@@@@	Sector occupied by Krylon fighters (red wing*)	

	@@@  @@@
	@  @@  @
	@ @  @ @
	 @    @		Location of starbase (atom)
	 @@  @@
	@ @  @ @
	@  @@  @
	@@@  @@@

	@@@@@@@@@	Star Fighter's current position (blue bar)

	@@@@@@@@@	Star Fighter's new position (red bar)

	*Note: Colors may vary, depending on your television control settings.

	[Figure 2 - Galactic Map (Omited)]

	Using your Joystick, move the red bar to the sector occupied by the
	Krylons. (Joystick operation is explained in Section 3.)  Now press the
	HYPERWARP button on the Video Touch Pad (key 3) to engage your
	hyperwarp engines.  Note that the blue bar (your current position)
	joins the red bar (new postion) when you engage your hyperwarp engines.

	When hyperwarp is completed, the screen flashes red and the red alert
	sounds to warn you that the Star Fighter has entered enemy territory.

	NOTE: Red alert also sounds when the enemy moves into a sector you are

	When you hear the red alert, press the FORE VIEW button (key 1) to
	return to the forward view (Figure 1).  Be prepared to engage the 
	Krylons in battle.


		@       @		 	    @@
		@       @ 		 	  @@@@@@
		@ @@@@@ @	  @@@@@  	@@@@@@@@@@
		@@@@@@@@@	 @@@@@@@ 	    @@
		@ @@@@@ @	@@     @@	@@@@@@@@@@
		@       @	@	@	  @@@@@@
		@       @	@	@	    @@

		 Cruisers        Fighters        Basestars

	All three ships are designed for high-speed attacks and are more
	maneuverable than the Star Fighter.  Fighters and cruisers do not have
	protective shields; they can be destroyed with one hit.  Basestars are
	protected by shields and can only be destroyed at close range.  All
	Krylon ships carry deadly photon torpedoes capable of seriously 
	damaging the Star Fighter.  At Skill Levels 30 and 40, Krylon pilots 
	are especially good shots.

	When the enemy is visible in the forward view, the computer emits three
	short tones.  Lock on your photon torpedoes (see ATTACK COMPUTER), and
	press the red button on your joystick to fire them.  The Star Fighter 
	is equipped with twin torpedo tubes on the port and starboard sides.  
	When the torpedoes are locked on, both tubes fire; otherwise only one 
	tube fires.

	NOTE: To hit targets at close range, aim below the Target Marker.  See
	Section 7, SURVIVAL INFORMATION, for details.

	The Attack Computer consists of the Control Panel, the Target Marker,
	and the Attack Computer Display (Figure 3).

	The color of the Control Panel indicates the postion and range of the

	RED	Behind you
	GREEN	In front and out of range
	BLUE	Visible and within range

	If the Control Panel turns BLACK, the computer is damaged(see DAMAGE).

	The Attack Computer Display tracks targets and locks on the photon
	torpedoes.  The computer tracks two targets at a time.  The dots shown
	in Figure 3 indicate the targets.  Line up a dot in the center of the 
	display to lock on the photon torpedoes.

	When lock-on occurs, the Target Marker changes from blue to red and the
	computer emits a short high-pitched tone.  This is the best time to 
	fire your photon torpedoes.

	[Figure 3 - Photon Torpedoes Locked On (Shows the Attack Computer
	Display to be at the lower right part of the screen with target as
	dots.  The dots corespond to the enemy Krylons on the screen.)]

	Krylons move toward the starbase at a steady rate.  The more ships
	there are the slower they move.  At T10 the Krylons move one sector
	approximately every 30 seconds; at T40 they move a sector approximately
	every 70 seconds.  Unless you engage the hyperwarp engines, the Star
	Fighter follows the Krylons at the rate of one sector every 7 or 8

	When the Target Market (<-actual atari typo!) turns blue and
	the Control Panel remains green, it's a sure sign the enemy has
	moved on. Check the Galactic Map and move the red bar into the
	new Krylon target sector. NOTE: No red alert sounds when you
	enter a target sector without hyperwarping. 


	The Krylons will destroy the starbase 30 seconds after they
	occupy it, unless you succeed in wiping them out. The computer
	indicates starbase destroyed with the same three tones that
	signal game start and end of game. After the base is destroyed,
	continue firing photon torpedoes at Krylons until you wipe them
	all out and complete your mission or the Star Fighter blows


        When only one Krylon target remains, the Star Fighter plunges
        into an asteroid belt. Asteroids can be as damaging as photon
        torpedoes. Either maneuver around them or destroy them with your
        photon torpedoes. @@@@@@ @@@@@ @@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@ @@@@@@@
        Asteroid @@@@@@@ @@@ @@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@ 

        Every operation of
        the Star Fighter uses energy, as shown in the following table:
        Hyperwarp (sectors jumped) Energy Drain (units) 1 20 2 50 3 70 4
        100 5 120 6 150 Star Fighter Equipment or Sustained Hit Energy
        Drain (units) Life Support System & Engines (always on) .5
        per second Attack Computer On .5 per second Shields On 1 per
        second Photon Torpedo Fired 1 Torpedo or Asteroid Hits Ship 10

        The further you hyperwarp, the more energy it
        takes. If you have a choice, a series of small jumps to a
        destination is better than one long jump. At mission levels 10
        and 20, the computer prevents you from hyperwarping when your
        energy supply is insufficient. At levels 30 and 40, always check
        the energy gauge on the Control Panel (see Figure 1) to be sure
        you have enough energy to make the jump. If you run out of
        energy during the hyperwarp, the Star Fighter will blow
        up. Section 7, SURVIVAL INFORMATION, has some tips on conserving


        When energy falls below 100 units, the
        computer automatically shuts off the Target Marker. Hyperwarp th
        the starbase and recharge immediately, if you have the energy to
        make it. keep an eye on your energy gauge and never allow it to
        fall below the level required to hyperwarp to the


        While the Star Fighter is recharging, the
        screen flashes. When the ship is fully recharged, COMPLETE
        appears at the bottom of the screen (Figure 4). After
        recharging, enter the Krylon target sector and continue
        fighting. WARNING! Recharging more than 7 times depletes the
        starbase and causes it to explode. [Figure 4. Recharging
        Completed (Shows Galactic Map with the word Complete in red at
        the bottom of the screen.)] DAMAGE Damaged or destroyed
        equipment is indicated on the Control Panel (Figure 5). One vist
        to the starbase repairs all damage. [Figure 5 Damage
        Control(Shows the Control Panel with a letter, C, inbetween E105
        and T30, indicating the Damage to the Star Fighter)] P="Photons"
        Green Letter O.K. E="Engines" Yellow Letter Damaged S="Shields"
        Red Letter Destroyed C="Attack" Computer 


        Equipment Damaged Destroyed Photons Only one tube fires Tube
        fires intermittently. when torpedoes locked on. Engines Somewhat
        difficult to Difficult to steer; engines steer; engine
        louder. "missing" sounds. Shields Flicker on and off. No
        shields; space appears black. Computer Control Panel turns
        Target marker flickers; no black; no audio lock-on; no
        horizontal track- warnings. ing. WARNING! If the Star Fighter is
        hit when its shields have flickered off, it will be
        destroyed. Repair damaged shields immediately. If you can't make
        it to the starbase, good luck! 

        Use your
        Joystick Controller and Video Touch Pad with this ATARI Game
        Program cartridge. Plug the Video Touch Pad firmly into the
        RIGHT CONTROLLER jack at the back of your Video Computer System
        game. Plug the Joystick Controller into the LEFT CONTROLLER
        jack. Hold the Joystick with the red button to your upper left,
        toward the television screen. See section 3 of your owner's
        manual for further details. 


        Up | \ | / Left O
        Right / | \ | Down [Figure 6 Cursor Control (Red Bar)] Use your
        Joystick Controller to move the cursor (Red Bar) around the
        Galactic Map (Figure 6) and maneuver your Star Fighter (figure
        7). Press the red button to fire photon torpedoes. Dive | Port \
        | / Starboard (Left) O (Right) Turn / | \ Turn | Climb [Figure 7
        Star Fighter Control] 


        [Figure 8 Video Touch
        Pad(omited)] A STAR RAIDERS(tm) overlay is provided for the
        Video Touch Pad. Slip the overlay tabs into the slots provided
        on the Video Touch Pad. FOREVIEW (key 1): Selects the forward
        view from the Star Fighter's front space window (see Figure1 in
        Section 2). GAL MAP (key 2): Selects the Galactic Map (see
        Figure 2 in Section 2). HYPERWARP (key 3): Engages hyperwarp
        engines to transport your Star Fighter instantly into another
        sector of the Glactic Map (see Section 2). COMPUTER ON/OFF (key
        4): Functions only when left DIFFICULTLY switch is set to
        A. Press to turn on; press again to turn off. SHIELDS ON/OFF
        (key 5): Functions only whrn right DIFFICULTLY switch is set to
        A. Press to turn on; press again to turn off. 


        Press down the GAME SELECT switch to select the mission skill
        level: T10="Skill" Level 10 with 10 targets T20="Skill" Level 20
        with 20 targets T30="Skill" Level 30 with 30 targets T40="Skill"
        Level 40 with 40 targets The skill level appears in the center
        of the Control Panel (Figure 1). See Section 6 for descriptions
        of the mission skill levels. GAME RESET Press down the GAME
        RESET switch to start your mission. Also use this switch to
        start a new mission at the same skill level. 


        Left Switch A Attack Computer off. Controlled from
        Video Touch Pad. B Attack Computer on. Controlled by
        computer. Right Switch A Shields off. Controlled from Video
        Touch Pad. B Shields on. Controlled by computer. Turning off the
        shields and Attack Computer saves energy. However, if the Star
        Fighter is hit when its shields are off, it will be blasted to
        space dust. See Section 7, SURVIVAL INFORMATION, for some
        practical ways to use the shields and Attack Computer on/off


        computer rates your performance and assigns you a rank and class
        when you complete your mission by destroying all the Krylon
        targets. Rating Rank Class (Per Rank) 0 Cook | 1 Scout | 2 Pilot
        | 3 Ace | Each rank has five classes. 4 Eagle | Class 5 is
        lowest, Class 1 is 5 Star | highest. 6 Nova | 7+ ? (mystery
        rank) | You are rated according to the following formula:
        RANK="M" + (energy remaining/100) (Number of Starbase Visits/2)
        where M is a mission factor based on the mission skill level: M
        Skill Level 0 10 0.5 20 1.0 30 2.0 40 NOTE: Number of Starbase
        Visits will not be divided by 2 if you visit the starbase more
        than 6 times. The Control Panel displays your new rank (Figure
        9) alternately with the energy remaining data. [Figure 9 New
        Rank (Shows Rank (SCOUT 4) at bottom of screen)] Rank
        corresponds to skill level as follows: 10 Cook to Pilot 1 20 Ace
        5 to Ace 1 30 Eagle 5 to Eagle 1 40 Star 5 to Mystery Rank Any
        time your new rating (promotion or demotion) puts you on a
        different skill level, use the GAME SELECT switch to change the
        skill level (see Section 4, CONSOLE CONTROLS). 


        SKILL LEVEL 10 * 10 targets; 400 energy units * Computer
        prevents hyperwarping when fuel is insufficient. * Krylon ships
        and the starbase are always on opposite sides of the Galactic
        Map at the start of a mission. * Krylon photon torpedoes are not
        very accurate. Light damage if any. SKILL LEVEL 20 * 20 targets;
        600 energy units * Computer prevents hyperwarping when fuel is
        insufficient. * Krylon ships and the starbase are on opposite
        sides of the Galactic Map at the start of a mission. * Krylon
        photon torpedoes are fast and accurate. Expect heavy
        damage. SKILL LEVEL 30 * 30 targets; 800 energy units * Check
        energy gauge before hyperwarping. * Krylon ships and the
        starbase can be anywhere on the Galactic Map at the start of a
        mission. * Krylon photon torpedoes are fast and accurate. Expect
        heavy damage. * Recommended for advanced Star Fighter
        pilots. SKILL LEVEL 40 * 40 targets; 900 energy units * Check
        energy gauge before hyperwarping. * Krylon ships and the
        starbase can be anywhere on the Galactic Map at the start of a
        mission. * Enemy torpedoes are deadly. Expect heavy damage. *
        Recommended for expert Star Fighter pilots only.


        [Figure 10 Most Effective Firing Range for Close
        Targets (Shows the Effective Firing Range to be a semi circle
        radiating from the Control Panel to the Target Marker. Also, two
        enemy ships are shown to be within this range.)] EFFECTIVE
        FIRING RANGE Your target marker is adjusted to show where photon
        torpedoes converge at infinity. Don't expect to hit a target
        lined up in the target marker unless it is very far away (a
        small dot). When targets are closer lower your aim. Figure 10
        shows the most effective firing range for targets the same size
        as photon torpedoes. Pull back on the Joystick to bring the
        targets into firing range. 


        If energy runs low while you're fighting in the starbase sector,
        make one hyper warp jump out of the starbase sector and
        immediately recharge. 

        Turning off the Attack Computer and shields while hyperwarping
        or changing sectors saves 1.5 energy units per second. The
        energy saved might be enough for you to reach the star base and
        recharge. Don't forget to turn your shields and computer back on
        before entering the target sector. (See VIDEO TOUCH PAD in
        Section 3 for use of the shields and Attack Computer on/off


        Skill Level 10 20 30 40 Hyperwarp Computer Computer
        Pilot(check Pilot(check Control energy gauge) energy gauge)
        Kylon/Starbase Opposite Opposite Anywhere on Anywhere on
        Positions at sides of sides of Galactic Map Galactic Map Game
        Start Gal. Map Gal. Map Krylon Not very Fairly Very Deadly
        Torpedoes accurate accurate accurate Starship None to Fairly
        Heavy Heavy Damage light heavy Rank vs. Cook to Ace 5 to Eagle 5
        to Star 5 to Skill Level Pilot 1 Ace 1 Eagle 1 Mystery Rank


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        _____________ ___________________ (Etc.) Atari 2600 Instructions

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance