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Ace of Aces - Atari - Atari 7800     HTML Manual   

Ace of Aces

Ace of Aces

ATARI(R) 7800(TM) Game Manual
by Accoloade


Trump That Ace!

It's World War II and Britain's Royal Air Force is up to its neck in Axis
attacks.  As one of the RAF's most aggressive pilots, you're in on flying the
most crucial missions to stall the enemy.

They attack by land, air, and sea.  Your only allies are your DeHavilland
Mosquito, your weapons, and your wits.  Chase the Nazi bombers, sink the
U-boats before they can dive, outrun the V-1 buzz bombs, and stop the POW
trains from reaching the enemy lines.

Choose your ammunition and fuel wisely -- once you're on a mission, there's
no turning back.  To be an Ace, you need four enemy defeats.  To be Ace of
Aces, you've got to be the best!

Getting Started

1. Insert the Ace of Aces cartridge into your Atari 7800 Video Game System
as explained in your Owner's Manual.

2. Switch on your television; then press [Power] on your 7800 console.  The
title screen appears, followed by the first select screen.

3. From the title screen, press [Select] or a fire button.  In a midnight
session your Group Captain offers you the choice of a practice flight or a
mission.  Move the directional control of your game controller forward or
back to mark your choice.  Then select a type to begin.

4. Press [Reset] at any time to start a new game with the same mission.

5. Press [Pause] or the right fire button to pause the game and display a
status screen.  Press it again to resume play.



If you choose a practice flight, the Group Captain offers you three 

* Dog Fight  Go nose-to-nose with enemy ME109s and wax their tails.
* Train  Practice bombing the enemy rail system.
* U-Boat  Cruise over the North Atlantic for a dry run on a wet target.

Move the directional control forward or back to mark your choice, then press
the fire button to begin.

Man your Mosquito -- it's already loaded with the necessary ammunition and
fuel.  Now's the time to practice destroying the enemy.  (See the other
sections of this manual for instructions.)  When your plane sustains damage
or runs low on ammo or fuel, return to base.

Use the practice flight to learn your aircraft and its controls.  Once you're
back on base, you'll be called again into the Group Captain's pre-dawn session.


When you select a mission, the Group Captain gives you four alternatives.

* V-1 Rocket  The enemy is tossing V-1 buzz bombs, accompanied by an unknown
number of ME 109 fighters.
* Bomber  JU88 and ME109 bomber planes control the skies.
* Train  Rail transport of Allied POWs to enemy camps is underway.  ME109 air
support is probable.
* U-Boat  Enemy submarines are converging on Allied convoys.

Each one is a known enemy threat.  The mission that's the most crucial at the
moment depends on the enemy's total war effort.  After a few missions, it'll
be up to you to choose the best strategic attack area.

Move the controller's directinal control forward or back to point to a choice,
then press the fire button to mark it.  You can choose more than one mission
at a time.  Then point to "Begin Game" and press the fire button to start.

Intelligence Report

Intelligence agents, resistance groups, and aerial reconnaissance work
ceaselessly to pinpoint exact enemy positions.  Headquarters now makes you
privy to their report.  This report file contains information on weather
conditions, recommended altitude, weapons, and target sequence.  Memorize the
report -- this information could keep you alive.

Move the directional control forward or back to either accept or reject the
mission.  Then press the fire button or [Select].  Reject the mission when you
want to choose another alternative.  Accept the mission and there's no turning
back.  Your navigational map appears.

Navigational Map

The navigational map shows major European cities and enemy positions based
on intelligence reports.  Take a good long look.  This information is vital
to your success.

[Navigational map graphic]

Review the map often during your mission (see Views from the Mosquito table).
Intercept the air and ground enemy weapon carriers before they reach their
destinations.  Destroy the U-boat pen before the subs can set sail to attack
Allied convoys in the Nort Atlantic.  Avoid storm clouds -- they spell trouble.

Now press the fire button to prepare your plane.

Selecting Ammunition and Fuel

You now load your ammunition and fuel in the weapons room.  Your intelligence
report recommended correct ammunition.  You'll use cannon shells and rockets
for dog fights and bombs for surface targets.  If your targets are U-boats and
trains, load up on bombs and add a few cannon shells and rockets for surprises
(yours and theirs).  If you're going for Ace of Aces status by choosing all
four missions, select your ammunition based on your bombing and dog fight
prowess and the intelligence report.  Add fuel tanks for long-range missions.
(You automatically have one fuel tank already loaded.)

[Weapons Selection graphic]

Next to each offering are plus (+) and minus (-) signs.  Move the directional
control to mark a sign, then press the fire button.  Plus signs load ammunition
and fuel; minus signs offload them.  When you've reached maximum load, you
will not be able to load any more items.

Once you're armed and fueled, move the directional control back to mark "Done"
and press the fire button.  A seires of photos appear on screen showing your
take-off.  Go get 'em!


While airborne, you've got five views from which to carry on your attack.  Use
the directional control and the fire button to change views (follow the table).
A double-press on the fire button means two quick clicks.

            Views from the Mosquito

View                Controller Action

Cockpit             Double-press fire button, then push directional control

Engine room, port   Double-press fire button, then push directional control
(left) wing         left.

Engine room, star-  Double-press fire button, then push directional control
board (right) wing  right.

Navigational map    Double-press fire button, then pull back on the directional

Bomb Bay            Double-press fire button with the directional control 


You'll look forward from the cockpit into the skies (or cloud cover).  Use
your controls to keep your Mosquito on course.  Press the fire button to fire
cannon and rockets.  Crosshairs turn red when your target is in firing range.

Compass.  The initial compass heading is south (S).  Change course by pushing
the directional control left or right.  A dark line on the compass indicates
the correct heading for the next target.  When all targets are destroyed, the
dark line heading shows you the way home.

[Cockpit graphic]

Airspeed.  Your airspeed is show in miles per hour.  Adjust this reading with
the boosters, throttle, and flaps in the engine room.

Artificial Horizon.  This indicator shows your altitude and the angle of your
wings relative to the fixed horizon.  Angling (moving the directional control
left or right) turns your Mosquito in the direction of the lower wing.

Altimeter.  This dial reads your altitude in thousands of feet, relative to
the fixed horizon.

Intercom.  The intercom monitors trouble spots in the Mosquito.  When a section
of the plane lights up, move to that view and take care of the problem.  When
the center of the plane lights up, the ground target is in sight or a fuel
tank is empty.  The intercom appears in all views.

Yoke.  The yoke steers your aircraft.  Move the yoke with the directional
control -- forward to dive, back to climb, left or right to turn in that

Enemy Altitude.  This gauge monitors the altitude of oncoming enemy aircraft
relative to your altitude.

Radar.  This sweep dial tells you an enemy's distance relative to your

Engine Room

Control the mosquito's speed and flight position from the engine room, as well
as contain damage.  Move the cross indicator by pushing the directional control
left or right.  Then change a control panel setting by pressing the fire
button and moving the directional control forward, back, left or right.

[Engine Room graphic]

Throttle and Throttle Gauge.  The throttle controls your engine speed, measured
in revolutions per minute (RPMs) on the throttle gauge.  Move the lever up to
increase speed.  The engine is over-revving if the RPM needle is in the red
zone.  Decrease speed immediately.  If you can't slow down, the engine is on
fire and you will have to go for the fire extinguisher.

Booster and Booster Gauge.  The booster controls the pitch of your propellers,
measured in angles on the booster gauge.  Move the lever forward to increase
pitch.  The booster must be at the same setting as your throttle for top fuel
efficiency.  If the throttle and booster aren't balanced the engine will either
over-rev or lug.

Landing Gear.  Keep this control in the up position unless you want to reduce
speed quickly -- useful for evading enemy fighters.

Trim.  Trim controls the tail rudder and determines your direction of flight.

Flaps.  Wing flaps (ailerons) are your brakes.  Move the lever down to brake
but be careful -- at high speeds the vibrations could damage the Mosquito.

Fire Extinguisher.  Move the lever right to spray the fire extinguisher on
engine fires.  Once an engine is doused, it's out of commission until repaired.

Fuel.  Check your fuel condition frequently.  When a tank is empty, switch to
the bomb bay view and take care of the problem.

Bomb Bay

The bomb bay view tells how much ammunition you have left.  Move the
directional control left or right to position the cross indicator above a
control, then hold down the fire button and move the directional control left
or right to change a setting.

Bomb Bay Doors Control.  Open the bomb bay doors to take aim on U-boats and
trains.  When a target is in sight, crosshairs appear.  Move the directional
control to position the target within the crosshairs.  Press the fire button
to drop bombs.

[Bomb Bay graphic]

Fuel Tank Drop.  Drop empty tanks to improve your fuel use or for a quick
getaway.  Be sure you have enough fuel to get home.

Gun/Rocket Select.  Use this lever to choose either the gun (cannon) or
rocket to fire on your target.


Dog Fights

Enemy fighters attack randomly without warning.  When an enemy aircraft turns
up on your radar, your Mosquito position freezes on the navigational map.  You
must down the enemy before he gets you.  And make it quick -- you're burning up

Enemy aircraft attack in greater numbers once you have destroyed their trains
and U-Boats.

V-1s are slower than fighters.  If they're too close to you when they explode,
their shrapnel may damage your Mosquito.


You must stop the POW train en route to Berlin.  Aim only at cars marked with
the Iron Cross.  Cars marked with the Red Cross carry captured Allied troops
and will cost you points if destroyed.  You get only one crack at the train
so be precise about altitude and speed.  Your best attack position is 1,000
feet at 100 mph.


The U-boats are preparing to attack Allied shipping in the North Atlantic.
Stop them before they launch.  Once you open your bomb bay doors, the U-Boats
will pick you up on instruments and begin diving.  Once underwater, they
will not resurface for the duration of your mission.  You're in maximum
attack position at 1,000 feet at 100 mph.


Intelligence advises the following survival tactics:

* Check the intercom often for trouble spots.  Your chances of survival are
greater if you can contain the damage early on.
* You'll need extra speed in order to climb when you have a full load of
weapons and fuel.
* Speed increases as you drop bombs and fuel tanks.


Rocket hits earn twice the points of cannon hits.

Destroying the Enemy

Fighter (rocket)...............................1000 points
Fighter (cannon)................................500 points
V-1 (rocket)....................................300 points
V-1 (cannon)....................................150 points
Bomber (rocket).................................200 points
Bomber (cannon).................................100 points
Train Car.......................................200 points
U-Boat..........................................250 points
POW Car........................................-200 points

Completing a Mission

Safe Return....................................2000 points
Bomb Intact......................................50 points
Rocket Intact....................................50 points
Cannon Shell Intact..............................10 points
Fuel Tank Intact.................................10 points

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the product documentation
in this manual.  However, because Atari Corporation is constantly improving
and updating its computer hardware and software, it is unable to guarantee
the accuracy of printed material after the date of publication and disclaims
liability for changes, errors, or omissions.

Reproduction of all or any portions of this manual is not allowed without
the specific written consent of Atari Corporation.

Atari(R), the Atari logo, and 7800(TM) are trademarks or registered
trademarks of Atari Corporation.  Ace of Aces(R) is a registered trademark of
NOVA Game Design, Inc.

Copyright(C) 1986,1987, Accolade Inc.  All rights reserved.
Original license from Artech Digital Productions.

Copyright(C) 1988, Atari Corporation
Sunnyvale, CA  94086
All rights reserved.

Copyright(C) 1988, Atari Corporation
Sunnyvale, CA  94086
All rights reserved.

Printed in Hong Kong.  B. T. 1 . 1989    C300018-046 Rev. A

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, ©1997-1998 by Greg Chance