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Choplifter! - Atari - Atari 7800     HTML Manual   



                     ATARI (R) 7800 (TM) Game Manual

                             Choplifter! (TM)


The evil Bungelings have kidnapped 64 of our delegates from a World Peace
Conference. You must save them!

The delegates are imprisoned in a Bungeling stronghold. But we've got a
secret base nearby, disguised as a post office. You've already smuggled in
a helicopter, fully armed with a machine gun and bombs. You're ready to fly
it into enemy territory, snatch the hostages from their prison barracks,
and speed them to safety.

But be careful! The Bungeling forces are on the alert -- just waiting to
shoot you down. You'll need speed and skill to get past them and save the
hostages. But you can do it!


1.  Insert the Choplifter! cartridge into your ATARI 7800 ProSystem as
    explained in your Owner's Manual.

2.  Plug your controller into the left controller jack.

3.  Press the [Power] button to and turn on your console.

4.  Press either controller button to start the game.

5.  Press [Pause] to pause the game; press it again to resume play.

6.  During play, you can press [Reset] to start a new game.

7.  When a game is over, press [Reset] or either controller button to start
    a new game.


The 64 hostages are locked in four Bungeling prison barracks, 16 hostages
per barracks. You must rescue them in your helicopter and fly them to
safety. Your mission is divided into three Sorties, with one chopper per

When a Sortie begins, your helicopter is revving up on the pad. When the
music ends, move the controller handle forward to lift off. Then move the
handle left, right, or diagonally to fly in that direction. Release the
handle to land.

While flying, press the right controller button to change the direction
you're facing. As you press the button, you'll alternately face right,
forward, or left.

Press the left controller button to fire your chopper's machine gun or drop
bombs. When the chopper is facing sideways, the machine gun will fire. Use
this on airborne targets and to shoot open the barracks. To drop bombs on
the ground attackers, face forward, then press the left button.

Once in the air, you'll have to fight off Bungeling ground and air forces
to get close to a barracks. Shoot open the barracks to free the hostages,
then land your helicopter so they can scramble in. You can fit up to 16
hostages at once inside the chopper. Retreat to the post office and
descend. You must land on the pad in order for the hostages to climb out.
Then return to the battlezone for more action.

If your chopper is shot down, another appears at the post office until all
your choppers are lost. Choplifter! ends when you lose your third
helicopter or when all hostages are rescued or lost.


TANKS will shoot your helicopter if you've landed or are near the ground.
Their turrets track your chopper, then fire. They'll also shoot open
barracks, then shoot the hostages as they run.

JET FIGHTERS charge at you, shooting air-to-air missiles.

DRONE AIR MINES home in on your chopper. When they make contact, you crash!


Maneuver your chopper high to bomb tanks while avoiding their fire.

You can shoot down air-to-air missiles, but it's safer and quicker to dodge

Don't land on hostages -- that squashes them. Don't shoot them either.


Scores are shown at the top of the screen:

Left score      Hostages lost
Middle score    Hostages inside the chopper
Right score     Hostages rescued

The highest possible score for rescued hostages is 64.

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Atari and 7800 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Atari Corporation.
Choplifter! is a trademark of Broderbund Software, Inc.

Copyright (C) 1982, Broderbund Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
Copyright (C) 1987, Atari Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA 94086. All rights

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