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                    ATARI (R) 7800 (TM) Game Manual

                              Crack'ed (TM)

Eggs-ercise Your Skills!

As a professional ornithologist, you're thrilled to find out that some rare
South American hornbills have nested in your "old yolk tree." But while the
hornbills are out feeding, a group of mischievous bluebirds, owls, and
snakes begin raiding their nests and stealing eggs.

Horrified, you get out your slingshot and begin hitting the marauding
creatures. But you have to be careful. If you hit an egg-carrying bird, it
drops the egg and you have to act fast to catch it before it hits the
ground and return it to a nest. At the same time, you have to watch for
snakes that may be sneaking up to nests and gobbling eggs. If you can
protect the eggs long enough, you can take them to another nesting site.
But watch out, egg-stealing creatures are everywhere!

Getting Started

1.  Insert the Crack'ed cartridge into your Atari 7800 Video Game System as
    explained in your Owner's Manual.

2.  Plug a controller into the left controller port.

3.  Switch on your television; then press [Power] on your 7800 console. The
    Crack'ed title screen will appear.

4.  Press [Reset] or either button on your controller to start play.

5.  Press [Pause] to pause the game; press it again to resume play.

6.  During play, you can press [Reset] to start a new game, or [Select] to
    return to the title screen.

Playing the Game

The Egg Raids

Your goal is to prevent eggs from being stolen.

When the game starts you have five nests with five eggs in each nest. Use
the controller to position the cross hairs on a creature and press the left
controller button to shoot.

If you shoot an egg-carrying creature, the egg drops to the ground with a
sickening "crack!" unless you catch it by quickly positioning the cross
hairs under the falling egg while holding down the right controller button.
Once you catch an egg, carry it to a nest and release the right button to
deposit it. A nest cannot hold more than five eggs.

If you have at least one egg left at the end of a raid, you go on to the
next level. Raids may take place at different nesting sites. Each nesting
site has its own set of egg-stealing creatures, but the actions of shooting
creatures and retrieving falling eggs are the same at each site.

The game ends when all eggs are gone.

Assault at the Rooster Ranch

When you move on to a new nesting site you will pass by the rooster ranch.
There you endure the indignity of being pelted with eggs unless you can hit
the rooster first.

When the rooster pops up behind a nest, use the controller to point the
bottom and right screen arrows at the rooster's face and fire. If your aim
is true, the egg goes "splat!" on the rooster's face and you earn bonus
points. If you miss, you make a mess of the roost and lose points.

When you arrive at the rooster ranch you are given a stash of 10 eggs. You
earn 200 points each time you hit a rooster, and you lose 100 points and an
egg each time you throw an egg and miss. If a rooster comes and goes and
you don't throw an egg at it, you lose 100 points.

Nesting Sites

Crack'ed has five nesting sites, each with its own set of sneaky egg-
stealing creatures.

Nesting Site    Creatures
Tree            Bluebirds, owls, and snakes
Sewer           Dunglings, rats, and dragonflies
Sea             Squid, anchovies, and bubbles
Dungeon         Ghosts, skeletons, and bats
Moon            Aliens, meteors, and spaceships

Egg Protection Strategy

Try to hit creatures before they get an egg. You can score more points by
catching falling eggs and replacing them in a nest, but while you do so
other eggs may be carried away.

Shoot egg-carrying creatures as high as possible. If you hit them too close
to the ground, you won't have time to catch the egg.

Try to shoot egg-carrying creatures over a nest so the egg drops into the

Concentrate on defending the eggs in one nest.

While defending the old yolk tree, concentrate on shooting birds rather
than snakes.

Crack'ed Creatures

{pictures of Bluebird, Owl, Snake, Dungling, Rat, Dragonfly, Squid, Anchovy,
 Bubble, Ghost, Skeleton, Bat, Alien, Meteor, and Spaceship}


During an Egg Raid

Finished a raid with a dozen or more eggs       500 points per dozen
Returning an egg to a nest                      300 points
Catching an egg                                 200 points
Shooting a creature                             100 points
Each egg remaining at the end of a raid         100 points

The remaining eggs are displayed at the end of each raid. Each dozen
appears in an egg carton.

At the Rooster Ranch

Pelting a rooster                               200 points
Getting pelted by a rooster's egg              -100 points
Failing to throw an egg at a rooster           -100 points

The total at the end of the rooster ranch bonus round is added to your
total score.

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Atari (R), the Atari logo, and 7800 (TM) are trademarks or registered
trademarks of Atari Corporation. Crack'ed (TM) is a joint trademark of
Atari Corporation and Robert Neve.

Copyright (C) 1987, Robert Neve. All rights reserved.

Copyright (C) 1988, Atari Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA 94086. All rights

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