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Dark Chambers - Atari - Atari 7800     HTML Manual   

Dark Chambers

Dark Chambers

                     ATARI (R) 7800 (TM) Game Manual

                            Dark Chambers (TM)

The Darkness Is Upon You!

You're on a dangerous treasure hunt, deep in the underground world of
Dark Chambers. Wraiths, wizards, and moldering skeletons surround you. As
you move through this meandering maze, you are stalked by the grim reaper.

The exits you see only take you deeper into the maze. If you find the
strategically placed weapons, you can fend off your enemies while you
search for the hidden treasure. The secret potions you find along the way
will renew your strength. But watch out for hidden traps and deadly

Your strength will help you outlast the weaker ghouls, but are you a match
for the strongest? Enter the underground world of Dark Chambers and find

Getting Started

1.  With your Atari 7800 set up, insert the Dark Chambers cartridge into
    the console. Plug a controller into the left port on the front of your
    console; for two players, plug another controller into the right port.

2.  Turn on your television, and press the [Power] key to turn on your
    Atari console. The Dark Chambers title screen will appear.

3.  Press [Select] to choose a skill level and the number of players (one
    or two). Or move the left controller right or left to select the skill
    level; move the controller up or down to select the number of players.

4.  Press the fire button or [Reset] to start the game.

5.  Press [Select] at any time to return to the title screen and start a
    new game.

6.  When a game is over, press the fire button or [Reset] to start a new

Playing the Game

You are lost in Dark Chambers. Enemies, treasures, and curses are scattered
throughout all levels from A to Z. Your goal is to survive all 26 levels
and maybe beyond while taking as much treasure as you can. You can descend
from one level to the next only by finding the escape holes.

Your enemies, the dangerous ghouls, are everywhere. At times, they'll chase
you. Other times, they'll back off. Don't let this fool you, though. It's
just a ploy to lead you farther from the escape holes.

Use your controller to move through the chambers. Go through the escape
holes on move on to the next level. (In a two-player game, you won't be
able to walk any farther than you can see unless your partner goes with

Search each chamber for treasures and weapons. Pick them up by walking over
them. The treasures and weapons you pick up will appear at the top of the
screen next to your strength bar.

Stay away from the curses: traps and poison. If you touch them, they'll
take away some of your strength.

Ghouls drain your strength by touching you. You shoot them by moving your
controller in their direction and pressing the fire button. Be careful,
though. You can't walk while you're shooting Ghouls will use that time to
move in and touch you.

Potions and food are also hidden in the chambers. When you find one, pick
it up to renew your strength. A bar at the top of the screen shows you how
much strength you have left.

Find the hole to escape from a level and descend to the next one. As long
as you have strength left, you can go through all 26 levels. If you lose
all of your strength, you collapse and the game is over.

In a two-player game, if one hero collapses, the other player must find a
heart and shoot it. This will revive the hero who collapsed.

Weapons and Treasures

Use weapons, potions, keys, and holes to help you outsmart the ghouls while
you search for treasure.

NOTE: If you find a weapon on another level that is like one you have
already acquired, shoot the weapon for bonus points.

GUNS increase your shooting speed.

DAGGERS make your shots more powerful.

SHIELDS minimize the amount of strength you lose when an enemy touches you.

Set off BOMBS to slay all ghouls and curses in the area you're in. Grab the
bomb and press the right fire button. Or you can carry up to 15 bombs and
detonate each one when the time is right.

BE CAREFUL: You can also detonate a bomb by shooting it.

Pick up POTIONS and FOOD to increase your strength. (When your strength bar
is full, you don't need the potions.)

The more KEYS you pick up, the more doors you can unlock to enter secret
rooms. Each key unlocks one door and is worth 100 points. You can carry up
to 15 keys.

HOLES lead to the next level.

LOCKS open secret rooms.

Grab STRONGBOXES whenever you see them to earn points.

Snatch the valuable jewel AMULETS to increase your score.

CHALICES have been hidden throughout the chambers. Although the silver ones
are worth a lot, the gold ones are the most valuable treasure of all.

HEARTS are hidden throughout the chambers. But shoot a heart only when your
hero friend needs it. Otherwise the heart will turn into an underground

Ghouls and Curses

The inhabitants of Dark Chambers drain your strength by touching you. When
shot, they mutate to the next weaker form.

ZOMBIES are the weakest form of ghoul. They explode when you slay them.

Bone-shaking SKELETONS covet your skin.

WRAITHS try to scare you to death.

WIZARDS hate live heroes. They attack without mercy.

GRIM REAPERS are the strongest form of ghoul. They'll slice you down if you
let them get close.

SPAWNERS hatch new ghouls. There are five kinds of spawners capable of
producing different levels of ghouls. Shoot the spawners to mutate them to
the next weaker level of spawner. Watch out, though. The underground
spawner is indestructible.

Watch out for deadly POISONS. They'll drain your strength. {look like
potions with an X}

TRAPS have been laid for you. They, too, will zap your strength. The
glowing ones are the most dangerous! {squares with an X inside}


Scores appear at the top of the screen, next to your strength bar.

Ghouls and Curses

You earn points for each ghoul and ghoul spawner you slay:

Grim reaper             100 points
Grim reaper spawner     100 points
Wizard                   60 points
Wizard spawner           60 points
Wraith                   40 points
Wraith spawner           40 points
Skeleton                 20 points
Skeleton spawner         20 points
Zombie                   10 points
Zombie spawner           10 points

You lose valuable energy each time a trap, poison, or ghoul touches you.

NOTE: You lose only half the number of energy units if you have a shield
when you are touched.

Glowing trap            -96 energy units
Trap                    -64 energy units
Poison                  -32 energy units
Grim reaper             -16 energy units
Wizard                   -8 energy units
Wraith                   -6 energy units
Skeleton                 -4 energy units
Zombie                   -2 energy units

You also lose 1 energy unit every 8 seconds as you walk around the maze.

Treasures and Potions

You earn points for each treasure you collect and gain energy for each
potion you drink and food you eat:

Gold chalice            3000 points
Amulet                  1000 points
Silver chalice           500 points
Strongbox                100 points
Potion                   +32 energy units
Food                     +32 energy units

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