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Donkey Kong Junior - Atari - Atari 7800     HTML Manual   

Donkey Kong Jr

Donkey Kong Jr

                           ATARI 7800 Game Manual

                             DONKEY KONG JUNIOR

                                 by Nintendo

                             Donkey Kong's Back!

Donkey Kong the ape is back. Only this time the vengeful Mario is holding the
ape prisoner. Luckily the ape has a son, Donkey Kong Junior, who will try to
rescue Papa.

To free his dad, Junior must make his way through a dark and treacherous
jungle. Racing against time, the little fellow climbs and swings across
vines, while avoiding the terrible Snapjaws.

If he reaches the keys to Papa's cage, Junior must push them to the top of
chains while staying clear of Snapjaws and a new flock of nasty Nitpickers.
But even then his mission isn't over. Once he reaches Mario's hideout, he
must pass yet another test against time.

The kid needs help. Don't just stand there! Help poor Junior save his father!

>> Getting Started

1.  Insert the Donkey Kong Junior cartridge into your Atari 7800 as explained
    in your Owner's Manual.

2.  Plug a controller into the left controller port for one player; plug a
    second controller into the right port for two players.

3.  Turn on your television; then press [Power] to turn on your Atari

4.  Move controller forward or backward or press [Select] to choose 1 or 2

5.  Move controller left or right or press [Select] to choose a difficulty

6.  Press the fire button on your controller to start the game. Junior
    appears at the bottom of the first vine, ready to begin his rescue

7.  Press [Pause] to pause during a game, press it again to resume.

8.  During a game, Press [Select] to return to the title screen. Press
    [Reset] to restart.

>> Moving Junior

Hold the controller so that the fire button is in the top-left corner. The
handle directs Junior's climbing and running, and the button controls his

Climbing and Sliding

Move the controller lever up to help the little ape climb up vines or chains;
move it down to help him slide down. Junior can climb up two vines or chains
faster than he can climb one. But he'll slide down one vine or chain faster
than he'll slide down two. Junior can't climb through platforms.

Swinging Through the Jungle

Move the controller directional level left or right to position the little
ape on the side of the vine or chain closest to his destination; then move
the directional level again toward the adjoining vine or chain.


Press the fire button to make Junior jump in place while standing. Press the
button while Junior is running to make him jump in the direction he's facing.
To move from a vine or a chain onto a platform, move the directional level in
the direction of the platform. Junior must be on an adjoining vine or chain
and above the platform before he can move onto it.

>> Playing the Game

The game begins with three Juniors. The first Junior begins "Operation
Rescue" by climbing the vine just above him. He can't climb through a
platform, so move him around to the left, and then continue climbing. Guide
Junior through the jungle and up toward the key.

If you manage to reach the key, Junior's on his way to freeing Papa. But you
avoid the Snapjaws at all costs. When you reach the highest platform,
continue to avoid the Snapjaws, and go for the key.

You'll lose Junior if he falls off a vine or is caught by the Snapjaws.
You'll also lose Junior if he jumps off a platform, misses a vine, and falls.

While you're working your way upward, a bonus timer is counting down. If you
reach the key, the number in the bonus timer is added to your score. But time
can work against you. If you don't capture the key before the timer runs out.
Junior is a goner.

If Junior captures the key, he moves on to the springboard screen. He must
avoid the pesky birds and the Nitpicks on his way to the top.

Mario's hideout is next, where you must dash across coils and climb more
vines to reach the hanging vine at the top. To avoid the globes and sparks,
jump over them and keep moving toward Papa.

On the Chains screen, Junior must push six keys into the locks at the top
while avoiding Nitpickers and Snapjaws.

As long as there are Juniors remaining, you will return to the jungle and
start your mission all over again. The Snapjaws and Nitpickers make things
even tougher than they did before. The game is over if you lose the last
Junior during the rescue missions.

>> Scoring

Your score and lives remaining appear at the top of the screen.

           Push a key into a lock. . . . . . . . . . . .200 points
           Jump over Nitpicker, spark, or globe. . . . .100 points
           Drop a fruit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .400 points
           Hit 1st object with fruit . . . . . . . . . .800 points
           Hit 2nd object with fruit . . . . . . . . .1,200 points
           Hit 3rd object with fruit . . . . . . . . .1,600 points
           Extra life at . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20,000 points


Copyright (c) 1988, Nintendo of America Inc. All rights reserved.

Copyright (c) 1988, Atari Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA 94086. All rights

Printed in Hong Kong. B. T. 8. 1988                      C300018-049 Rev A.

----------------------[ end Donkey Kong Jr Manual here ]----------------------

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