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Food Fight

Food Fight

Hurry! Hurry! Step Right Up! Earn Your Just Desserts!

Once there was a fellow named Charley Chuck. More than anything, Charley
loved to eat. So when he went to the carnival one hot summer day, he
headed straight for the Food Fight contest.

The Menu

Loading Up for a Food Fight

1.  Insert the Food Fight (TM) cartridge into your ATARI (R) 7800 (TM) 
    ProSystem as explained in your Owner's Manual, and turn on your

2.  Plug a controller into the left controller jack for one player, and
    another into the right controller jack for two players.

3.  Move the controller handle forward or backward, or press [Select] to
    choose a one- or two-player game. Move the controller handle to the
    left or right to choose a difficulty level: Beginner, Intermediate,
    Advanced, or Expert.

4.  Press [Reset] or either button on the controller to show the Game 
    Level Options screen.

    Using the left controller, Player 1 chooses Game Level 1 through 16 by 
    moving the controller handle to the left (for lower levels) or to the 
    right (for higher levels). Player 1 presses either controller button or
    [Reset] to begin the game. Player 2 chooses a game level after Charley
    loses his first life. Once you've played, you can start at the highest
    game level you've reached.

5.  Press either controller button to make Charley throw food at the chefs. 
    Charley throws in the direction the controller is pointing. Watch his
    eyes and arms for an accurate reading.

6.  Press [Pause] to pause the game; press it again to resume play.

The Match

How Charley Wins His Just Desserts

Depending on the game level, Charley has three to eight lives and battles
two to four chefs: Angelo, Zorba, Oscar, and Jacques. If Charley uses up
his last life, he's cooked for good, buried under an avalanche of food.

He Starts with Vanilla

Each ice cream cone takes 32 seconds to melt. At the beginning of Level 1,
Charley is poised at the right side of the screen. A vanilla ice cream cone
beckons him from the opposite side. In between are stacks of food and three
manholes. To win, Charley must race to the ice cream cone before it
melts -- without falling into a manhole, touching his opponents, or being 
walloped by flying food, compliments of the chefs.

The Tomato Almost Purees Him

The game begins. Suddenly, Angelo and Zorba pop out of holes and take off
after Charley. Lickety-split, Charley runs toward the cone with the chefs
at his heels.

He can thwart them by hitting them with food or forcing them into manholes.
The chefs can put an end to Charley, but he can stop them only temporarily.
Within seconds, they reapper out of the manholes.

When Charley reaches the cone, the chefs retreat until the next round, and
he swallows the cone in one quick gulp.

In Level 2, Oscar joins his chef buddies, and the battle continues. This
time Charley races toward a chocolate cone.

By the time Charley reaches Level 3, he also faces Jacques. Through round
after round, Charley holds off all four chefs and the pace picks up. He
must dodge as many as ten manholes and fight for up to eight piles of food.
To complicate matters, the chefs and the manholes aren't always in the same
positions. And after Level 6, neither is the cone.


How Charley Avoids a Dangerous Diet

Watch out for open manholes or Charley will fall in and lose a life!

Keep an eye on the colors of the chefs. When the chefs are blue or yellow,
they can't hurt Charley.

In the higher levels, have Charley race to the cone immediately for the
high cone points. You win an extra 500 points each time Charley scrambles
to a higher level.

Use leftovers as ammunition whenever possible. Remember: if Charley's
carrying food when he reaches the cone, he takes it with him to the next


Special Feature: If he plays like a champ, Charley sees an instant replay
of his last round.

Chow Time: In Levels 1 through 4, Charley and the chefs do battle with a
random assortment of food. In Levels 5 and above, one type of food may
dominate the match.

Wallop Ten Chefs: You earn 100 points for the first chef, 200 points for
the second chef, and so on, increasing 100 points per chef up to 1000
points for the tenth chef and above.

Force a Chef Into a Manhole: You earn 200 points per chef.

Eat the Cone: You earn 500 points for the first cone, 1000 points for the
second cone, and so on, increasing 500 points per cone up to a maximum of
25,000 points at level 50.

Leave the Leftovers on the Screen: You earn 100 bonus points per leftover.

Bonus Life: Charley earns an extra life at 25,000 points and every 100,000
points thereafter, and at every tenth game level if he begins the game at
level 10 or above.

Reproduction of this document or any portion of its contents is not allowed
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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the product
documentation in this manual. However, because we are constantly improving
and updating our computer software and hardware, Atari Corporation is
unable to guarantee the accuracy of printed material after the date of
publication and disclaims liability for changes, errors, and omissions.

ATARI is a registered trademark, and Food Fight and 7800 are trademarks of
Atari Corporation.

Copyright (C) 1987, Atari Corporation Sunnyvale, CA 94086
All rights reserved

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