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Karateka - Atari - Atari 7800     HTML Manual   




                     ATARI (R) 7800 (TM) Game Manual

                              Karateka (TM)


You've just scaled a treacherous cliff to the castle of Akuma, the evil
warlord who burned your village and kidnapped your bride-to-be. Now you
stand before a massive gate. The first of many powerful Palace Guards
blocks your way. Beyond looms Akuma's palace, where Princess Mariko
languishes. You must save her from Akuma's cruel clutches. Your only
weapon -- karate.

Remain calm, and focus your will on your goal. That is the way of the


1.  Insert the Karateka cartridge into your ATARI 7800 Pro System as
    explained in your Owner's Manual.

2.  Plug your controller into the left controller jack.

3.  Press the [Power] button to turn on your console.

4.  Press [Select] to start the game.

5.  Press [Pause] to pause the game; press it again to resume play.

6.  Press [Select] to restart the game, or press [Reset] to return to the
    title screen.


You start the game in the standing position, facing the first Palace Guard.
The red arrows at bottom left of the screen tell how many karate hits you
can withstand. Each time you get hit, you lose an arrow. When you avoid
getting hit, your arrow supply is gradually refilled. If you lose all your
arrows, you lose the game.

The blue arrows at bottom right of the screen tell how many karate hits the
Guard can withstand. Each time you hit your opponent, he loses an arrow.
When he is not getting hit, his arrow supply is refilled. When all blue
arrows are gone, the enemy is defeated.

You can vary your game difficulty level by using the left switch on the
front of your console (next to the left controller jack). Pushing the
switch to the left decreases game difficulty; pushing the switch to the
right increases game difficulty.

The game ends when you defeat all Palace Guards, or when you lose your last


You face the Guards one at a time. If you don't fight, your opponent
advances to attack you.

Each guard has a unique karate skill, and guards get tougher as you move
farther into the Palace.

When you defeat an enemy, run forward to face a new opponent.

Beware of danger when standing or running. In these positions you're
unprotected. One blow from a guard will destroy you.


Use your controller to move, punch, and kick. Follow the chart:


Assume fighting stance. Press right button.
Run forward.            Move handle right.

Fighting Stance

Advance.                Hold down left button, move handle right.
Retreat.                Hold down left button, move handle left.

Kick.                   Move handle right.
Kick high.              Move handle to upper right.
Kick low.               Move handle to lower right.

Punch.                  Move handle left.
Punch high.             Move handle to upper left.
Punch low.              Move handle to lower left.

Resume standing.        Press right button.

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