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Mat Mania Challenge - Atari - Atari 7800     HTML Manual   

Mat Mania Challenge

Mat Mania Challenge

/|\ Atari 7800 Game Manual
Mat Mania Challenge

After Months of practice you made it to the final round of the Atari 
Wrestling Federation Championships. Now you stand gloriously in the ring, 
sure to make enough dough from this title bout to retire to a farm in 
Vermont. If you can survive.

The announcer, a little man with a voice like a muffler on a halfdead 
pickup truck, reaches for the overhead microphone. He announces the name 
of the champion, a 394-pound mountain who hasn't lost a match since Troy 
was sacked. The crowd roars. Then, between giggles and snickers, the 
announcer spits out your name. Your fan cheers as the undertaker edges 
his way toward your corner and pulls out his measuring tape.

But you know you can do it. After all, you've made a science of the 
Flying Body Press. So what if your opponent outweighs you by 286 pounds.

The opening bell clangs as the bout begins. The champion lumbers toward 
you like a freight train gone berserk. This is not going to be easy. Do 
you have the guts and the skill to defeat the mad man of mats? Will you 
retire to that farm or spend the rest of your life in intensive care at 
the local hospital? It's too late to back out now, so give it your best 
shot. Good luck! You'll need it.


1. Insert the Mat Mania Challenge cartridge into your Atari 7800 system 
as explained in your owner's manual.

2. Plug a controller into the left port for a one-player game. Plug a 
second controller into the right port for a two-player game.

3. Switch on your television. Then press POWER to switch on your system. 
The Mat Mania Challenge title screen appears.

4. To begin game option selections, press a fire button. The first play 
option displays along the bottom of the screen.

5. Move the controller in any direction (right, left, forward or 
backward) to select a one or two-player game. After you've made your 
selection, press a fire button.

6. Depending upon whether your selected a one or two-player game, the 
following occurs:

If you selected a one-player game, then the difficulty level selection 
option displays along the bottom of the screen. Move the controller in 
any directions to select the difficulty level (easy, medium, or hard), 
then press a fire button again to begin the match.


If you selected a two-player game, the match begins once you press the 
fire button.

Note: In a two-player game, you don't select the difficulty level. It's 
only when you play against the computer that you must select the 
computer's skill level.

7. If you want to return to the selections screen to change game options, 
press SELECT. To reset with the current game options, press RESET.

8. Press PAUSE to pause the game. Press PAUSE again to return to the game.


Mat Mania Challenge simulates a series of wrestling matches between 
either two players or one player and the computer.

Wrestlers compete against challengers for a score. The top of the screen 
displays each wrestler's current score and the time remaining in the match.

The object of the match is to either pin your opponent for a count of 
three, keep him out of the ring for a twenty count, or outscore him.

Each match lasts three minutes. Your point accumulate throughout the 
match. If neither wrestler is pinned for the count by the end of the 
match, the player with the highest number of points wins.

Two-player games consist of up to three matches. If one player is pinned, 
the game ends and the title screen appears. If no one is pinned by the 
end of the third match, the player with the highest score wins.

In a one-player game, if you pin or outscore the computer opponent, you 
will move on to the next match. If the computer wins, the game ends and 
the title screen appears.

Use the controller to maneuver the fighters. When the wrestlers are close 
to eachother, they go into grapple position.


Mat Mania Challenge offers several bone-crushing moves designed to drop 
your opponent for the count. The available moves at any given time depend 
on the current situation. For example, if you have your opponent in a 
head lock, press the right button to perform a pile driver. Or, while 
running across the ring, move the controller any direction and press the 
right button to clothesline your opponent.

Below is a table listing the possible moves and how to make them.


Basic Moves	Walk		Controller any direction
		Run		Both Buttons
		Punch		Left Button
		Kick		Right Button
		Climb Post	Controller Up

While Running	Shoulder Jab	Left Button
		Flying Kick	Right Button
		Sidekick	Controller left/left button
		Clothesline	Controller right/right button

In Grapple	Headlock	Right or left button

Opponent in	Hammer Throw	Left button
Headlock	Pile Driver	Right button
		Overhead Slam	Controller left/left button

You are in	Knee Drop	Left button
Headlock	Back Drop	Right button

After Opponent	Flying Kick	Right Button
is Hammer	Crouch		Left button
Thrown off	Elbow		Controller left/left button
Ropes		Clothesline	Controller right/right button

>From Post	Knee Drop	Left Button
		Back Drop	Right Button

While Opponent	Pick Up		Left Button	
is Down		Pin		Right Button

If your opponent throws you out of the ring, you have twenty seconds to 
get back in the ring. Move your wrestler in front of the ring and climb 
through the ropes by moving the controller up.

If one wrestler is thrown out of the ring, the other wrestler can jump 
over the left or right side of the ring. Wrestlers can fight outside the 
ring, but they must be back in the ring before the referee counts to twenty.


It takes quick reactions and good timing to be a champion. Learn to 
anticipate your opponent's move and react accordingly.

Wear your opponent down with repeated punches.

Don't try to pin your opponent every time he hits the floor. Pick him up 
and destroy him. This increases your point total. Besides, it's more fun 
to bash heads than to gain a quick victory.

Learn to use the ropes and the post. Throw your opponent against the 
ropes. When he bounces back, give him a quick clothesline or similar 
move. If he hits the floor in the right place, climb the post and drop on 

If your opponent has you up against the ropes and he's beating the tar 
out of you, press both buttons to run. Of course, your opponent will be 
in the way, but you may have a chance to escape and turn things around.

Remember, pain is good - when the other guy feels is. Don't go easy on 
your opponent. Mercy may be sportsmanlike, but who wants to be nice?


Below is a list of the number of points awarded for each move.

Pick Up			50
Punch			50
Clothesline		100
Hammer Throw		100
Kick			100
Elbow			200
Flying Kick		300
Overhead Slam		300
Running Clothesline	300
Shoulder Jab		300
Sidekick		300
Crouch			400
Back Drop from Headlock	800
Knee Drop from Headlock	800
Pile Driver		800
Running Flying Kick	800
Back Drop from Post	1000
Knee Drop from Post	1000
Pin			4000

Copyright 1990, Atari Corporation, Sunnyvale CA 94089-1302. All right 

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This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, ©1997-1998 by Greg Chance