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Midnight Mutants - Atari - Atari 7800     HTML Manual   

Midnight Mutants

Midnight Mutants

ATARI(R) 7800(TM) Game Manual


Featuring "GRANPA"

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Copyright � 1990, Atari Corporation
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1302.
All rights reserved.

On a Strange
Halloween Night...

October 31, 1747

The cold October wind rattled through bare branches. Johnathon Harkman,
Witchfinder General, thought it sounded like the clatter of dead bones.
He pulled his high collar snug against the cold as he and his small party
crossed the hard ground.

They were all quiet, save one. Dr. Evil, his hands bound behind his back,
screeched and shouted as he was escorted to his death. "You�re all going to
pay!" His voice squeaked like the rusted hinges of the door to a crypt.
"Each and every one of you," he shouted, looking around at his captors. His
mouth was frozen into a twisted grin. His eyes glowed feral red. There was no
doubt in the Witchfinder�s mind that Dr. Evil was a powerful warlock.

"Don�t fight it," the Witchfinder General whispered. "It�s God�s will."

Dr. Evil laughed. Then abruptly he glared at the witchfinder. "You�re going to
pay most of all."

It took three men to tie him to the stake. He fought with demonic strength,
screaming and cursing and prophesying. Johnathon Harkman crossed himself, looked
heavenward, then lit the pyre.

October 31, 1992

Jimmy was in luck. His parents had been called away on a business trip so he got
to spend the week with Gram pa. It wasn�t just any week though, it was Halloween
week and Jimmy didn�t know anyone who was more fun at Halloween than his Grampa.

His Grampa celebrated Halloween like most people celebrated Christmas. He
decorated the house, bought gifts for family and friends, and worked in his
laboratory creating special elixirs and potions. Jimmy liked watching his Grampa
work in the lab. Even though he didn�t know what his Grampa was up to, he
enjoyed watching him add carefully measured quantities to bubbling vats and
beakers of green and grey liquid. But this year something was different. His
Grampa seemed troubled as he frantically mixed and refined his potions.

"Are we going to get a pumpkin?" Jimmy asked, afraid his Grampa had forgotten.
Grampa placed the beaker he�d been examining on the counter and gave the boy�s
shoulder a warm squeeze. "Of course," he said. "Get your coat."

It was dusk when they arrived at Lansdales Pumpkin and Squash Patch. Though it
was Halloween evening, there were still a lot of pumpkins to choose from. Jimmy
got down on hands and knees and examined each one carefully, looking for the
perfect carving pumpkin.

Suddenly, an enormous pumpkin that had been part of Lansdale�s Halloween display
exploded. Grampa ran to Jimmy�s side. Neither could believe what they were seeing.
In the spot where the pumpkin had been stood a tall slender man dressed in antique
clothing. He was outlined in blue flames and his hair moved on its own, twisting
and turning in the night air like the living locks of Medusa.

Jimmy suddenly understood why his Grampa had been so agitated. He had sensed the
evil in the air.

"I said that I�d be back," Dr. Evil growled. He looked at the confused expression
on the old man�s face. "You don�t know me," he continued, "but your great-great
grandfather did. And I promised I�d be back for him Cold blue flames flickered
about, lapping at his ankles and shins. "Since he�s not here ... " Dr. Evil said
as he raised a badly burned hand, "you�ll have to do." A bolt of blue fire leapt
from his fingertips and hit Grampa squarely in the chest. It knocked him off his
feet. As he struggled to get up, Grampa�s skin began to glow a bright orange.
Then things really got weird as piece by piece a pumpkin formed about him,
trapping him in a plasmic pumpkin prison. Jimmy ran to his Grampa�s side but
he couldn�t free him of his vegetable prison. He turned towards Dr. Evil, ready
to reason, to beg. But Dr. Evil was no longer there. He�d vanished just as quickly
as he�d come.

Jimmy knew that he was the only one who could save his Grampa. And though he was
confused and afraid, he was certain that if he were going to save his Grampa, it
would have to be tonight Halloween!

Getting Started

Midnight Mutants is a single-player game in which you must collect weapons and
magical items in order to protect yourself and arm yourself against the forces of
evil. You�re the only one who can stop Dr. Evil and save Grampa.

1. With your TV switched on, insert the Midnight Mutants cartridge into your
Atari 7800 as described in your owner�s manual.

2. Connect a controller to the left controller port.

3. Switch on your console. The Midnight Mutants title screen appears.

4. To begin the game, press either fire button. 

Using the Controller

Use your controller to move Jimmy, use the currently selected with Grampa. Move
the controller stick right, left, forward or backward to maneuver Jimmy. The left
fire button activates the currently selected weapon and the right button is used
to contact Grampa.

The Grampa Help screen

Grampa has powerful psychic powers. Trapped in his plasmic prison, his powers
have been weak ened. From time to time, if Jimmy concentrates real hard, he can
make psychic contact with Grampa. At these times, Grampa may be able to offer

Press the right fire button to make contact with Grampa. If Grampa has advice for
Jimmy it will appear on the screen beside a picture of Grampa. Press the right
fire button again to return to the play field.

The Grampa screen also shows all of the items and weapons that Jimmy has
collected. In order to use an item, it must be selected first. Only one item may
be selected at a time. Brackets surround the currently selected item. To change
the currently selected item, move the brackets using the controller until the
brackets frame the desired item. Pressing the right fire button will return you
to the play field.

Areas to Explore and Map

There are ten areas to explore. Use the map to help Jimmy find the important
items he�ll need to overcome his foe and save Grampa.

Fountain-Jimmy�s starting point.

Mansion-The basement of the mansion contains the lab. Jimmy will discover three
useful items while in the Mansion: the Knife, the Blaster and the Key.

Church-To the right of the fountain is the Church. Inside, Jimmy will find an item
which will protect him from the poisonous bite of the bats.

Cabin-Located in the depths of the woods, Jimmy will need to investigate the cabin.
While you�re there, don�t forget to check on the well.

Stables and Barn-When you find the Stables and Barn, enter via The Bush That Casts
NO Shadow. Take the Axe with you when you enter the barn and watch out for hungry

Graveyard/Crypt-Take the Key and the Blaster with you into the Graveyard.

Pumpkin Patch-Keep your eyes open, or Jimmy will be left out in the dark.

Firplace/Caverns-Reached from the Cabin. Jimmy needs the Lantern and a powerful
weapon to explore the Caverns. Find the diamonds below the cliffs.

Optional Game Controls

The following optional game controls allow you to pause and restart the game:

 To pause the game press PAUSE. Repeat to resume play.

 To return to the opening screen and restart the game, press RESET.

Playing the Game

You move Jimmy through his hometown picking up valuable items and destroying
enemies. Jimmy must also find and destroy mutant bosses and finally, Dr. Evil
himself. At the bottom of the play screen is a status bar that will let you know
how you�re doing.

Health-Jimmy�s health is displayed on the gauge. Don�t let the monsters touch you.
Any contact will lower Jimmy�s health. When his health guage reaches zero, the
game is over.

Blood-This guage shows the purity of Jimmy�s blood. Bats and ravens will inject
impurities into his bloodstream if they bite him. When blood purity reaches zero,
the game is over.

Item-In the lower left corner of the screen is an area which displays the
currently selected item.

Score-Current number of points earned.

Lab Caverns-Reached from the Mansion. Jimmy will find the Mega Blaster, Necklace,
and a Diamond in these caverns. Explore the shipwreck.

Dark Fields-Jimmy will find Diamonds here.

     |       |
 room|     stairs
    _|       |_____________
     |          |          |
 room|  room    |       stairs      |ship
    _|   |______|   lab____|        |             MAP
               |       |            |
         front door    |            |
               |       |            |
               |       |___ dark    |
               |           |________|
   dark field  |           caverns                   dr evil barnabas
  |----------| |                                         final boss 
  |__________| -                                             |
               |                                             |
               |                                             |
bush that      |      pumpkin                                |    
casts no | warp|      patch   |                              |
 shadow  |     |              |                              |
   ______|_____|______________|____church                    |
  |      |  sta|rt            |                              |
  |      |_    |              |              caverns         |
  |        |   |    boss______|      ____________            |
  |      ba|rn |      graveyard      |     |    |            |
  |        -   |                     |                       |
  |_ dead  boss|                  cab|in   warp              |
  |  end       |                     |____|___________       |
  |            |                                      |      |
  |            |                                      |------|   
  |            |                                      |
  |            |______________________________________|
__|               cliffs                   cliffs

Items to Find and Pick Up

These items can be found and should be picked up by Jimmy during the game. Once
Jimmy picks up an item, the item is displayed on the Grampa Screen. To pick up an
item, simply walk over it. To use an item, you must select it from the Grampa
Screen, then push the left fire button to return to the game screen.

Potions-These are either Red or Blue. Jimmy can carry only one potion of each
color at a time. If he discovers a new potion of a color he already has, the new
potion will be saved and the old one will be automatically used. Red Potions
improve Jimmy�s blood purity by 50%. Blue potions restore Jimmy�s health. These
potions are especially helpful when battling mutant bosses.

Knife-The Knife is found inside the Mansion. Jimmy can use the knife to kill bats.

Cross-Found in the Church. Use the Cross to protect Jimmy from bats until Jimmy
finds the Axe.

Axe-The Axe has twice the power of the Knife. Jimmy will find the Axe inside the
Cabin in the Woods. He will need the Axe to fight the first Mutant Boss.

Blaster-Located in the basement of the Mansion. Jimmy must destroy all the Zombies
before the Blaster appears. He�ll need the blaster to fight enemies and the second
Mutant Boss.

Key-Jimmy will need the Key to enter the Crypt of the graveyard. He will find the
Key on the second floor of the Mansion.

Lantern-The Lantern lights Jimmy�s way through the Caverns and Dark Fields. The
Lantern is in the Pumpkin Patch.

Mega Blaster-The Mega Blaster can be found in the dead-end area of the Caverns
near the lab entrance. Jimmy will need the Mega Blaster to destroy Dr. Evil.

Necklace-Find the Necklace and Jimmy can get the Heart in the Fountain. It is
found in the Shipwreck in the Caverns. The Necklace also reduces all Mutant Boss
damage by half.

Heart-Permanently purifies Jimmy�s blood as he tracks Dr. Evil. The Heart is in
the center of the fountain but cannot be retrieved until the Necklace is found.

Diamonds-These increase Jimmy�s health. Diamonds will appear after Jimmy destroys
some enemies.

Mutant Bosses

During Jimmy�s quest he must battle huge, seemingly indestructible creatures know
as Mutant Bosses. Although they seem indestructible, the Mutant Bosses each have a
weak spot which you must find.

When Jimmy scores a hit, the Mutant Boss flashes. The flash lets you know that the
Mutant Boss can be hurt. The health of the Mutant Boss is shown at the top of the


Get the Knife, Cross, and the Axe. You�ll need these items first. Then, get the
Blaster and the Key.

There is a warp hole just outside the Cabin. The warp hole takes you to the Corral.

You must have the Axe to fight the first boss inside the Corral.

The second Boss is in the graveyard, you�ll need to use the key to enter. You�ll
also need the Blaster or Mega Blaster in order to defeat this boss.
You can�t get the Blaster until you�ve destroyed all the zombies in the basement
of the mansion.

The key won�t appear upstairs in the Mansion until you�ve destroyed all of the
zombies in the bedroom.

You will need the Necklace hidden in the Shipwreck before you can get the Heart
in the fountain to increase your power.

Sometimes you can get more powerful weapons earlier in the game. As you become
better at Midnight Mutants, you�ll be able to advance to areas more quickly and
take shortcuts.

The Necklace is in the Caverns by the laboratory-reached through the Mansion�s
basement. You�ll need the Lantern to enter the Caverns so secure that before
attempting to find the Necklace. There is a shipwreck which contains the necklace
which will allow you to go inside the fountain and get the heart. The heart will
increase your power


Points are earned for picking up items and destroying foes, but the ultimate goal
of Midnight Mutants is to destroy the Mutant Bosses one by one until you reach
Dr. Evil. Destroying Dr. Evil will free Grampa from his plasmic prison.

/ | \  ATARI�

Copyright � 1990, Atari Corporation
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1302
All rights reserved.
Printed in Hong Kong.	G. C, 11.1990	C300018089

This document scanned and edited by Mitchell Orman