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One-on-One Basketball - Atari - Atari 7800     HTML Manual   

One on One

One on One

Jump! Shoot! Score!

You're out on a dream court for a hot game of One-on-One. You're the Bird.
Or you're Dr. J. And that's the last decision you'll have much time to

You can play against the computer of challenge a friend. Your
capabilities -- and your opponent's -- will be just like those of All-Stars
Larry Bird and Julius (Dr. J) Erving. The computer knows their shooting
percentages (guarded and unguarded) and their pet shots. Your scoring
ability will depend on your timing, how effectively you're being guarded,
and where you're shooting from.

Like the game of basketball itself, One-on-One rewards you for playing with
your head as well as your hands. Master the joystick moves, sharpen your
timing, hone your reflexes until you can handle the Pro level... and don't
let the other guy out-think you.

Getting Started

1.  Insert the One-on-One Basketball cartridge into your ATARI 7800
    Pro-System as explained in your owner's manual.

2.  For one player, plug your joystick into the left controller jack. For
    two players, plug a second joystick into the right controller jack.

3.  Press the [Power] button to turn on your console. In a few moments the
    title screen appears, followed by the Game Options Menu.

4.  Select your options (see Game Options). Select one of the Play Ball
    options last; this starts the game. (To start the game immediately
    without selecting options, press the left joystick button.)

5.  Press [Select] for slow-motion play; press it again to resume normal

6.  Press [Pause] to pause a game; press it again to resume play.

7.  Press [Reset] to redisplay the Options Menu. and start a new game.

Game Options

Each time you start a One-on-One session, the Game Options Menu appears.
This is where you choose your game-play options. Move your joystick handle
forward or back to move from line to line on the menu. Push the handle
right or left to move from option to option on a line. The option you're on
will flash; select it by pressing either joystick button.

PLAY BALL -- You can choose to resume the last game, play a new game, or
watch a demonstration game. Select an option from this line after selecting
options from all other lines, since pressing a joystick button here starts
the game.

SELECT GAME -- Choose your game level: Park & Rec, Varsity, College, or
Pro. Shots are easiest to block and make at the Park & Rec level, hardest
at the Pro level.

PLAY MODE -- Choose a two-player game, or choose to play against Dr. J or
Larry Bird. The computer becomes the All-Star listed; you take on the role
of the other Star.

SELECT END OF GAME -- Choose to play for a set amount of time, or to a set
score. If you choose "Timed game," a Timed Game screen appears. You'll then
choose how long the quarters will be: two, four, six, or eight minutes.

If you choose "Play to set score," a Play to Set Score screen appears.
Select either a traditional 21-point game, or set your own game score. If
you select "Play to XX points," a score will appear on the bottom of the
screen. Push the joystick handle left to reduce the score, or right to
increase it.

POSSESSION -- "Winner's outs" means that the player who just made the
basket will stay on offense. "Loser's outs" means that the other player
will receive the ball.

Playing the Game

Move the joystick handle to move your player around the court. The player
moves in the same direction you move the handle.

When you have possession of the ball, you can press the right joystick
button to call time out (up to three times per player per game). A time out
lasts several seconds, then game play resumes automatically.


Press the left joystick button to start a jumpshot. Release it to shoot the
ball towards the basket. A quick press on the button causes you to spin 180

If the shot clock (upper right corner of screen) runs down before you shoot,
a turnover results.


When the offensive player is dribbling, press your left joystick button to
go for a steal.

When the offensive player is shooting, press your left button to block the

When the shot is in the air, press your left button to go for the rebound.
If you get the rebound, you must take the ball out beyond the free throw
line before you shoot.

Illegal Moves

Offense loses the ball for:

Travelling -- failure to release the ball during a jump.
Charging -- running into the defensive player when he's standing still.
Failing to shoot before the shot clock reaches zero.

Defensive fouls are:

Hacking -- hitting the offensive player.
Blocking -- physically moving into the offensive player.
Reaching in -- going for the steal but fouling instead.

If the defensive player has committed fewer than five fouls, the offensive
player gets the ball out of bounds and the shot clock is reset. If the
defensive player has committed five fouls or more, the offensive player
goes to the free-throw line. He shoots one free throw; if he makes it, he
shoots another.

If the defensive player fouls while the offensive player is shooting, and
the basket is good, the offensive player goes to the free-throw line for
one free throw. If the offensive player didn't make the basket, he gets two
free throws.

When the ball goes out of bounds, the shot clock is reset and play resumes
at the top of the free-throw circle.

Fatigue and Hot Streaks

Continuous running and jumping tires out a player. Dribbling slowly and in
place gives some energy back to both players. Calling time out gives a full
rest to both players.

Energy loss and gain are reflected in each player's Fatigue Bar (Dr. J's is
lower left of screen; Bird's is lower right). The longer the bar, the more
fatigued the player. Tired players don't move as quickly as fresh or rested
players, and they don't defend or shoot as well.

There's no Hot Streak bar. But the opportunity to get hot, to shoot four or
five baskets in a row and then make a shot from anywhere, is built into the
game. You'll have to feel when it's happening to you, and act accordingly.

Instant Replays and Shattering Backboards

Sometimes you'll make an especially nice play and the computer will agree
by freezing the action and showing you a slow-motion instant replay. You'll
also be pleased with yourself when a particularly ferocious dunk shatters
the backboard!


Just like pro ball!

Basket made from behind the 3-point line        3 points
Regular basket                                  2 points
Free-throw basket                               1 point

All-Star Strategy

As Dr. J, you're a step quicker when driving to the basket. When you're in
close, your moves are fancier; you can stretch higher and farther, you can
hang in the air longer.

As the Bird, you're bigger and stronger so you're a better rebounder. Your
defensive game is more physically intimidating. You've also got the better
outside shot.

Dribble with your back to the other player, making it harder for him to
steal the ball.

Shoot while jumping away from the basket -- "fall-away" shots are harder to

Get between the other player and the basket when going for a rebound.

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