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Robotron: 2084 - Atari - Atari 7800     HTML Manual   



JUNE 2084

At first it was a technological breakthrough. Humans created the
Robotrons -- a species of robots so advanced they didn't need their
inventors in order to think and act. But the Robotrons have turned on their
creators! They're now determined to destroy humanity -- or reprogram the
survivors, turning them into destructive mutants!

Getting Started

1.  Insert the Robotron: 2084 (TM) cartridge into your ATARI (R) 7800 (TM)
    ProSystem as explained in your Owner's Manual, and turn on your

2.  Plug a controller into the left controller jack for one player, and
    another into the right controller jack for two players.

3.  Move the controller handle forward or backward, or press [Select] to
    choose a one- or two-player game. Move the controller handle left or
    right to choose a difficulty level: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced,
    Expert, or Challenge.

4.  Press either controller button to fire -- your anti-robot laser gun
    will shoot in the direction you move the controller.

    You can play Robotron with one or two controllers:

    For a one-player game, move with left controller, and fire with left
    controller button in the direction the player is moving. Or, move with
    left controller, and fire by moving the right controller in the
    direction you want to fire.

    For a two-player game, Player 2 uses the left controller for moving and
    either the left controller button or the right controller for firing.

5.  Press [Pause] to pause a game; press it again to resume play.

Playing the Game

Recently intercepted Robotron communiques reveal that only a few clones of
the last human family remain alive on Earth!

Your Mission
Prepare immediately to step up the counter-attack. Save the surviving

Extreme Danger
The Robotrons know about you -- the only one immune to their reprogramming.
They will stalk you relentlessly.

Technical Data
Your only weapon is your anti-robot laser gun. With it you can destroy the
entire Robotron species except the Hulk.

The Robotrons attack in waves, with different kinds of Robotrons in each
wave. A new wave appears each time you destroy all the Robotrons on your
screen -- except the invincible Hulk. You have five lives, and for every
25,000 points you score, you earn another life and another chance to
complete your mission.


By saving as many remaining humans as you can, you'll rack up the most
points. To do this, quickly get clear of the middle of the screen at the
start of each Robotron wave, but avoid the corners. Concentrate on wiping
out the Spheroids and Quarks first. Eliminate most of the rest of the
Robotrons, leaving a few Grunts alive. Then pick up the remaining humans
before you destroy the last Robotrons.

You are the only hope for saving humanity. Good luck!



Mindless Grunts
The Grunts are beastly robots with one mission: to do you in.

Indestructible Hulks
Alone of all Robotrons, Hulks cannot be destroyed but can annihilate the
human clones. Your laser gun only slows them down. Avoid the Hulks at all

Giant Brains
Launched every fifth wave, the Giant Brains can electrocute you where you
stand. If a Brain catches a human, it reprograms the victim, who then turns
against you viciously as a mutant Prog. The Brain also fires deadly Cruise
Missiles that seek you out mercilessly.

Sinister Spheroids and Their Deadly Spawn
Spheroids bring forth the Enforcer Embryos, which grow into evil Enforcers.
Enforcers heighten the attack by launching Enforcer Sparks.

Galvanizing Electrodes
The Electrodes block your path, changing form with each new wave. You must
vaporize them with your laser gun or they'll destroy you.

Cubic Quarks and the Torturing Tanks
Quarks swiftly produce beastly Torturing Tanks that throw off Bounce Bombs.

Last Surviving Family

Man, Woman, and Child
Only a handful of human clones remain on earth. Touch as many as you can to
place them under your protective powers.


In Each Wave
First human saved               1000 points
Second human saved              2000 points
Third human saved               3000 points
Fourth human saved              4000 points
Fifth and more humans saved     5000 points each

Destroying the Robotrons
Cubic Quark                             1000 points
Spheroid (before it hatches Embryos)    1000 points
Giant Brain                              500 points
Torturing Tank                           200 points
Enforcer                                 150 points
Mindless Grunt                           100 points
Prog                                     100 points
Cruise Missile                            25 points
Enforcer Spark                            25 points
Bounce Bomb                               25 points

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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the product
documentation in this manual. However, because we are constantly improving
and updating our computer software and hardware, Atari Corporation is
unable to guarantee the accuracy of printed material after the date of
publication and disclaims liability for changes, errors, and omissions.

Atari is a registered trademark and 7800 is a trademark of
Atari Corporation. Robotron: 2084 is a trademark of Williams Electronics,
Inc., manufactured under license from Williams Electronics, Inc.

Copyright (C) 1982, Williams Electronics, Inc.
Copyright (C) 1986, Atari Corporation Sunnyvale, CA 94086.
All rights reserved
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