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Scrapyard Dog - Atari - Atari 7800     HTML Manual   

Scrapyard Dog

Scrapyard Dog

                     ATARI (R) 7800 (TM) Game Manual

                            Scrapyard Dog (TM)

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Copyright (C) 1990, Atari Corporation
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1302
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Kidnapped Canine!

Louie, the junkyard guy, was just settling down to his regular Sunday
afternoon lunch: a foot long head-cheese sandwich with tons of mustard, six
garlic pickles, a two-pound bag of potato chips and a diet soft drink. (The
diet soft drink was because Louie was watching his weight -- nobody likes a
fat junkyard guy.) The phone rang and Louie picked it up, even though his
mouth was full. He listened a few moments, and then sprayed crumbs of bread
and head cheese all over the office. A dastardly dognapper gang kidnapped
his best pal Scraps, the infamous Scrapyard Dog! If Louie doesn't hand over
the deed to the junkyard, Scraps is dog-gone!

Louie played along, and told the kidnappers he would bring the deed to the
first checkpoint to receive further instructions. But it's unAmerican to
knuckle under to kidnappers and terrorists, and Louie won't do it! He's
going to go to the checkpoint and find out the location of the gang's
headquarters, then he's going to rescue Scraps and rid the town of the
puppy purloiners.

With a few useful items for weapons (mostly old cans), Louie sets out to
save his buddy Scraps. Can Louie save his cruelly captured canine, or will
little Scraps end up dog meat? Find out, and help Louie save his Scrapyard

Getting Started

Scrapyard Dog is seventeen levels of constant jumping, running, and
throwing action. Follow the steps listed below to start the game:

1.  With your 7800 game system switched off, insert the Scrapyard Dog
    cartridge into the cartridge slot as described in your owner's manual.

2.  Connect a controller to the left controller port.

3.  Press the POWER button on your console and switch on your TV. The
    Scrapyard Dog title screen displays.

4.  Press the right fire button to display the first set of instructions
    from Mr. Big. Press the button again to begin play.

Optional Game Controls

The following optional game controls allow you to pause and restart the

To pause the game press PAUSE. Repeat to resume play.

To begin a new game, press SELECT.

Playing the Game

The object of the game is to defeat the gang of criminal kidnappers and
rescue Scraps. The kidnappers leave instructions for Louie at each of
sixteen checkpoints. Louie has a specific period of time to reach each
checkpoint. Along the way he must dodge rats and other annoying obstacles
like rolling tires. Louie must also collect as many weapons and other
useful items as possible. Weapons prepare Louie for the more difficult
higher levels of Scrapyard Dog, and will ensure his success when he comes
face to face with the leader of the evil dognappers. Items such as shields
will protect Louie from harm. Louie begins his quest with a single shield
and five cans.

There are six rounds in Scrapyard Dog. Each of the first five rounds
contain three levels, Junkyard, City, and Sewer. There is no sewer in the
final round, but the city and junkyard are more hazardous than ever. Louie
must scrap his way through each round to answer the phone at the end of the
round. That's where Louie receives his instructions on how to progress to
the next level. The last round of the game takes place in Mr. Big's
warehouse. There Louie receives a special challenge that he must overcome
before he can rescue his pitiful pooch.

Joystick Controls

Use the following joystick controls to move Louie around:

Left Joystick moves Louie to the left.

Right Joystick moves Louie to the right.

Up Joystick allows Louie to knock on doors, activate the tune in Piano
Rooms, pick up the phone at the end of each round, and enter sewer pipes.

Down Joystick plus the right fire button activates the special weapon.

Left Fire Button makes Louie jump. Hold the button for a longer period of
time to make Louie jump higher.

Right Fire Button throws a can. When combined with the Down Joystick,
throws a special weapon.

Bonus Rooms

Bonus Rooms contain special items which Louie will find invaluable in his
quest to rescue poor Scraps. Doors in the city only open when Louie
completes a special knocking sequence. If Louie stops knocking for any
reason -- such as to avoid rats and other dangerous obstacles -- he must
start the knocking sequence again. Needless to say, finding out what goes
on behind closed doors is a hazardous maneuver at best.

PIANO ROOM Piano rooms are found in the dumpsters on Junkyard levels.
(Musicians never care where they play, do they?) Louie must play a tune by
pushing up on the joystick while standing atop a "P" icon. The tune plays.
Then Louie must jump down to the piano keys and reproduce the tune that was
played. (Louie plays one note each time he jumps on a key.) If Louie plays
the tune correctly, a large bonus is awarded. Smaller bonuses are awarded
for a nearly correct tune, and no bonus is awarded if Louie has a tin ear
and makes too many mistakes. If this happens, he can exit the room or try

OFFICE ROOM This room is only found in the City. Three bonus items will
appear among the chairs and filing cabinets. These items appear one at a
time. Louie must hustle to get to each item. Louie can get all three if he
moves fast enough. This is where the diet sodas pay off!

SEWER ROOM Only found on sewer levels, this room contains multiple sewer
pipes. Louie must choose the correct combination of pipes to reach the
special sewer room bonus. If he fails to guess the right combination, he
falls into icky sludge and is booted out of the room. Louie loses no lives
if this occurs, just a lot of self respect!


Shops are found in all levels and rounds. In the Junkyard, shops are found
in dumpsters (low rent, what the heck). In the City, shops are located
behind some of the doors. In the sewer, shops can be found at the end of
certain pipes.

Once Louie enters a shop he can either buy an offered item (if he has the
money of course... just like real life!), or he can recycle cans for money.
If Louie wishes to buy the item offered, he can rudely say "Yeah" (left
joystick) or "Nah" (right joystick). If he says Nah he exits the shop. If
he says Yeah, then he must push the left fire button once for every item he
wishes to buy. (For example, press the button once to buy one bomb, twice
for two bombs, etc.)

EXTRA MAN SHOP Extra lives can be purchased here... for BIG bucks!

SHIELD SHOP Shields protect Louie from dying. Each shield protects Louie
against one hit, after which the shield disappears.

CAN RECYCLE SHOP Louie can do his civic duty (and earn much needed bucks!)
by exchanging his extra cans for money. But the word extra is the key here.
Louie has to keep some cans to ward off foes, so he shouldn't sell them

SUPER CANS SHOP Super cans seek out enemies and destroy them, and Louie
doesn't even have to aim! These cans are very valuable and are worth the
price Louie must pay for them.

BOMB SHOP Bombs destroy everything that appears on the screen when Louie
throws them. Oh, almost everything... they don't destroy Louie!

EXTRA TIME SHOP Extra time will give Louie a better chance at rescuing his
pitiful puppy, Scraps. And each second Louie has to spare at the end of
each round is worth fifty points! Extra time is very important when going
for higher scores.


Throughout every level Louie encounters different items. Some items are
useful and Louie can pick them up to help him in is quest. Other items
Louie will want to avoid... like enemies and obstacles.

Bonus Items

Bonus items appear when Louie jumps on top of and destroys an enemy, or in
the Bonus Rooms as described in the Bonus Rooms section.

Money Bag               One dollar
Gold Money Bag          Ten dollars
Can                     Gives Louie one can
Clock                   Adds thirty seconds of time
Heart                   Gives Louie an extra life

Weapons and Shields

Louie must collect weapons and shields to survive the dog-eat-dog world and
save his poor pup. The following items are found in Scrapyard Dog.

SHIELD protects Louie from one hit from an enemy or obstacle. After the
shield saves Louie it disappears. Louie begins the game with one shield.
Shields will not protect Louie from dying if the cause of death is a fall.

CANS are Louie's basic weapon. He begins the game with five cans and must
collect more on his travels through each level. When Louie throws a can it
will bounce a few times before hitting and destroying the enemy target.

SUPER CANS are great because they seek out enemies and destroy them...
Louie doesn't need to aim! They keep on destroying enemy after enemy until
they run out of energy. These puppies are especially effective against

BOMBS are the most powerful special weapon. When tossed, a bomb destroys
everything on the screen except Louie.

Enemies and Obstacles

There are different ways to handle each of the many enemies and obstacles
Louie will encounter.

MICE, RATS, BIRDS, and GANGSTERS can be overcome with weapons. Toss a can
or supercan or bomb and watch the fur fly! If all else fails, Louie can
jump on his enemies. Even the diet drinks can't save flattened foes from
Louie's fattened belly.

TIRES must be avoided. They can't be destroyed by anything but a bomb.

BASKETBALLS Only bombs can flatten these dangerous hazards.

FIRE HYDRANTS Out of respect for Scraps, Louie tries not to destroy fire
hydrants. However, sometimes things get too dangerous and Louie must blast
the hydrant with a well thrown bomb.


Super cans are for the birds. Flying foes are hard to hit with anything

Exchange cans for cash whenever possible, but always keep a few on hand.

Watch tires and basketballs carefully. Learn to time their bounces. Running
under these hazards is much easier than jumping over them.

When there are too many tires and basketballs to avoid, use a bomb.

It pays to squash the bad guys.


You earn points for collecting items, overpowering enemies, and overcoming

Cans             25 points
Clock            25 points
Gold Money Bag   25 points
Money Bag        25 points
Timer            50 points per second
Gangsters       200 points
Mice            100 points
Rats            100 points
Basketballs     500 points
Birds           500 points
Hydrant         500 points
Tires           500 points

Heart           1 extra life

Copyright (C) 1990, Atari Corporation
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1302
All rights reserved.

Printed in Hong Kong.          G.C.11.1990                   C300018-079

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, ©1997-1998 by Greg Chance