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Winter Games

Winter Games


                     ATARI (R) 7800 (TM) Game Manual

                            WINTER GAMES (TM)
                               by Epyx (R)

                             MOMENT OF TRUTH

You're an athlete at the 1988 Winter Games at Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
You're about to move across snow and ice with as much speed, strength,
endurance and grace as you can muster in the blustery cold.

This is the winter portion of the world's foremost amateur sports
competition. You'll match your skills against the top athletes.

Be proud. Today you stand among the elite few whose courage and stamina
will be tested by these Winter Games. Listen. A fanfare of trumpets sound
as thousands of white doves are releases, symbolically to fly to the
countries of the world with the message of peace -- and the news that the
Winter Games have begun. This is it -- your chance to go for the gold!


WINTER GAMES challenges your competitive skills with a series of athletic
contests for 1 to 8 players. You can compete in four challenging winter
events -- Biathlon (cross-country skiing and rifle shooting),
Speed Skating, Ski Jump, and Bobsled.

Practice each event first to hone your skills. Then choose from the 18
countries you can represent in the competition, and go for the gold!

WINTER GAMES provides judges, keeps scores, and awards medals to the
winners -- the Gold for the first, Silver for second, and the Bronze for
third place.

Get ready to give it your best -- and remember the motto of the ancient
Greek athletes:

                       Citius -- Altius -- Fortius

                     "Faster -- Higher -- Stronger!"

                             GETTING STARTED

1.  Insert the WINTER GAMES Cartridge into your Atari 7800 as explained in
    your owner's manual.

2.  Plug a controller into the left controller jack. This is Player 1's
    controller. For two or more players, you may plug a second controller
    into the right controller jack.

3.  Turn on your television, then press the POWER button to turn on your
    console. The WINTER GAMES Opening Ceremonies will appear.

4.  Press RESET or the left joystick's FIRE button to enter the Main Menu.

                              STARTING PLAY

Opening Ceremony

A spectacular opening ceremony welcomes you to WINTER GAMES. An athlete
bearing the flaming torch mounts the steps to light the sacred fire that
burns night and day throughout the WINTER GAMES. White doves are released
over the stadium, to symbolize peace on earth. Let the games begin!

How to Play

Once the opening ceremony concludes, a menu screen offers you a choice of
six options. To make a selection, use your joystick or the SELECT key to
move the cursor to your choice, then press the FIRE button or RESET.

OPTION 1: Compete in All Events

Compete in all four events, in this order: Biathlon, Speed Skating,
Ski Jump, and Bobsled. The computer keeps a running tally of medals awarded
to each player.

*  To enter your name, use the joystick and press the FIRE button. Select
   END to continue after all letters are entered.

*  To choose your country, use the joystick to move the cursor to the flag
   of your choice, then press the FIRE button to select that country.

*  Repeat name and country selection for each additional player (up to
   eight). When all players' names and countries are entered select END and
   press the FIRE button again.

OPTION 2: Compete in Some Events

Similar to OPTION 1, but you only compete in the two or three events you

*  Use the joystick to choose the events, then press the FIRE button to
   select. An asterisk will appear next to the event's name. Select
   GO COMPETE to begin play.

OPTION 3: Compete in One Event

Similar to OPTION 1, but you only compete in one event which you select.

*  Use the joystick to choose the event, then press the FIRE button.

OPTION 4: Practice One Event

No medals are awarded for practice round scores.

*  Move the joystick to choose the event, then press the FIRE button.

OPTION 5: Number of Joysticks

For one player, select 1.

For two or more players, be sure both joysticks are plugged in an select 2.

*  Select 1 or 2 by pressing the FIRE button.

OPTION 6: Opening Ceremonies

Repeats the opening ceremonies.

Awards Ceremony

After every event, the names, countries, and scores of all competitors are
listed in the order they placed. The name of the Gold Medal winner appears
at the top of the screen.

Continuing Play

To restart WINTER GAMES at any time, press RESET. The program will return
to the main menu.

                                THE GAMES


Race over a cross-country track on skis with a .22 caliber rifle slung over
your shoulder. You have only a few cartridges to fire at the required
targets, so steady your sights and develop an eagle eye before you fire

*  Move your joystick left and right to move your skier's legs in steady,
   rhythmic kicks and glides.

*  On LEVEL GROUND, keep up a steady pace by moving your joystick back and

*  For UPHILL terrain, move the joystick faster to increase speed.

*  DOWNHILL stretches go fastest if you use the double-pole technique. Pull
   the joystick down when the skier's hands are in front, to get the
   maximum push down the slope.

*  SHOOTING: You are issued five cartridges to shoot at five targets, and
   every miss is a 5-second penalty. The gun must be loaded and the shell
   ejected after each shot. Pull the joystick BACK to open the gun chamber.
   Push the joystick FORWARD to load the shell. Push the FIRE button to
   shoot. Repeat for the next shot. The skier's heart rate affects your
   accuracy -- so cool down, and take careful aim before you fire!

*  The winner or high score is the skier with the fastest total time.

Speed Skating

Speed Skaters can move at 30 miles per hour -- much faster than athletic
track runners. In fact, Speed Skating champions are the fastest self-
propelled human beings over level earth!

In Speed Skating, two racers skate side-by-side, in separate lanes, as fast
as they can go!

*  When "PRESS YOUR BUTTON" appears at the bottom of the screen, the player
   whose name appears  must press the joystick FIRE button. This begins the

*  When the countdown reaches "GO," begin skating by moving the joystick to
   the LEFT and RIGHT to move your skater's legs. The trick is to make the
   skaters legs move back and forth as in real skating.

*  Continue skating by moving the joystick back and forth in rhythmic
   strokes to move your racer's legs. Build your natural skating rhythm
   faster to get up to speed -- and GO FOR IT!

*  The skater with the fastest time wins the race.

*  When the race is over, press the FIRE button to begin the next event.

Ski Jump

Every gust of wind chills your body as you look down from the top of the
jump tower to the runway far below. The judges and spectators look like
insects from this height. GO! Your coiled body lurches forward and suddenly
you're into another world!

You crouch down low, in a tucked position, to accumulate as much speed as
possible. At the take-off, you leap out, push up, and lean forward, over
the edge of your skis, to reduce wind resistance and increase the length of
your jump.

*  Press the FIRE button to begin your approach.

*  When you reach the takeoff point, press the FIRE button.

*  In the air, watch the upper right-hand corner of the screen for faults.
   Correct faults quickly to get maximum style points and distance.

     *  If your knees are BENT, move the joystick UP to correct.
     *  If you're TOO FAR FORWARD, move joystick LEFT.
     *  TOO FAR BACK, move joystick RIGHT.
     *  SKIS CROSSED, move joystick DOWN.

If you don't correct your faults in time, your Ski Jumper's wild antics
will cause wind resistance and lose style points.

Ski Jump scores are based on distance and form.

DISTANCE: is based on the timing of the takeoff, and the aerodynamics of
the Jumper in the air.

STYLE: You'll get more points if you recover quickly from faults and don't


Your maximum is tallied by multiplying your DISTANCE (x) 3 (+) STYLE POINTS.
A respectable Ski Jump score would be a flight of 60 meters and 20 style
points for a total of 200 points.


Prepare to careen down a track of solid ice -- while you crouch in a
precision-built machine of steel and aluminum. You'll fly around hair-
raising turns, then plummet down the bumpy straightaways at speeds
exceeding 90 miles per hour!

*  Press the FIRE button to begin the race.

*  Move the joystick left and right to guide your sled.

HINTS: Steer hard! To avoid capsizing at the turns, try to anticipate the
pull of centrifugal force, and steer hard in the opposite direction.

Watch your speed! The power bar at the bottom of the screen shows how fast
you're going. The faster you go, the harder you have to steer to keep
plummeting toward the finish.

Learn the course! An intimate knowledge of the course is important, so you
learn the best position to take each corner.

*  The winning bobsled's score is based upon the fastest time through the

                         THE WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES

The first winter games were held as Chamonix, France in 1924, when they were
accepted as a celebration comparable to the Summer Games and given the
official blessing of the International Olympic Committee. Since then, the
winter games have been held at the following locations.

                           WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES

                 Date    Place
                 1924    Chamonix, France
                 1928    St. Moritz, Switzerland
                 1932    Lake Placid, New York
                 1936    Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
                 1948    St. Moritz, Switzerland
                 1952    Oslo, Norway
                 1956    Cortina, Italy
                 1960    Squaw Valley, California
                 1964    Innsbruck, Austria
                 1968    Grenoble, France
                 1972    Sapporo, Japan
                 1976    Innsbruck, Austria
                 1980    Lake Placid, New York
                 1984    Sarajevo, Czechoslovakia {?}
                 1988    Calgary, Ontario {?}

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