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ATARI 7800(TM) Game Manual

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the product documentation
in this manual.  However, because Atari Corporation is constantly improving
and updating its computer hardware and software, it is unable to guarantee the
accuracy of printed material after the date of publication and disclaims
liability for changes, errors, or omissions.

Reproduction of this document or of any portion of its contents is not
allowed without the specific written consent of Atari Corporation.

Xenophobe(TM) is a trademark of Bally Midway Mfg. Co.
Copyright(C) 1987, Bally Midway Mfg. Co.

Atari(R), the Atari logo, and 7800(TM) are trademarks or registered trademarks
of Atari Corporation.

Copyright (C) 1989, Atari Corporation
Sunnyvale, CA  94086
All rights reserved.

ALIEN ATTACK!............1
  Getting Started........1
    Split-Screen Play....2
  Finishing a Mission....4
  Destroying the Aliens..5
  Collecting Hardware....5
  Danger to the Player...6


Hostile aliens - Xenophobes - are infesting space stations vital to your
planet's security.  These aliens threaten to overrun the stations, rendering
the space stations useless.

You are part of an elite team who is ready to speed to these endangered space
stations.  Your mission is clear: destroy the aliens, regain control of the
space stations, and pick up any valuable hardware you might discover as you
sweep the stations for aliens.

The aliens are a swarming band of uglies, straight out of your worst nightmare.
You'll need to use your talent just to stay alive as you rid each space station
of these pests.  You don't want to let them catch you.  It's them or you.

The message has come.  It's up to you and your teammates to cleanse each
space station of aliens.  Your Mother Ship brings you to the vicinity of each
overrun space station.  You then enter the space station via a transfer disk.

Team up with another member of your elite squad, or work on your own to clear
the aliens from an infested space station.  Just be careful as you enter a
space station.  The aliens are everywhere!

Getting Started

1. With your television turned on, insert the Xenophobe cartridge into your
Atari 7800 as explained in you Owner's Manual.

2. Plug a controller into the lef port for a one-player game.  Plug a second
controller into the right port for a two-player game.

Note: A second player may join the game at any time.  Just press the fire
button of the other controller.  In a multi-player game, players may join
forces against the aliens.  Since each player is independent, the death of
one player does not affect game play for the other player.

3. Press the console's [Power] switch to turn on the machine.  The Xenophobe
title screen appears.

4. Press [Select] or move the controller left or right to select the desired
skill level -- Novice, Standard, Advanced, or Expert.

5. Press the fire button or [Reset] to begin the game.

6. Press [Pause] to pause the game.  Press [Pause] again to resume play.

7. Press [Reset] at any time to start a new game with the same game options.
Press [Select] to return to the title screen.

Note: An awards ceremony occurs after a game ends.  During this ceremony the
aliens you destroyed and valuable hardware you retrieved are shown along
with their point values.

Split-Screen Play

Xenophobe's split-screen lets two players move independently.  You view each
player's game action in a separate half of the screen.  The left controller
corresponds to the top screen view while the right controller corresponds to
the bottom.

Note: The size of a player's viewing screen is the same whether you are
playing a one-player or two-player game.

Controlling Movement

Player Movements
[Graphic shows Joystick, I explain in text below]
Up: Jump if Walking, Creeping, or Standing.  Stand up if Crawling or Crouching
Down: Crouch; Pick Up Objects; Break Free or Fling Critters
Left: Move Left
Right: Move Right
Left Fire Button: Shoot
Right Fire Button: Toss Grenades When Crouched

[Graphic shows Joystic, I explain the tough concepts below]
Up: Up
Down: Down


The game begins with you leaving the Mother Ship for one of the nine 
alien-infested space stations.  Each base has a different number of levels
as follows:

Space Station      Number of Levels
     1                    1
     2                    2
     3                    3
     4                    4
     5                    3
     6                    2
     7                    3
     8                    5
     9                    1

Each space station has eight rooms on each level.  You must open doors as you
move from room to room.  Just step up to the door to open it.

To reach a different level, you must use the elevator found on each level.
While standing directly in front of the elevator buttons, push up on the
controller.  The elevator door opens and you can enter.  There are no stairs
between levels.

Finishing a Mission

There are three ways in which you can finish a mission to a space station.
Each of the three mission endings offers an increasing number of points.

If you take too long in clearing a space station, the aliens overrun the
station.  The amount of time you have to clear a space station depends on
the difficulty level and other factors.  If you wait too long, the screen
flashes red and you are automatically transported back to the Mother Ship
as the aliens overrun the space station and the station explodes.

Destroying some alines, but finding and using the self-destruct code to
destroy the space station, is an acceptable ending.  You earn 100 bonus
points for each alien you destroy at that space station.  Then it's back to
the Mother Ship and on to the next infested space station.

The best ending for a mission is the destruction of all aliens on a space
station without destroying the space station.  You receive a 300-point bonus
for each alien you destroyed at the station and a 200-point health bonus.
Then you return to the Mother Ship and prepare to board the next infested space

Destroying the Aliens

Your first objective is to destroy all aliens in a space station within the
allowed time.  Destroying an aline isn't easy.  Unless you use the minimum
amount of force to destroy a particular type of alien, the alien lives and
continues to threaten you and your mission.

The minimum amount of force needed to destroy a particular type of alien is
as follows:

Critter...........1 unit of force
Pod...............2 units of force
Tentacle..........4 units of force
Rollerbaby........4 units of force
Snotterpillar.....16 units of force

Collecting Hardware

Pick up any valuable hardware you find strewn around a station you are
sweeping for aliens.  You can gain extra points or restore lost health points
with what you find. (See point values in SCORING below.)


You begin play with a Phaser.  In addition to hardware, you will also find
weapons scattered throughout a space station. (See point values in SCORING

Pick up these weapons for extra points, then use the weapons to destroy
aliens.  But remember you can only have one weapon at a time.  Switch weapons
if the weapon you find is more powerful than the one you are carrying.

When you pick up the new weapon, you drop your current weapon.  But be
careful, sometimes the weapon you drop will explode.

Each weapon has a different power level.  Plus your weapon won't run out
of ammunition.  The weapons you can use and their strength are as follows:

Fists...........1 unit
Phaser..........1 unit/shot
Laser Pistol....2 units/shot
Electric Rifle..3 units/shot
Poofer Gun......10 units/shot
Grenade.........100 units/shot

Danger to the Player

While you're sweeping the aliens from your planet's space stations, those
same aliens are after you and can destroy you.  Injuries to your player are
measured in units, or units/second of contact with an alien.  So watch
your health gauge in the lower left corner of your screen.  You begin with
1000 health units.

You can lose units of health through the following injuries or attacks:

Jumping into a dooor......10 units
Attack by a Critter.......2 units/second
Attack by Tentacles.......4 units/second
Attack by a Rollerbaby....8 units/second
Hit by a rolling alien....50 units
Hit by spit (phlegm)......75 units
Hit by a grenade..........100 units
Hit by a leaping alien....150 units


Your primary mission is to locate and eliminate the aliens as quickly as
possible.  Don't spend too much time searching for valuable objects.

The aliens are clumsier and easier to kill at the lower levels of a space
station.  Save your best firepower for the scariest aliens, and remember that
your biggest challenges await at the higher levels.

In a two-player game, try to join forces with the other player in fighting
the aliens.  Split up to cover all the rooms of a space station quicker.

During a two-player game, avoid fights with the other player.  A fight will
only distract you from your mission.

Be ever alert for the aliens' varied means of attack.

Shoot tentacles at the bottom of their swing.

Use grenades to destroy aliens rolled into balls.

Set the self-destruct on the harder space stations (numbered 4 and 8).  You
keep health damage (units lost) to a minimum and receive a bonus of 100 points
per alien destroyed.  Concentrate on the easier bases where you can earn the
200-point health bonus when leaving a cleared space station.

If the name of a level within the space station is in red, that level has
more aliens for you to find and destroy.  If the level name is in blue, you've
cleared all the aliens from that level.


You receive points for destroying aliens, picking up valuable hardware during
your mission in each space station, and for finding and picking up health
objects, which increase your life.

Killing Aliens:
Tentacle.........125 points
Snotterpillar....100 points
Rollerbaby.......75 points
Critter..........50 points
Pod..............25 points

Picking Up Weapons:
Grenade..........500 points
Poofer Gun.......400 points
Lightning Gun....300 points
Laser Pistol.....200 points
Phaser...........10 points

Picking Up Valuable Hardware:
Clipboard...........1000 points
Self-Destruct Code..500 points
Transmitter.........500 points
Skull...............500 points
Can.................500 points
Screwdriver.........500 points
Knife...............500 points
Rope................250 points

Health Points:
Burger...............50 points
Flask................50 points

Copyright(C) 1989, Atari Corporation
Sunnyvale, CA  94086
All rights reserved.

Printed in Hong Kong.  C300018-058 Rev. A

B.T. 7.1989

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, ©1997-1998 by Greg Chance