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Tank Command - Froggo - Atari 7800     HTML Manual   

Tank Command

Tank Command



Video Game Cartridge for use with Atari Video Computer System Model 7800

The Final Offensive
 The enemy has been driven back to its treacherous
home turf, and like a she-wolf defending its den, they
would rather fight to the death than surrender.
 As Commander of an elite division of XT-87 attack
vehicles, you must penetrate their defenses, and
triumph despite the enemy�s valiant, suicidal last stand.
 Your only route to capturing the enemy flag lies
through their most heavily fortified sector, and as you
advance, the danger and potential of death increases.
They�re waiting for you with everything they�ve got!
 The terrain is covered with pillboxes, heavy artillery,
and invisible tank traps. Watch out! Enemy tanks and
armored vehicles appear from every direction. Suicide
squads of infantry equipped with LAW (Lightweight
Anti-tank Weapons) wait in ambush, and surprise air
attacks threaten your every move.

Fuel and Ammo
 Your tanks come equipped with 50 rounds of ammo, a
full tank of gas, and the ability to move in any of eight
directions. Zero in on your targets by aligning your
cannon, choosing the appropriate range/energy level,
and letting fly! Your battle screen tracks your progress,
with ammo and fuel indicators on the upper right, and
an energy firing level which you set yourself on the
bottom right. The left button on your control stick sets
your range, and the right button fires your shells.
 If you lose a tank, the next one appears in its place,
with a full rack of ammo and a full tank of fuel. If you
run out of fuel, you can still fire, but otherwise you�re a
sitting duck, unable to maneuver.
 You have seven tanks, and a limited supply of fuel
and ammo. As you accumulate bonus points, you earn
fresh tanks. Because you are deep in enemy territory,
you can resupply your current tank�s fuel and ammo
only by capturing enemy supply dumps. These appear
as flashing icons on your computer screen rangefinder.

Tank Traps
 Tank traps have been cleverly camouflaged - you
won�t know one�s there until you�re in it! The only way
out is back the way you came, even though the enemy
may be closing in on you.

 You must pass through three levels of difficulty to
achieve your primary target - capturing the enemy
flag. As you advance through the devastation and
destruction of Levels 2 and 3 and near the enemy
capital, you will face increasing amounts of firepower.
Air attacks, artillery barrages, and missile silos will
rain death upon you. The enemy has concentrated their
forces around their flag, and with their backs against
the wall, attacks come with a desperate fury!
 Victory depends upon your quick wits, planning, and
accuracy. Good luck!

Getting Started
 Set up your 7800 system properly, according to the instructions.
 Make sure the system is off.
 Place the Tank Command TM cartridge in the game slot with its label
facing away from the front panel buttons.
 Switch the system on. The Tank Command title screen will appear.
 To begin your assault, press the left joystick button.
This will start the game from the title screen, or restart
it after the game is over.
 The RESET button resets the game to the title screen.
 The PAUSE button freezes the game until you press it again.
 You get seven tanks to begin with, and the game always begins
in Level 1. If the enemy destroys one of your tanks, the next one
takes its place, until you lose all your tanks or reach the end
of Level 3, victorious.

 High Score     Indicates highest score since the game was first turned on.

 Score          Indicates current score of the player while a game is
                in progress, or the last game played.

 Ammo           How many shells the player has left.

 Fuel           Indicates fuel level. At E, for empty, the tank loses
                all maneuverability.

 Tanks          The number of reinforcement tanks remaining.

 Level          Indicates current level. Level 1 is easiest, and the
                game always begins here. Level 2 is significantly more
                difficult and the action more lethal and frenzied.
                Only the best can survive Level 3.

 Your score is displayed in the upper left hand corner of the battle
screen. You accumulate points by destroying enemy resources with direct
hits by your shells or, in some cases, by capturing them with your vehicle.

 Pillbox        4 shells to destroy, 1,600 points.

 Enemy Tank     Hit with shell, 1,000 points. Hit with tank, no points and
                destroys both.

 Hut            2 shells to destroy, 800 points each hit.

 Enemy Jeep     Hit with shell, 4,000 points. Hit with tank (destroys both),
                1,000 points.

 LAW Infantry   Hit with tank, 800 points. Hit with shell, 1,600 points.

 Fuel Dump      Hit with tank, 400 points and refuels tank. Hit with shell,
                4,000 points.

 Ammo Dump      Hit with tank, 400 points and rearms tank depending on
                current level:
                               Level 1 - 50 shells
                               Level 2 - 35 shells
                               Level 3 - 25 shells
                Hit with shell, 1,600 points.

 Missile Silo   Hit with shell, 1,400 points.

 Building       6 shells to destroy, 3,000 points.

 Flag           Ends game (end of Level 3). Hit with tank, 100,000 points.
                Impervious to shells. If fuel runs out while near the flag,
                the game ends and no bonus is awarded.

 The LAW Infantry come at you with suicidal, insensate zeal.
Aim for their feet, otherwise their armored flak jackets may deflect
your shells. Drugged and frenzied, they feel no pain!
 Watch your fuel indicator closely. If your fuel runs out, your tank
is easy pickings.
 You have a minimal amount of fuel and ammo, enough for victory but
with little margin for error. The success of your mission depends on
wisely using your resources, and seizing enemy supplies when you can.
But be quick - the enemy will destroy its own dumps to keep them out
of your hands if you give them the chance, and that can leave you
stranded later on. Make sure you fire your shells with the right amount
of range/energy (set with the left joystick button, in eight incremental
levels, displayed on the bottom right of the battle screen). Overshooting
or undershooting an enemy tank or fortification can be a fatal mistake, as
well as reducing your effective firepower.

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