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Evolution: Dino Dudes - Atari - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Evolution: Dino Dudes Manual
Evolution: Dino Dudes


Congratulation on joining the species! Unfortunately, you're a little late, so 
you have to begin at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder. But you won't be 
there for long - if you can manage to muscle your way to the top. Otherwise, 
your species won't survive long enough to come up with all those great 
inventions like rock'n roll video games and double cheeseburgers. Fortunately, 
you're not alone - you've got a tribe of fellow-morons to help, or hinder you.

Good luck, Dude! The future of mankind rests on you and your hairy teammates.


1. Insert your JAGUAR Dino Dudes cartridge into the cartridge slot of your 
   JAGUAR 64-bit Interactive Multimedia System.

2. Press the POWER button.

3. Press a fire button to discontinue the Title Screens.


Here you can change your options by walking up to the sign and pressing a fire 
button or by following the arrow sign to enter a code or start the game.

MUSIC ON/OFF    Lets you turn the background music on or off.
                This works the same as pressing the [0] button.

LEVEL           Lets you select the difficulty level. Choices are Easy, Normal 
                and Hard. On the Easy setting, you start with 12 Dino Dudes and 
                lots of time for each level. On the Normal setting, you start 
                with 10 Dino Dudes and less time, but you get more points for 
                just finishing a level. On the Hard setting, you start with 8 
                Dino Dudes and so little time that you will really have to 
                search for the fastest way to finish a level. However, you do 
                get more points than you do on the Easy and Normal settings...

ENTER CODE      Walk past this sign to get to the pass code entry screen. Here 
                you can enter your pass code using the Joypad to highlight a 
                letter, [<-] for backspace, [SP] for a space, [AC] for all 
                clear, or [LP] for last password. Last password recalls the 
                password for the last level played even if the game is turned 
                off. Press a fire button to enter the letter, and end by 
                selecting OK.

START GAME      Walk past this sign to begin a game.                

KEYPAD CONFIG   Press a fire button to display the Keypad Config select screen. 
                Press any direction on the Joypad to toggle between 
                configuration 1 and 2. Press a fire button to return to the
                selection screen.



A   Activates Power Bar
B   Activates an action selected on the Action Bar
C   Select action on the Action Bar


A   Activate action selected on the Action Bar and Active Power Bar
B   Select action on the Action Bar
C   Select next Dino Dude



LEFT   Walk Left
RIGHT  Walk Right
UP     Climb up rope, ladder or stack. If none is available, stack.
DOWN   Climb down rope, ladder or stack. If none is available, pick up or drop 
       an object.

Pauses game.
While in Pause Mode you may press the A Button to display the music volume 
slider and the B Button to display the sound effects volume slider. When a 
volume slider is displayed, press the Joypad Left or Right to change the 

Calls up the Continue/Restart Level option box.


1-9   Select a tribesman. For example, if you have five Dudes on a level, then
      1-5 each select a different tribesman.
*     Next Dino Dude

#     Previous Dino Dude

0     Instantly toggles the music on and off

* & # Resets game

Keypad configuration, Last Level played, Volume and High Score information are 
retained in the cartridge even if you have turned off your Jaguar 64-bit 
Interactive Multimedia System. The cartridge will store up to 100,000 changes. 
After 100,000 changes have been recorded, no more changes will be retained. To 
clear the currently saved changes, press *, option and # while on the selection 



When you begin play, you'll find your Dino Dudes waiting - aimless and bored - 
around the level. Don't be misled - each is a prehistoric power-house ready to 
make it through evolution. To succeed, you have to learn to control several 
Dino Dudes to work together as a team. It takes precision and teamwork to 
master the difficult task of survival. After all, becoming the dominant species 
isn't easy - especially with all those hungry dinosaurs roaming around out 


Depending on the level, you'll have up to eight Dino Dudes to control. Press 
the corresponding number on the keypad to select any of the individual Dino 
Dudes. Once selected, all further commands will be carried out by that Dino 
Dude until you select another. You may also select members of the tribe by 
pressing * or # on the keypad.


Walking is the easy part. To walk left or right, move the Joypad to the Left or 
Right. To climb a ladder or a rope or a stack of Dino Dudes, move the Joypad Up 
to climb up; Joypad Down to climb down.


The basic Dino Dude has only two functions: "Picking Up Stuff" and "Forming A 
Ladder" (Stacking). The basis Dino Dude is so proud of these achievements that 
they have been carved in stone at the foot of the screen (the Action Bar). To 
select an action, keep pressing th C Button until the action you want has a red 
box around it.


Once you have chosen an item to pick up, you must move your Dino Dude over the 
object, either select the Pick-Up icon using the C Button and press the B 
Button (or Down on the Joypad) to pick up the item. When your Dino Dude picks 
up the item, the Action Bar will display a new set of icons for you to choose 
from, offering a range of actions possible with your new item. You may only 
carry one item at a time. You can drop an item by pressing Down on the Joypad, 
or by selecting the DROP icon using the C Button, then pressing the B Button.


Your Dino Dudes' other basic function is "Stacking." Stacking occurs when you 
stack your Dino Dudes on the top of one another to form ladders. Ladders are 
useful for moving up and down through the levels. Either select the STACKING 
icon and press B, or simply push the Joypad Up to put the Dino Dude into the 
stacking position - both arms raised above his head. Then select another Dino 
Dude and bring him in front of the first Dino Dude, and push the Joypad Up to 
make him climb on top of the first Dino Dude. This process can be repeated to 
build impressive multi-Dude stacks and obtain otherwise out-of-reach items.

TAKE CARE! When you begin to build your stack, particularly if it's going to be 
a tall one, make sure that your bottom Dino Dude is close enough to the base of
the step you wish to climb. If you're too far away to start with, your top Dino 
Dude may not be able to make the step from the top of the stack onto the ledge.


On their journey through evolution, your Dino Dudes will discover various tools 
to help them reach the goal for that level. Each tool has its own use and 
separate icon set that appears when you pick the tool up:


Spears are useful items and are one of the first objects your Dino Dudes will 
discover. Spears are not only useful for killing things, they have many other 
uses as well.


Select the THROW icon and press the B Button. Your Dino Dude will now be 
holding the spear above his head, ready to throw. At this point it's a good 
idea to check if your Dino Dude is facing the right direction. If he is not, 
pull the Joypad Down - your Dino Dude will then return to the holding position 
and you can turn him in the direction you wish to throw. Now that you have your 
Dino Dude in position, you can vary the trajectory by selecting from three 
different starting angles. For example: if your Dino Dude is facing to the 
left, by pressing the Joypad to the Right, you can make your Dino Dude throw 
progressively higher, depending on the type of throw you wish him to make.

To throw the spear, hold down the A Button on your Joypad - the Action Bar will 
then turn into a Power Bar - and release the A Button to launch the spear. The
Power Bar expands lengthwise, depending on the power of the throw required: for 
a short throw, release just as the bar begins to expand. For a longer/higher
throw, let the bar grow longer before releasing the fire button.


Use the spear to vault over chasms and other obstacles. Select the VAULT icon 
and press the B Button. Next, hold down the A Button and the Power Bar will 
appear at the bottom of the screen. As described in the "Throwing The Spear" 
section, gauge the power and release the A Button accordingly. If you wish to 
cancel the vault and return your Dino Dude to the holding position, press Down 
on the Joypad.


As your tribe progresses through evolution it will become apparent that the 
Dino Dudes are not going to get things the easy way. There are nasty dinosaurs 
who are out to get you. When you brandish your spear, position your Dino Dude 
carefully (like near a hungry dinosaur wanting to dine on your tribe), and your 
Dino Dude will now bravely brandish and keep the would-be "Dining-Dino" at bar 
until you command otherwise.


Assuming your tribe of mental midgets is progressing successfully along the 
evolutionary path, the next object they will discover will be the burning 
torch. Torches can be thrown and brandished like spears, but can also be used 
to burn things.


No point in having fire unless you can put it to good use, The BURN icon is 
most useful for setting fire to vegetation blocking your tribe's progress. 
Select the BURN icon and ignite the chosen object using the B Button. (A word 
of warning: fellow members are flammable, so be careful when your Dino Dude is 
waving his torch about!)


As you might expect, a rope comes in pretty handy when your Dino Dudes are 
climbing about all over the levels. You will find neat coils of rope dotted 
about on various platforms throughout the game. Using a rope can be much faster 
than running about trying to find a ladder, and may save your Dino Dudes from 
having to go through all sorts of complex maneuvers to get somehwere. You throw 
a rope just like you throw a spear.


First of all, make sure that your Dino Dude is close enough to the edge of a 
cliff for him to be able to lower the rope. Then select the RAISE/LOWER icon 
from the Action Bar and press the B Button. Your Dino Dude will then lower the 
rope over the edge. If he isn't close enough to the edge, he will only lower 
the rope to his toes. To pull the rope back up, use this icon again.


For a Dino Dude to climb down the rope, move your chosen Dino Dude over the 
rope and press the Joypad Down. To climb up the rope, move your Dino Dude over 
the rope and push the Joypad Up.


Of course, no Dino Dude could ever hope to evolve (or revolve for that matter!) 
without The Wheel, and so it is, that before too long you will come across the 
said "wheel."


To pick up the wheel, move your Dino Dude over the wheel and try to pick it up. 
Instead, since it is too heavy to lift, your Dino Dude will be perched, sitting 
on the wheel, ready to roll.


Once you have your Dino Dude mounted-up and mobile, you will probably be 
impressed with the uncanny ease with which your nominated Neanderthal can 
careen through the level. As he rolls downhill he will accelerate; as he rolls 
uphill his speed will drop. One of the useful functions of "wheel-riding" is 
that the wheel can be used to propel your Dino Dude across chasms and other 
obstacles. Wheelriding is simple and will, with practice, serve your tribe 

Make sure that you can get a good run at the obstacle which your Dino Dude 
wishes to cross. As he reaches the edge of the precipice, hold down the A 
Button to make the wheel jump. Remember: the longer you hold down the button, 
the longer the jump.


A Dino Dude can't lift a wheel, but he can push it by holding down the A Button 
with the wheel in front of him as he walks.


To dismount the wheel, release the joypad and press the B Button.


Every now and again your tribe members will come across stacks of stone blocks, 
blocking your progress. These barriers can be removed by having your tribe 
scout around the level to find a shallow depression. These depressions are 
switches connected to the block-stacks. Sometimes they come in bright happy 
colors, and sometimes they blend in and are hard to find. Using the tried-and-
tested Dino Dude system of trial and error, you can stack members of your tribe 
and/or objects on these depressions to make the stones disappear. To keep the 
way free though, you must keep your Dino Dudes/objects in place.


No tribe is really complete without a Witchdoctor, so from time to time, you 
will notice the mysterious appearance of this voodoo dude. Wearing a special 
skull-shaped mask, the Witchdoctor will blend into your tribe, posing as a 
fellow Dino Dude. He can perform all the routine Dino Dude actions but is 
unwilling to pick up and use any object found around the level. He is a 
dangerous dude - do not mess with him, by running over his toes with the wheel, 
for example, or the consequences could be dire.


The great thing about a Witchdoctor is his ability to cast spells and conjure 
up objects using magic. If you want your Witchdoctor to cast a spell and make a 
useful object magically appear out of thin air, you must make sure your 
Witchdoctor is in the right place where you want this object to appear. Having 
selected and moved the Witchdoctor, you will notice his icon set along the 
Action Bar. There will be a STACKING icon and other icons representing the 
objects which he can summon. Use the C Button to cycle through the icons until 
you reach the item you wish the Witchdoctor to produce, and press the B Button.

The Witchdoctor demands a heavy price for any object he summons from thin air: 
The sacrifice of a Dino Dude. In order for the magic to work, you must move 
another Dino Dude up alongside the Witchdoctor.


The object of the game is to complete the levels. To score well and win a place 
for your tribe in the "Top Ten," your tribe needs to complete the levels in the 
shortest possible time, with the largest possible number of tribe members.
Sound easy, huh?

Before starting each level, information about the goal for that level will be 
displayed in a box in the middle of the screen. This may be the simple message 
"Reach the Goal," or your tribe may be given a more specific task such as 
rescuing a hostage or discovering a new object. Once you have read the message, 
push the A Button to begin that particular level.


In order to reveal the goal's location, you have to move your Dino Dudes around 
the level. If your tribe's objective is to release a hostage, for example, or 
to discover fire, it's pretty obvious what these items will look like and you
should have no problem recognizing them.

On the other hand, if your level's message is: "Reach the Goal," you need to be 
able to recognize what a goal looks like.


The level's "Goal-Block" is a red or yellow switch on to which you have to move 
a Dino Dude to complete the level. Moving a Dino Dude on this "Goal-Block" and
waiting a second will stop the clock and end the level.


On some levels - next to the Goal-Block - you will find Bonus Plants - 
sometimes they are small pine trees and sometimes shrubs, but they are always 
plants. By placing extra Dino Dudes on these Bonus-Blocks, you'll earn extra 


In order to score points, your first objective must be to complete the level in 
the time allotted. At the bottom right of the screen on the other side of the 
Action Bar is another counter. This is your tribe's "extras" indicator, which 
lets you know how many spare tribe members you have at any time.

You are given three scores for completing each level:


The level score is calculated by taking the number of Dudes in your tribe, 
multiplying this by the level number and multiplying again by 10. There is an 
additional bonus multiplier for the Normal difficulty setting (x2) and Hard 
difficulty setting (x4). For example, if you finished level 10 with difficulty 
setting Easy and 8 Dudes left, you would have 8 (Dino Dudes) x 10 (level 
number) x 10, equaling a Level Score of 800.


If there are Bonus Plants available at the end of the level, for each Dino Dude 
you place on one of these plants, you receive 1000 points.


For each second remaining on the timer at the end of the level, you are awarded 
10 points. So if you finish a level with 50 seconds on the timer, you receive 
500 points.

If you managed to finish level 10 on the Easy difficulty setting with 8 Dino 
Dudes left, 2 Dudes on Bonus Plants and 50 seconds remaining on the clock, the 
score screen would display the following:

              Level Score:           800
              Level Bonus:          2000
              Time Bonus             500
              LEVEL TOTAL:          3300


You start out with a basic number of tribe members. But along the way you will 
pick up the odd new member, like when you rescue a hostage from the nasty 
neighboring tribe, for example. These are the poor guys who you will see tied 
up hollering "Help." They're pretty easy to spot and easy to free if you just 
keep an eye out for the bad guys. To free these unfortunates, just walk your 
Dino Dude past them. This will add to your scoring power as you build up your 

Building up your tribe is very important, as you are going to need all the 
members you can get. At the beginning of each level the "Party Screen" will 
tell you how many Dino Dudes you will need to start the level. Try not to waste
your Dino Dudes! If you have a surplus in your tribe, and you lose one in the 
level, he will automatically be replaced, but only up to the limit of Dino 
Dudes in your reserve.

You can use your spare Dino Dudes to sacrifice to the Witchdoctor. But 
sacrifice wisely: if you don't have enough Dino Dudes to begin the next level, 
your tribe will not be able to evolve.


There is often more than one way to solve a level; often when it seems 
necessary to sacrifice an additional Dino Dude, there is a way to avoid it.

The dinosaurs are very distracted when they are eating a tasty tidbit, like a 
Dino Dude. While they are eating, a Dino Dude might not be noticed even while 
walking right next to a dinosaur.

Some dinosaurs take a lot of hits to kill ...

Sometimes an object hides in the scenery. For instance, if you need a rope or 
spear and do not have a witchdoctor, check all of the ledges you have access to 
one more time; a rope or spear might be lurking at the bottom of a ladder or in 
the bushes.

Your pet dinosaur occasionally gets lost and you have to go find him. When this 
happens, you must pat him on the head and reassure him that everything's okay. 
You may have to follow him around for a short while before he calms down enough 
for this to be possible.

On some upper levels, it is necessary to accomplish more than one goal. For 
instance, it might be necessary to kill a dinosaur and then walk on the Goal-
Block, in that order. 


Designed and Developed by Imagitec Design Inc.
Producers:              John Skruch, Sean Patten
Associate Producer:     Juli Wade
Programmer:             Andrew Seed
Support Programmers:    Trevor Raynsford, Martin Randall
Graphics:               Tony Gascon, Pete Goldsmith, Shaun McClure, Ed Pearson,
                        Dave Severn, Slick, Andy Walker
Music:                  Ian Howe
Sound Effects:          Ted Tahquechi
Lead Tester:            Hans Jacobsen
Also Tested by:         Hank Cappa, Jeffrey Gatrall, Tom Gillen, Mark Hooley,
                        Andrew Keim, Sean Patten, Andrew Seed, Joe Sousa,
                        Ted Tahquechi, Faran Thomason, BJ West
Documentation:          Hans Jacobsen