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I-War - Atari - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

I-War Manual

It took 20 years to develop, but The Override Mainframe Supercomputer goes 
on-line exactly on schedule. Buried deep below a polar ice cap to keep its 
megaframe brain cool, its processing capability goes beyond any technology ever 
imagined. Before long, society begins to depend completely on The Override to 
handle the world information network, nicknamed The I-Way.

Override works for years without a glitch. Then, the problems start. Delays. 
Information transfer slows to a crawl, then stops. Viruses clog the I-Way, 
blocking information. Mutated databases create more viruses. Programs can't be 
written fast enough to stop The Override from what seems like inevitable 
self-destruction. A quick, powerful anti-virus craft must enter the circuits of 
the I-Way to destroy the mutant databases and information-clogging viruses.

You've been chosen to command the anti-virus tank through the I-Way. Eliminate 
the problems and pick up special tools and weapons to help you collect the 
viruses. Destroying the mutant databases and collecting data pods will allow 
you to destroy their core and stop the viruses from spreading. But, your 
enemies won't go away easily. They're programmed to attack anything that could 
impede their growth.

So, choose your tank, strap on your seatbelt and merge onto the I-Way. You are 
mankind's only hope.


1. Insert your I-WAR cartridge into the cartridge slot of your Jaguar 64-Bit 
   Interactive Multimedia System.

2. Press the Power button.

3. Press the A, B or C button to skip the title screens and briefing.

4. At the Main screen use the Joypad up and down to choose:
   Start a new game
   Load a saved game
   Defense Viewer: Press B, then press the Joypad left and right to view your 
                   enemy's strengths and resources
   Options: On the Options Control screen, press up or down on the Joypad to:
            Configure A, B, and C buttons -- Select, Fire and Special
            Difficulty level              -- Easy, Medium or Hard
            Main                          -- Return to the Main screen

5. Choose 1 player or 2 players.

6. Choose the speed, power and protection of your ship: Light, Medium or Heavy. 
   The heavier your tank, the slower it will move, but the shields will be 
   stronger and you'll have increased weapons capability.


Joypad up ............Move forward
Joypad down ..........Move backward
Joypad left ..........Turn left
Joypad right .........Turn right

Default Settings
A button .............Select: available weapons
B button .............Fire: active weapon
C button .............Special: active shields


Pauses the game, allows you to raise/lower music and sound effects volume

*, #                Restart


Keypad #           Description
--------           -----------

   1               First Person
   2               Third Person, far behind
   3               Third Person, mid behind
   4               Third Person, close behind
   5               Distance View, above, side
   6               Auto-Targeting on/off
   7               Map
   8               Textures on/off


Tank configuration, last mission, volume, controls and high-score information 
are retained in the cartridge even if you have turned off your Jaguar 64-Bit 
Interactive Multimedia System. The cartridge will store up to 100,000 changes. 
After 100,000 changes have been recorded, no more changes will be retained. To 
clear the currently saved changes, press *, option, and # while on the Control 
Options screen. 


On each level (node) you will find database pods, powerups and advanced 
weapons. These will help you attack The Override Mainframe System Defense 
Forces and mutant databases, increase your energy and provide for more 
intelligent fire power. Pick up items by driving over them. While collecting, 
watch out. Enemies are aggressive and are out to get you. So watch out...they 
can and will do damage to your craft. When your tank's energy level reaches 
zero, that's it. You're destroyed.

On each level you'll find a Teleporter pad that, when driven over, will 
transport you to another challenging field. You must collect all of the 
required data pods in order to enter and attack the mutant database and go on 
to the next level. After 20 gruelling leves, you have to destroy the boss 
database by overloading it with viruses and save humankind.


Found on various levels to assist in your mission

A.I. Drone
   Artificial Intelligence droid that assists in attacking the enemy

Auto Targeting
   Makes better use of the cross-hair firing for more accurate shooting

Mark 1 Lasers
   Basic single shot, your tank is equipped with Mark 1 Lasers automatically

Mark 2 Lasers
   Dual shots for more destructive fire pwoer

Shield Unit
   Activates shield around tank for a short period of time

Mine Layer
   Lay down mines for the enemies to find

Missile Launcher
   A limited number used to guide in for the kill

Plasma Cannon
   Chargeable amplified proton shot

   Provides a map of the room so you can see where you and your enemies are

Rear Gun
   Switch to rear gun to kill enemies from behind

   Some levels have on and off switches. When activated, they'll help you use
   Jumpers and Teleporters, open doors, and allow you to find hidden or 
   hard-to-get data pods. Activate these by shooting them to the on and off
   positions - green is off, red is on. Some switches don't last long, so act 
   quickly. Use these switches whenever possible, because you never know what 
   you'll find!

MK 2-3 Upgrades
   Add additional fire power to weapons and radar.


Craft: Alpha Mobile Launcher
Speed: 68%   Aggression: 78%   Fire Power: 67%   Shield: 68%

Craft: Atomic Guardian
Speed: 60%   Aggression: 97%   Fire Power: 89%   Shield: 56%

Craft: Beta Mobile Launcher
Speed: 83%   Aggression: 86%   Fire Power: 89%   Shield: 75%

Craft: Bouncing Wallis
Speed: 36%   Aggression: 30%   Fire Power: 00%   Shield: 37%

Craft: Crystal Tank
Speed: 75%   Aggression: 88%   Fire Power: 89%   Shield: 92%

Craft: Diamond Tank
Speed: 83%   Aggression: 93%   Fire Power: 89%   Shield: 92%

Craft: Emerald Tank
Speed: 97%   Aggression: 95%   Fire Power: 94%   Shield: 97%

Craft: Gemstone Tank
Speed: 66%   Aggression: 84%   Fire Power: 72%   Shield: 71%

Craft: Lancaster Bomber
Speed: 89%   Aggression: 59%   Fire Power: 58%   Shield: 68%

Craft: Lion Launcher
Speed: 00%   Aggression: 73%   Fire Power: 69%   Shield: 56%

Craft: Nuclear Gun Tower
Speed: 00%   Aggression: 94%   Fire Power: 79%   Shield: 58%

Craft: Opal Tank
Speed: 58%   Aggression: 80%   Fire Power: 68%   Shield: 60%

Craft: Panther Launcher
Speed: 00%   Aggression: 77%   Fire Power: 84%   Shield: 62%

Craft: Patriot Mine
Speed: 00%   Aggression: 00%   Fire Power: 00%   Shield: 99%

Craft: Tau Phase Shifter
Speed: 49%   Aggression: 59%   Fire Power: 00%   Shield: 37%

Craft: Tiger Launcher
Speed: 00%   Aggression: 69%   Fire Power: 57%   Shield: 48%

Craft: Tomahawk Mine Layer
Speed: 46%   Aggression: 85%   Fire Power: 48%   Shield: 59%

Craft: Tomcat Homer
Speed: 78%   Aggression: 63%   Fire Power: 00%   Shield: 46%

Craft: Trundler
Speed: 69%   Aggression: 89%   Fire Power: 98%   Shield: 88%

Craft: Wellington Dropship
Speed: 86%   Aggression: 63%   Fire Power: 00%   Shield: 72%

CrafT: Wellington Droptank
Speed: 57%   Aggression: 89%   Fire Power: 67%   Shield: 74%


Energy Remaining    Regenerations available    Score    Weapons

Databases                              Node location	Datapods


A: Faster
B: Regular Speed
C: Slower


* Watch your energy level.
* Collect powerup batteries when low on energy.
* Doing well on the bonus levels will award you with extra lives.
* Watch out for air attacks. The enemy is always out to get you!


Executive Producer:		John Skruch
Producer:			Ted Tahquechi
Lead Tester:			Eric D. Riley
Testers:			Bill Woods, Eric Johnson, Morgan Weiss, 
                                Tal Funke-Bilu, Hank Cappa
Marketing Product Manager:	Jeanne Winding
Creative Services:		Greg LaBrec, Trish Ward, Beeline Group

I-War Imagitec Design, 1995
Programmed by:			Karl Vest & Andrew Seed
Graphics by:			Andy Noble, Karl Vest & Andrew Seed
Designed by:			Emerson Best
Levels by:			Emerson Best, Karl Vest & Andrew Seed
Produced by:			Bill Newsham
Music by:			Imagitec