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Attack of the Mutant Penguins - Atari - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Attack of the Mutant Penguins Manual
Attack of the Mutant Penguins


It's fairly well known fact that the Earth's television transmissions bounce 
around the atmosphere and off satellites positioned around the Earth's orbit. 
Some of these signals are beamed far into space where they could, potentially, 
be picked up by aliens. What? You don't believe in aliens? You better think 
again. The Earth is being threatened by something, and it's sure not human...

It all started in the far off galaxy of "Bleurgggh" (Nebula Quadrant), where an 
evil race of slimy green (but reasonably stupid) aliens were monitoring the 
Earth's transmissions.

Unfortunately for them but lucky for us, they tuned in only at a specific time 
to a specific television channel and picked up The Wildlife Show. After 
watching a few shows, they disguised themselves as the obviously dominant 
species on Earth - the penguin.

Soon after landing on Earth they realized they had made a mistake. It was 
unlikely that a penguin could infiltrate the human race and become President, 
so a rethink was in order. They decided to disguise themselves yet again, as 

So, to recap, we have slimy green aliens disguised as penguins, disguised as 
humans, trying to invade the Earth. Of course, they had to improvise a bit on 
the new disguises. As a result, the disguises fool nobody!

When Earth penguins found out about this slur on their integrity, they were not 
happy and now they're out to set the record straight. Woe to any alien penguin 
who meets a good penguin. He'll be in for a fight!

Word of the Earth's plight has also reached those champions of intergalactic 
do-goodery, Bernard and Rodney. This dynamic duo is a legend throughout the 
known universe. You don't mess with these boys. Bernard is a demon with a 
frying pan and Rodney kicks butt with a baseball bat. In case you haven't 
figured out, Bernard doesn't cook and Rodney can't play baseball. They use 
their accessories on other ways!


The object of Attack of the Mutant Penguins is to get rid of the alien and 
mutant penguins any way you can. The aliens have brought a terrible weapon of 
destruction - the Doomscale - with them, and you must use Bernard or Rodney to 
stop them from activating it. You can arm Rodney with baseball bats, super-
clubs and torch-breath or arm Bernard with frying pans, electric pans, 
boomerang pans and give him Samurai powers. You can also use dynamite, glue, 
and of course, the Machines!

That's right, you don't have to kill all the alien penguins personally. You can 
build and activate various lethal-to-penguin machines such as the Spike-
Shafter, the Chopper and the Grabansling to do it for you. You'll also get help
from the good Earth penguins (hooray!) occasionally. Let them roam the pathways 
looking for a fight and you'll soon get one of they meet a bad guy. Oh yeah, 
please try not to kill the good guys accidentally. The machines and weaponry 
are just as lethal to them!

Good penguins will also try to reach the Doomscale because they can counteract 
the effect of the alien penguins, so let them through if you can.

In short, kill the alien penguins, don't kill the good penguins. Stop the alien 
penguins from reaching the Doomscale, but try to let the good penguins reach 



1. Insert your Attack of the Mutant Penguins cartridge into the cartridge slot 
   of your Jaguar 64-Bit Interactive Multimedia System.

2. Press the Power button.

3. Press the B button to start a game, or the A button for Pandemonium.


If you select Pandemonium, be prepared for a never-ending battle. Those alien 
penguins never stop coming. Pandemonium levels are a great place to practice 
your technique and bash a bunch o'aliens. There are four different Pandemonium 
levels to choose from.



Choose from Normal, Tricky or Wicked.


When you begin playing Attack of the Mutant Penguins, you start at level one. 
Once you complete the first five levels you can choose the level you would like
to start on. The maximum level number you can choose will depend on how many 
levels you have previously completed. After every five levels, you can opt to 
start on any level below that set of five levels or on the sixth level. After 
ten levels you can start on any level between one and ten, or on eleven. Press 
left or right on the Joypad to choose the level you want to start on and press 
the A, B or C button to start your game. 


Press the Option button to configure the A, B and C buttons on your Joypad.


Press left or right on the Joypad to choose Bernard or Rodney. Press the A, B 
or C button to make your selection.


The default settings for Attack of the Mutant Penguins are listed here. You can 
customize your buttoms by using the Option menu.

JOYPAD   - Move character around the screen.

A BUTTON - Drop Gremlins and flip switches. Hold to display current number of 
           Gremlins being carried.

B BUTTON - Use weapon (if collected).

C BUTTON - Use special item (dynamite, glue, instant build).

* AND #  - Reset the game.

PAUSE    - Pauses the game. While you are paused you can adjust the following 

Music Volume

Press the A button to get to the Music Volume screen, then press left or right 
on the Joypad to change the volume. Press the A button again to go back to the 
Pause screen.

Sound Effects

Press the B button to get to the Sound Effects Volume screen, then press left 
or right on the Joypad to make your volume change. Press the B button again to 
go back to the Pause screen.

Game Options

Press the C button to adjust the Game Options. Press up or down on the Joypad 
to select Peek Mode, Level Reset or Tutorial and press right or left on the 
Joypad to turn them on or off.

Peek Mode:

Allows you to look at the general layout of a level before you start playing.

Level Reset:

Allows you to restart a level if you've made a mistake instead of losing the 
game and going back to level one.


Helps you learn your way around the game. It will activate the first time you 
come across a new feature.

Press the C button again to go back to the Pause screen.

Joypad Setup

Press the Option button to get to this area. Press the Joypad up and down to 
alter the Game Button Setup. Press the Option button again to exit.

The options take effect as soon as you un-pause the game. If you have selected 
Level Reset, you will be asked to confirm this. Press A to confirm or B to 


High scores, game settings and highest levels are retained in the cartridge 
even if you have turned off your Jaguar 64-Bit Interactive Multimedia System. 
The cartridge will store up to 100,000 changes. After 100,000 changes have been
recorded, no more changes will be retained. To clear currently saved changes, 
press *,# and Option while on the Attack of the Mutant Penguins title screen.


Every level starts in Peek mode (unless you have turned it off). This allows 
you to scroll around the map, using your Joypad, to see where most things are. 
Press any Fire button when you are ready to start.

Start going after Gremlins as soon as you exit Peek mode. Simply walk into the 
Gremlins, or anything else that's collectable, to pick them up. The Gremlins 
are a bit harder to collect than most things. They'll try to escape your 

Your character must gather the letters of his weapon (P.A.N. for Bernard or 
B.A.T. for Rodney) before he can use it. You'll find the letters inside bonus 
chests. Once you have your weapon, it can be powered up with certain bonuses, 
usually by collecting power orbs. When a penguin is hit, it releases five 
powers orbs. Every time you collect a power orb, the Power Bar (top right of 
screen) is increased. If you collect five powers orbs in a row, without using 
your weapon, you will receive a weapon upgrade. If you collect ten power orbs 
it will get a double upgrade. Once a weapon has been upgraded, the powerup 
usually lasts for a set number of uses.

To open bonus chests or build machines, drop Gremlins on them. This is done by 
walking up to the chest or machine and pressing the Drop (A button default) 
button. You will drop one Gremlin each time you press the button.

You can also use the Drop button to operate switches. No Gremlins are required 
to use switches, and none will be dropped.


From time to time you may pick up a special bonus. These items are used by 
pressing the Special (C is default) button.


Start machines or open chests. Work the same way as Gremlins except that you 
use the Special button instead of the Drop button.

Instant Builds

Build machines immediately, without dropping Gremlins on them. Works the same 
way as Gremlins except that you use the Special button instead of the Drop 

Exactly what it sounds like. Use it to blow up alien penguins.


Leave a sticky trail that will stop penguins from moving for a short time. 
Press the Special button and move your character to lay the trail.

You can only carry one special item at a time. If you collect a special item 
before you use the one you alrady have, it will cancel the existing item.


The top left of the screen displays a counter with the number of alien penguins 
currently invading the level. You mission is to defeat them all, so when the 
counter reaches zero, you win! The counter also displays the number of Gremlins 
you are carring (hold down the Drop button).

There is a Power Bar at the top right of the screen. It shows the number of 
Power Orbs you have collected (see Playing the Game). When the player has a 
special item, such as dynamite, it will also be displayed in this area.

Here's a list of some of the things you will find in almost every level. 


Your chosen character, Bernard or Rodney, will be in the center of your screen. 
Other areas of the level will scroll into view when you move your character.


These guys are on your side. Try to let the good penguins reach the Doomscale. 
If there are enough of them to outweigh the Mutant penguins, the Doomscale 
won't go off. Good Penguins are not disguised and will fight any alien penguin 
they come across.


These are the bad guys. They'll be dressed up in some sort of costume - 
Cowboys, Indians, Musketeers, Juliet! Kill them all!


These are the real mean ones. Large, slimy, green and hard as nails, they are 
more difficult to kill. They are also three times heavier than non mutant alien 
penguins. Be sure to kill them before they get to the Doomscale. Most Mutants
stem from the Mutation Station.


These little blue fellows are your greatest allies, without them you can't open 
bonus chests or build machines. You must collect Gremlins and drop them onto 
broken machines to build them ore on bonus chests to open them. The basic rule 
with Gremlins is that you drop them one at a time so you can control how many 
Gremlins to place on any one machine. The more Gremlins you drop on a machine, 
the faster it will be built.


This is the largest thing on a level and is fairly easy to spot! It operates 
like a weighing scale and has space for good penguins on the left and mutant 
penguins on the right. There is a large button to the right of the machine. If 
the mutant penguins outweight the good penguins, this button will be pressed, 
all hell will break loose, and your game will be over. Some levels will start 
with the scales empty, and some will start with a set number of good penguins 
already on the scales.

Hint: You can increase the number of good penguins on the scale at the start of 
      a level by doing well in the bonus rounds.


The Mutation Station is not on every level. It looks like three towers and a 
ticket machine. When you are playing a level with the Mutation Station on it, 
the alien penguins wil try to get to it before heading for the Doomscale. If an
alien penguin reaches the Mutation Station, it will take a ticket from the 
ticket machine and then wander between the towers. It will then be zapped by 
bolts of lightning and will mutate back to its true form - a Mutant Penguin!


Machines are different on each level. Every level contains one or more 
machines. Some machines are to help the penguins (boo hiss), some are switch 
operated, and some must be built by Gremlins. Some machines break down quickly, 
while others last a bit longer. The machines have a kill rate between 25-100%.

Hint: Different bonuses (including letters) will appear if a lot of gremlins 
      are used to build a machine.


Switches are simply on/off devices. They control Signposts, Barries and 
Machines. Some switches control only one device, but others control several 
devices. In most cases, a switch controls one or two signposts.


Signposts are followed by all penguins and can be used to redirect them. Some 
signposts are permanent and can't be altered, others are flipped via a switch.


Barriers are another switch-operated device. They are raised or lowered to 
prevent or allow progress along a pathway.


Player bridges can only be used by Rodney or Bernard, the penguins cannot use 
them. They are operated by pressure and activate when Rodney or Bernard start 
walk on them. They are deactivated by waling off the end of the bridge.


Bonus chests contain many goodies for the player, including the letters to 
obtain his weapon. They are opened by dropping Gremlins on them. When they 
explode, they reveal a bonus. (See Bonuses for details).


Game Code:                 Wayne Smithson, Paul Hoggart, Mark Robinson
Animation:                 Dan Cartwright
Background Art:            Andrew Hanson
Level Design:              Wayne Smithson, Paul Hoggart, Dan Cartwright
Audio Driver:              Attention to Detail
Music & FX:                Cogent Productions
Project Management:        Wayne Smithson, Alistair Bodin, Darryl Still
Atari Europe Production:   Darryl Still, Alistair Bodin
Atari U.S. Production:     Rob Powers
Lead Tester:               Nathan Tan
Testers:                   Jennifer Vernon, Phil B. Gelber, Harry Kinney, 
                           Grant Collier, Morgan Weiss
U.K. Testers:              Iain Laskey, Daniel Laskey, Peter Bodin, 
                           Lee Gledhill, Dickie & Glen
With Thanks to:            Dave Perry, Kate Francis
Marketing Product Manager: Jeanne Winding
Creative Services:         Greg LaBrec, Diana Bredfeldt, designworks