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Asterix manual - Atari Age

The year is 50 B.C. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, almost entirely... There is one Gaulish village, located near the Roman outposts of Totorum, Aquarium, Laudanum, and Compendium, that has resisted the Roman legions. According to reports from Roman spies, the villagers are led by two Gaulish heroes - Asterix and Obelix.

The first hero, Asterix, is a shrewd little warrior with a quick mind and a large moustache. Asterix gets his superhuman strength from a magic potion brewed by the village Druid, Getafix.

The other hero is Asterix's remarkably strong and hungry friend, Obelix. Obelix has a healthy appetite for wild boar, and is always ready for a good fight with the Romans.

These two valiant heroes aren't afraid of anything. Except... well, except for one thing. The off-key tunes from the lyre of Cacofonix, the village bard, can make them retreat faster than a Roman can say "Veni, Vidi, Vici"!


Julius Caesar, on the advice of his chief advisor, Caius Ludicrus, sent fresh troops to capture the upstart Gauls. The news spread quickly to the villagers, who (after a quick celebration) readied themselves for the fight. The battle was, as usual, a Roman disaster.

After the fight was over, Asterix went scrambling through the wreckage, looking for mementos to give Obelix on his upcoming birthday. While Asterix was busy looking for Roman helmets, lamps, and shields, Obelix was wandering around looking for (what else?) food.


Your job is to help Asterix and Obelix collect as many objects as possible, while avoiding Cacofonix's deadly lyres.

You begin the game with three lives. Each time Asterix or Obelix touches a lyre, you lose a life. You earn points for every object touched, and a bonus life at 10,000, 30,000, 50,000, 80,000, 110,000 points, and every 40,000 points thereafter.

Eight groups of objects appear in the game. Asterix collects cauldrons of magic potion, helmets, shields, and lamps. Obelix collects apples, fish, wild boar legs, and mugs of his favorite drink. After you collect fifty of one object, the next group of objects appears.

A surprise object appears after the third time Obelix collects mugs - if you can stay alive that long!


After Asterix finishes collecting lamps the game pauses and the words OBELIX WAVE appear on the screen. This is a warning that from this point on, the objects will move faster.


OBJECT (for Asterix) POINTS
Cauldron: 50
Helmet: 100
Shield: 200
Lamp: 300
OBJECT (for Obelix) POINTS
Apple: 400
Fish: 500
Wild Boar Leg: 500
Mug: 500
Surprise Object: 500


Be sure your controllers are firmly plugged into the jacks on your console. For one-player games, plug your controller into the left controller jack. Hold the controller with the red button to your upper left, toward the television screen.


Use the GAME SELECT switch to choose either a one- or two-player game variation.

Press GAME RESET to return to the initial game screen.

Press the button on your left controller to start the game.

The DIFFICULTY switches are not used in this game.

Note: Always turn the console POWER switch OFF when inserting or removing an ATARI Game Program(TM) cartridge. This will protect the electronic components and prolong the life of your ATARI 2600(TM) Video Computer System(TM) game.