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Bubsy: Fractured Furry Tails - Atari - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Bubsy Manual
Bubsy   In: Fractured Furry Tales


What's happened to the fairy tales ? They're all messed up! Only our brave 
bobcat, Bubsy, can protect the world's kids from these silly stories and 
tangled-up tales.

Help Bubsy leap and bound his way through 15 frantic chapters of furry fun. 
During his adventure through Fairytaleland, Bubsy attends a twisted tea party, 
climbs a giant beanstalk, goes 20,000 leagues under the sea, heads to Ali 
Baba's home desert and even meets Hansel and Gretel, all with plenty of hidden 
rooms and platform puzzles for you to solve.

Watch out for sneaky cactuses, the bell-bottom clad giant, pesky 5 ton weight-
carrying vultures and pie throwing machines.

Will kids go to bed every night with warped visions of sugarplums dancing in 
their heads, or can Bubsy save the day by setting the fairy tales straight?


1. Insert your JAGUAR Bubsy In Fractured Furry Tales cartridge into the 
   cartridge slot of your JAGUAR 64-bit Interactive Multimedia System.

2. Press the POWER Button.

3. Press the B Button to skip through the Title Screens.

4. Or, press the Option Button to go to the Options Menu.

If for any reason your cartridge does not load, or you only see a red screen, 
refer to the warranty information included with your JAGUAR cartridge.


In the Game Options menu, press the Joypad UP/DOWN to highlight your choice, 
then press LEFT/RIGHT to scroll through the selections.

Choose the number of players you'd like to play with. Select from 1 Player, 
2 Players 2 Pads, or 2 Players 1 Pad.

Adjust the Joypad Button configuration.

The Defaults are:
C Button: Look
B Button: Jump
A Button: Glide

See the names of all the people who brought this game to you.

If you received a passcode after completing a level, enter it here. To start at 
the following level use the keypad to input your numbers then press the A, B or 
C Button to confirm your passcode.

To begin the chapter you've selected (default is Chapter 1), highlight this 
selection, then press the A, B or C Button.


PAUSE: Pauses the game

When you pause the game you can adjust the music and sound volumes. Press the B 
Button to adjust the sound volume. Press the A Button to adjust the music 

UP    Look up.
DOWN  Duck down.
RIGHT Start to walk to the right. If you hold the Joypad to the right, 
      Bubsy will run to the right.
LEFT  Start to walk to the left. If you hold the pad to the left, Bubsy will 
      run to the left.

* + # Resets the game.

"0" Key turns the music off.


C Button + LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN Stands still and looks around (very useful for 
finding out where enemies are). Bubsy may see where an enemy is without the 
enemy seeing where he is.

B Button High Jump.
To perform Bubsy's highest jump, you must hold down the B Button. The jump's 
height will depend upon Bubsy's speed when the jump is started and finished.

A Button Jump Glide.
Press the A Button to do a much smaller jump. Hold down the A Button to make 
Bubsy glide.

NOTE: Bubsy can jump very high and glide for long distances, but to use these 
abilities to their fullest, he must be running very fast when he performs a 
jump and then turn it into a glide at the very peak of Bubsy's height.


Bubsy's freaky fairy tale takes place in 5 different worlds with 3 levels each. 
But Bubsy better be careful - there are lots of enemies waiting for him.


Alice's Wonderland has been turned topsy-turvy. It's no tea party for Bubsy - 
he's got to dodge mohawk-headed flamingos, mad march hares, Tweedle Dum and 
Tweedle Dummer, and spear-wielding playing cards as he journeys through the 
looking glass.

Is Bubsy insane enough to face the Mad Hatter?


The sales clerk told him they would grow pretty flowers! The world of the 
Beanstalk is a unfortunate result of some magic beans Bubsy bought on a whim. 
Bubsy must climb to the top of the out-of-control shrub to find a mysterious 

But the castle's owner doesn't like uninvited visitors! And he's not the type 
you want to argue with - he's got some huge shoes to fill.


Is it real or a mirage? Bubsy heads for the land of pyramids and camels in the 
heart of the ancient Middle East. Oh, the riches he'll find. But in the 
meantime, he must contend with cantankerous cacti, slithering serpents and a 
gargantuan genie with evil spells. She's not going back in her bottle if she 
can help it.


Bubsy's in a bubble? Even though he absolutely hates water, Bubsy must tread 
through the marine mayhem he encounters in the briny deep. In this undersea 
adventure, he'll have to fend off malcontent mermaids, starving sharks, sneaky 
seahorses and... aquatic hamsters!?!


Those sugar-coated brats are back and they've turned the forest into a giant 
cake! Can Bubsy avoid indigestion as he snacks his way through killer cutlery, 
deadly doughnuts and crushing cookies? Hansel and Gretel have captured Mother 
Goose. It's up to Bubsy to free her and set Fairytaleland back to normal.


Stomp, bop and jump on 'em, or Bubsy will have to say "bye-bye" and we wouldn't 
want that, now, would we? The enemies disappear in a cloud of smoke once 
they've been beaten. But use caution: certain enemies cannot be destroyed, so 
Bubsy must avoid them.

Here are few annoyances Bubsy must content with:


Obviously, the punk movement's not dead. Look out for these mohawk-wearing 
headbangers who make up for their bird brains with their bad attitudes.


Psychotic and suicidal, these vicious buzzers go straight in for an attack with
their murderous spiky tails as soon as they see Bubsy.

Playing Cards

These scary soldiers are more than just a pack of cards. Watch out for that 
bayonet! It'll make mincemeat out of Bubsy!

Slimy Snails

Oooey, they're gooey! Those snail trails are sure slippery. But jump on their 
shells and you're in for an uplifting surprise.

Suits of Armor

This is not the kind of sidesplitting Bubsy needs - he should stick to his 
corny jokes. Stay out of the way of that ax!

Army Ants

Looks are deceiving. The Army Ants look dimwitted and slow, but they really run 
in an ultra-fast stampede.

Cool Cacti

These guys you can't trust as far as you can throw! Watch out for that spiky 
right hook!

Mirage Water Bottles

They're not milk, Bubsy! If these kamikaze bottles miss a leap, they simply 
shatter into a million pieces.

Weight Dropping Vultures

Better watch out for these dirty birds or Bubsy will be flat! When they're 
above Bubsy, they drop their weights, hoping to squish him.

Desert Snakes

Chillin' in the desert, looking cool in their shades, when Bubsy gets close, 
they lob eggs at him with their tails.


Let sleeping lizards lie or Bubsy will be popped!

Stabbing Shark

Shark Attack! Sharp teeth, a nasty disposition and a taste for bobcats makes 
the shark try flying bites at Bubsy.

Electric Eels

Look for the warning light! When eels are nearby they will flash their 
skeletons to make sure that Bubsy knows where they are.

Hampster Submarine

A mad hamster pilots this sub. If Bubsy gets within range, it will blast him.

Custard Pie Machines

Look out for these sneaky pie-throwers! Bubsy must watch his step if he wants 
to avoid getting splattered by a flying custard pie.

Cutlery Man

This bundle of knives and forks dances about, waiting to devour Bubsy.


Pick up these goodies to help Bubsy free Mother Goose from Hansel and Gretel's 
sticky clutches.

Colored Bubsy Balls        Gives you points.

Mid-Level Markers          Lets you restart from last marker passed.

Number T-shirts            Gives Bubsy more lives.

Flashing T-shirt           Makes Bubsy invincible for a short time.

Continue                   Lets you restart the game from the beginning of the 
                           last level started.

Big Ball O' Fun            Gives Bubsy a random number of points.

Crates                     These hold items that are sometimes good, 
                           and sometimes bad.


* When you see an enemy, jump on him before he gets you!

* Bubsy hates showers, so try to get out of the Mad Hatter's!

* When a Giant isn't really a giant, jump on his dome.

* Avoid the color red - green meens go where spiked doors are concerned.

* Some girls can throw better than boys - watch out for Gretel's wicked 


Programming                 Andrew Seed
Artwork                     David Severn, Steve Slick Noake, Colin Jackson,
                            Rick Lodge
Game Design                 Jody Cobb
Additional Game Design      Steve Slick Noake, David Severn, Andrew Seed
Music and Sound FX          Alastair Lindsey, Kevin Saville
Map Design                  Mark Hooley, Jody Cobb
Support Programming         Karl West, Nigel Conroy, Martin Randell, 
                            Trevor Raynsford
Lead Testers                Jody Cobb, Scott Hunter
Game Testers                Hank Cappa, Roger Coe, Daniel Dunn, Tal Funke-Bilu,
                            James Hagedorn, Mark Hooley, Lance J. Lewis,
                            Andrew Keim, Harry Kinney, Dan McNamee, 
                            Martin Mueller, Jason D. Sinclair, Pony Sparks, 
                            Joe Sousa, Faran Thomason
Producer                    Faran Thomason
Product Support             Rick Scott, Tina Scholefield-Nicholson