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Kasumi Ninja - Atari - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Kasumi Ninja Manual
Kasumi Ninja

Discover the Mystery...

For many generations, rumors have persisted of a small, well-hidden island 
known as Kasumi, which has produced the world's most renowned ninjas. With the
help of the Preeminent Celestials, the island is kept shrouded in secrecy. An
impenetrable wall of mist surrounds the island, making it undetectable to 
modern technology. Those who find the island uninvited, are never heard from 

All your life you have trained hard in body and spirit at the only home you 
have known: the Dragon Cloud Temple on Kasumi Island. At the temple you are
trained by the Elders, a group of three wise and powerful Ninjas. This group of
Elders consists on Hiei, who embodies the lighter aspects of human nature; 
Kaioh, who embodies the aspect of indifference; and Gyaku, who embodies the 
darker side of human nature. This balance of good and evil is what keeps the 
portal to the netherworld closed.

Using the blackest magic, Gyaku eliminate the other two Elders, throwing the 
cosmic forces out of alignment. When this happened, the gate to the demon world 
was blown open and Gyaku became possessed by the most powerful demon in the 
netherworld. With this power, Gyaku could destroy the Earth!

Your fate has been preordained by the Celestials to fulfill a great and 
terrible prophecy. You were told of this by the Elders when you were very 
young. Throughout your life you wondered what it meant. Now you are sure it is 
your destiny to defeat Gyaku, close the gate to the netherworld and restore 
balance to the universe.

The Celestials cannot help you directly, but they have blessed you with the 
power of absorbing other's abilities. To gain these abilities, you must defeat 
a variety of champions representing the best fighters in the world. They have 
been chosen by the Celestials to aid you in your quest. Only through 
persistence and preseverance, you will have a chance to challenge Gyaku.

Getting Started

1. Insert your JAGUAR Kasumi Ninja cartridge into the cartridge slot of your
   JAGUAR 64-bit Interactive Multimedia System.

2. Press the POWER Button.

3. Press any fire button to discontinue the title screen.

Game Controls

A Button	Press once to punch
		Tap rapidly to pummel
		Press UP + A for a jumping punch
		Press UP/Towards + A for flying punch
		Press DOWN + A for a crouch punch
		Press DOWN/Towards + A for an upper cut

B Button	Press once to kick
		Press UP + B for a jumping kick
		Press UP/Towards + B for flying kick
		Press DOWN + B for a sweep kick
		Press AWAY + B for a roundhouse or special kick

C Button	Press and hold the C Button +
 		Joypad or Buttons for Special Moves.
NOTE: There are many Hidden Moves to be	discovered. Experiment!
Joypad LEFT			Move left
Joypad RIGHT			Move right
Joypad UP			Jump
Joypad UP/Away or Towards	Jump away or towards an opponent
Joypad DOWN			Crouch
Joypad DOWN/Away 		Defensive crouch
Joypad Away from opponent	Block

Keypad	0 - turns music ON or OFF
	* and # - Reset

Game Options

In the Game Options screen you can make any necessary adjustments to your game. 
Press the Joypad UP and DOWN to select an option, then press a FIRE button to 
scroll through the choices. 


Choose from Easy, Normal, Hard and Ninja God.

Easy	    Practice match. You will not face Gyaku at the end of the match,
	    use this mode to master special moves.
Normal	    Default setting.
Hard	    For the accomplished Ninja.
Ninja God   For the experienced fighter only. 
            It is the ultimate fighting challenge.
Gore Level

Use the Gore Level option to determine how much blood you'll see during gameplay.

	None		No blood.
	Combat		Every time you hit your opponents, you will draw blood, 
			but it will not stay on the ground.
	Disturbing	Your opponents will bleed and blood will pool on the
			floor and drip from the Ninja swords at the top of
			the screen.
	Gore Fest	Only accessible with the Parental Lock OFF. The	
			ultimate blood fest with blood spraying, dripping
			and flying everywhere.
NOTE: Gore Fest is the only mode where there are Death Moves. If the Parental 
Lock is ON or the game is set to any other gore level, the player cannot 
activate Death Moves at the end of a fight.

Parental Lock

Select Parental Lock the first time you play. You'll see a message saying 
"Enter New 6 Digit Code." Enter a 6 digit code using the Keypad on your Jaguar 
Controller. You will then be asked to re-enter your code for verification and 
your Parental Lock Out Code is set.

NOTE: DO NOT LOSE THIS CODE! The code can be changed (see Change Code Option).

Once the Parental Lock Out Code is activated, the player will only have access 
to three of the four Gore Levels: None, Combat and Disturbing. The player 
cannot activate the deathmoves if the Parental Lock Out Code is on.

To turn the Parental Lock OFF, select the Parental Lock option. You will be 
asked to enter your code. If your code is correct, the lock will be turned off 
and the deathmoves will be active in the game.

Change Gore Code

Pick Change Code to change your Parental Lock Out Code. Enter your Gore Code. 
If you enter the correct code, you will have the option to change your Parental 
Lock Out Code.

Time Limit

Change the time limit for each fighting round. Available times are 30 seconds, 
1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes and 5 minutes.

Story Text

Turn OFF/ON the story text that cycles during the title screen.


Select Reveal to see the game Credits.

You must select OK at the bottom of the Option screen to save any changes you 
have made. If you reset or turn off the game before you select OK, the changes 
will not be saved to the cartridge's battery backup.

NOTE: The Battery Backup is rated for 100,000 writes. After 100,000 writes, it 
may take longer to exit the Options screeen or load the game.

Mode Select Screen

Select the type of game you want to play.

One Player Story Mode

In the Character Selection screen, press the A Button or B Button to select 
which Ninja you would like to be. Select your opponent by pressing the Joypad 
LEFT and RIGHT to view all the characters. Press the C Button to view the 
character's bio.

After defeating an opponent, you may use him/her in battle. At the beginning of 
each fight, you will be transported back to the character selection screen to
select your character for the next fight. Once you have defeated all the 
characters, you will be blessed by the Ninja gods and given the key to open the 
portal to the Dragon Cloud Temple.

Two Player versus Mode

In the two player version, Player One selects a fighter, then Player Two 
chooses one. Player Two picks a combat zone for the fight.

At the end of the fight, you will have the following choices:


Fight with the same two characters a second time.


Return to the Character Selection screen and select new fighters.


Exit two player mode and return to the Title Screen.


See Game Options for explanation.

Game Options

Select Game Options to go to the Game Options screen and change items such as 
the Parental Lock Out Code and the Gore Level.


Habaki and Senzo: The Twin Ninjas

Habaki is the eldest son (by ten minutes) of the Kiri-ga-kure family. At an 
early age the twin brothers were left in the care of the monks at the Dragon 
Cloud Temple. The two brothers were equally adept at the arts, both spiritually 
and physically. The Elders, noticing the great skill of the twins, offered them 
a chance to advance their arts by training as disciples under one of the 
Elders. Habaki was chose by Kaioh and Senzo was chosen by Hiei. There have also 
been rumors of Gyaku taking a disciple, but no one has ever seen his student.
During tournaments held at the Dragon Cloud Temple, the twins always cause a 
special interest because of their fierce competitivenesss. The final match 
always comes down to the two brothers and each have won an equal number of 
Championships over the years.

Chagi, the Kickboxer

Chagi Nelson, five time world kickboxing champion, has never lost a 
professional bout. Even at the tender age of sixteen, Chagi KO'd his very first 
opponent in the first round. Chagi has trained all over the world, mixing 
different martial arts to develop a style all his own. Loud and obnoxious, 
Chagi has the ability to back up his big mouth with a dazzling display of 
speed and skill. Chagi currently owns a chain of successful kickboxing schools 
and convenience stores. He has also been seen in many popular action films such 
as: Under-seize; the Sci-Fi dance thriller the Lambadanator; and the most 
famous of his films, the Kickboxing Kidd Series I - XII. He can also be seen 
currently on TV's Trudger: Lodi Private Eye.

Alaric, King of the Goths

Some of history's most feared and ferocious warriors were the Goths. The Goths 
were a nomadic tribe from Northern Europe who would travel the continent in 
search of battles to join so that they might pillage and kill, their two 
greatest joys! The most ruthless of the Goths was their king, Alaric. Not only 
was he a renowned fighter, he was also a skillful tactician, leading his tribe 
to certain victory time and time again. One of his greatest accomplishments was 
his imaginative use of gunpowder in many dangerous and unique ways.

Thundra, the Amazon Queen

Thundra is the queen of a lost tribe of Amazon warriors. These warriors have 
taken a solemn oath to protect the rainforest from modern industrialists who 
wish to destroy it for their own profit. This is done by surgically sabotaging 
vital equipment and assassinating high ranking company officials. Thundra is 
their greatest warrior and as a result, she was appointed queen. She has 
trained her warriors in a fighting art handed down for generations. This art 
was taken directly from the forces of nature and those who have mastered this 
art can channel their inner power to imitate the fury of nature.

Pakawa, the Comanche Chief

Pakawa is the chief of the Comanche fighting tribe, the Tu-Wee-Kah. For many 
years the Comanches lived in harmony with nature. When the colonists settled 
in, the Comanches welcomed them with open hearts. As time went on, the 
colonists grew greedy and started to forcefully take the land from the 
Comanches, with no respect for the Comanche life. Pakawa decided to train a 
group of elite warriors and called them the Tu-Wee-Kah. The Tu-Wee-Kah were the 
equivalent of the Green Berets of their time and they were the ones who were 
sent in first to stealthily assassinate the opposition and disable key 
positions, the rest of the tribe would then attack. Pakawa has been in many 
battles and he is proud of the many scalps that he has collected.

Danja, the Urban Vigilante

By day Danja Ureda is an assistant DA fighting in court to lock up criminals 
and keep the streets safe. By night, she is a Vigilante, fighting in a 
different court, where she is judge, jury and executioner! Danja grew up on the 
wrong side of the tracks, but she studied hard in school and became an 
exceptional student. As a result, she was persecuted by her classmates and had 
to quickly learn the laws of the street to survive. When Danja graduated from 
high school (as Valedictorian) she was quickly offered multiple scholarships 
for her academic and athletic abilties. She worked hard in college, and studied
self-defense and exotic weapons to increase her street fighting skills. She 
earned straight A's and was accepted to Harvard Law School, where she 
specialized in criminal law. Graduating at the top of her class, she was 
offered many prestigious positions, but decided to take a job with the District 
Attorney in the inner city instead. She soon realized how corrupt the justice 
system really was and decided to use her street fighting skills to take the law 
into her own hands. Danja has mixed the martial arts she learned in college 
with her streetfighting tactics and her personal preference for a weapon, the 
bolas. These bolas have been modified to administer her brutal brand of 
justice, giving them a real bang for their buck.

Angus Macgreggor, the Scottish Brawler

Angus Macgreggor is the Blacksmith of his village Loch Katrine, as was his 
father, and his father's father before him. The constant pounding of hot iron 
has made Angus a burly man. Legend of Angus' strength quickly spread to the 
other clans of Scotland and as a result he was constantly challenged to tests 
of strength. These tests included wrestling, boxing and weight lifting. Angus
always won easily, but he always had high praise for his opponents, especially 
at their funerals. Angus soon discovered that he loved to brawl and became 
obsessed with fighting. Any pub Angus visited soon encountered a severe lack of 
both furnishings and patrons. Angus soon ran out of those who would challenge 
him, causing him much anger. This anger grew inside of him every day, like a 
fire consuming his soul. Now Angus has dedicated his life to finding a worthy 
opponent, one who might be able to give him the fight of his life.

Lord Gyaku

The evil Possessed Ninja you must defeat to keep the portal to the Demon World 
closed. Gyaku has spend many years in Ninja training.


Lead Programmer		Pete "Ninja God" Wiseman

Adt. Programming	Nob Nicholson, Tony Stockton, Mark Lyhan

Producers		Tad Tahquechi, Jim Gregory
Art			Andy "Mutton Head" Gavin, Andy "Jigsaw" Johnson, 
			Martin "Kaneda" Kilner
Art Support		Greg Irwin

Music			Steve "Bazza From Nazza" Lord

Design			Jim Gregory, Ted Tahquechi, Sam Tramiel, Hank Cappa, 
			Joe Sousa
Sound FX		Ted Tahquechi, Steve Lord
Video Producer		Gary Cowan

Lighting/Cameraman	Steve Hughes

Fight Coordinator	Ged Moran

Fight Performers	Andy Gavin, Alan Siddal, Julie Ellis, Lynn Lowton, 
			Ian McCranor, Gene Sovo
Support Services	Vector Television Studios, Stockport, England
			Equinox Film/TV Production, Manchester, England
Manual Disign		Kasumi Krew

Lead Tester		Hank "Son Goku" Cappa

Testers			Tal "New Guy" Funke-Bilu, Scott "Soup" Hunter
			Lance "#1 Smart Guy" Lewis, Tom "Blast Man" Gillen, 
			Dan "The Fonz" McNamee, Joe "Oof" Sousa, David Gregory,
			Paul Gregory, Andrew "Mr. Hardwear" Keim
Special Thanks To:	Carrie "Mrs. Everything" Tahquechi, Terry Brewster, 
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