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Supercross 3D - Atari - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Supercross 3D Manual
Supercross 3D

Welcome to San Jose, home of the first race on the Supercross tournament 
circuit. The stands are filled to the max with fans waiting for the tournament 
season to get under way. The riders are warming up and making last minute 
adjustments to their bikes for ultimate performance on this challenging track.
Each rider waves confidently at the crowd, sure of their skills. Each thinks it 
could be their year. Excitement is in the air and expectations are high. It's a 
new season, after all, and the slate has been wiped clean. Sure, there are some 
favorites, winners from previous years, but anything can happen.

As the riders move into the gate, an expectant hush falls over the crowd. Who 
will pull out in front as the riders freight train into the first curve? Two 
bikes go down in a heap as the riders surge forward. The rest of the pack 
maneuvers around them and the crowd waits with bated breath. Who's going to 
come out in front? You are!

You take the lead coming out of the first corner and quickly get on the gas. 
The whoops are coming up fast and you brace your body for the punishing bumps 
to come. You're careful to hit the whoops straight on. The last thing you want 
to do is endo in front of all these people. After the whoops you gun straight 
for the first jump. Do you have the speed to do a triple? You do! You're 
comfortably out in front, so you take the time to do a nac nac for the crowd in 

Oops. That jump cost you some time. The rider who was yards behind you is now 
right on your tail. The two of you are neck and neck coming to the next jump. 
His jump lands him slightly ahead of you but you cut the corner tightly and 
once again you're leading by a wheel. The crowd is going wild. Who will claim 
the first win of the tournament? Only you know for sure...


1) Insert your Supercross 3D cartridge into the cartridge slot of your Jaguar 
   64-Bit Interactive Multimedia System.

2) Press the Power button.

3) Press the A, B or C button to go directly to the Main menu.


When you get to the Main menu, you will be able to choose the type of race you 
want, load a saved game, or go to the Options menu.


Practice mode lets you get a feel for the different tracks without blowing your 
race time. A practice race is also a good place to try to better your time, 
work on your skills, and try some tricks.


In a race, you'll compete against seven other riders on the track of your 
choice. Each race is composed of a qualifying round and the final race. You 
have the option to take a practice round before starting a race.


When you're on the tournament circuit you'll get the chance to prove just how 
good you really are. You'll start in San Jose and go through all fourteen 
cities. Each race has a qualifying round before the final event. You'll see 
where you stand among the 28 riders after the final event at each track. Don't 
worry about starting over if you don't have time to finish the circuit. You can 
save your game before each new track.

Hint: Get out in front early so you don't get tripped up in other riders' 

Load Game

If you have a tournament in progress, you can select Load Game on the Main 
menu. The tournament you were working on will then be loaded. Your game will 
start after the last race you completed.


The Options menu allows you to choose the options you would like for the game.

Replays On/Off

Turns instant replays after a crash on or off.

Skill Level

Changes your difficulty level. Choose from Rookie, Rad, Pro, Tuff, or Ace.

In-Game Music On/Off

Turns in-game music on or off.


Allows you to customize the A, B and C buttons for brake, throttle, and trick 


Takes you back to the Main menu.


You can choose your team, country and rider on the Select Rider screen. Press 
up or down on the Joypad to move around the screen and press left or right on 
the Joypad to make your selection. To enter your rider name, press the A, B or 
C button to start and press up and down on the Joypad to find the letters you 
need. Press left on the Joypad to move to the next space. Press the A, B or C 
button on Select Rider when you are ready to leave the screen.


There are fourteen challenging tracks to choose from. Press left or right on 
the Joypad to scroll through the tracks, and press the A, B or C button to make 
your selection. Each track has a different layout and difficulty level. You'll 
see an overview of the track you selected before you start your race. The track 
names are listed below. Select Exit to return to the Title screen.

	San Jose	Anaheim
	San Diego	Dallas
	Houston		Tampa
	Daytona Beach	Orlando
	Atlanta		Charlotte
	Indianapolis	Pontiac
	Minneapolis	Seattle


You can customize your bike to suit the track you will be riding on. Press up 
or down on the Joypad to move around the screen and press left or right on the 
Joypad to make your selection.

Front tire			Soft, Medium or Hard (default is Medium)

Front shocks                    Soft, Medium or Hard (default is Hard)

Back shocks                     Soft, Medium or hard (default is Hard)

Gears                           Low, Intermediate or High (default is High)

Back tire                       Soft, Medium or Hard (default is Medium)

Hint: If you're riding on a hard, packed dirt track you probably want harder 
 tires and shocks. Low gear is great on a track with lots of straights, but it
 will take you longer to gather speed. Take a good look at the overview of your 
 track before you customize your bike.


Your rider's name, team, and nationality as well as your best times, tournament 
placing, and sound settings are retained in the cartridge even if you have 
turned off your Jaguar 64-bit Interactive Multimedia System. The cartridge will 
store up to 100,000 changes. After 100,000 changes have been recorded, no more 
changes will be retained. To clear currently saved changes, press *, # and 
Option while on the Supercross 3D title screen.


If you are riding in a tounament, you can save your progress after the final 
race at each track. To save your game, select the save option on the Track 
Selection screen. Choose yes or no at the prompt. Your game and standing will 
be saved through the last track you completed.



Producer:		      		Vince Zampella
					Faran Thomason
Lead Tester:		      		Phil B. Gelber
Marketing Product Manager:    		Jeanne Winding
Creative Services:	      		Greg LaBrec
					Diana Bredfeldt
					Beeline Group, Inc.


Concept Design and Executive Producer:  Dympna Forkin
Technical Design:			John Prince
Programming:				Chris Brunning
Graphics Design and Animation:		Barry Armstrong
					The B.A.D. Studios
Special Thanks:				Donald Campbell
					Gary Marshall
					Doug Anderson
					Dave Stead