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Wolfenstein 3D - Atari - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Wolfenstein 3D Manual
Wolfenstein 3d

The Story so far...

Episode One: Escape from Wolfenstein 3-D

As William J. "B.J." Blazkowicz, you are the Allies' only hope. From martial 
arts to espionage, you're a terminal action seeker. Known as "the one-man 
strike team," you now report directly  to the President, who sends you on 
perilous missions of paramount importance. Somehow you always manage to get the 
job done and get out alive...If you couldn't bench press 450 pounds the way 
most people lift a toothpick, you couldn't wear all the medals on your uniform.

Getting Started

1. Insert your JAGUAR Wolfenstein 3-D cartridge into the cartridge slot of your 
   JAGUAR 64-bit Interactive Mutlimedia System.
2. Press the POWER button.
3. Insert the plastic overlay that come with your Wolfenstein 3-D cartridge in 
   the slots over the controller of your Jaguar keypad.
4. Press any fire button to discontinue the title screens.

Default Controls (Fig.1)

Wolfenstein 3-D's controls are configurable (see section on Main Menu). This 
manual asumes the default settings below.

A	Speed
B	Fire
C	Open/Strafe
OPTION	Cycles through weapons
PAUSE	Pause the action
LEFT	Turn left ("slide" when Open/Strafe is held down)
RIGHT	Turn right ("slide" when Open/Strafe is held down)
1,2,3   Save game in corresponding "slot."
5	View automap
0	Turn music on or off
# and *	Restart game

Save Game

Save up to three games by using the 1, 2 or 3 button on the keypad. Press the 
"slot" you want to save it during gameplay.

Memory Save

Volume, controls and save game information are retained in the cartridge even 
if you have turned off your Jaguar 64-bit Interactive Multimedia System. The 
cartridge will store up to 100,000 changes. After 100,000 changes have been
recorded, no more changes will be retained. To clear the currently saved 
changes, press *, Option and # while on the Wolfenstein 3-D Main Game screen.

Adjusting sfx/music volume

Press Pause during play and press the A button to access the music volume, or 
the B button to access the sound F/X menu. To adjust the volume, press the 
joypad right to increase volume, left to decrease volume.

Menu Screen (Fig.2)

Press the A, B or C button to bypass the title screens and reach the Menu 
Screen. To make a selection in the Main Game Menu, press the joypad up and down 
to scroll through the available options and press the Joypad left and right to 
scroll through choices: 

New Game   : allows you to start a new game or load a saved game.

Difficulty : Set difficulty of the game. On the easy setting, enemy bullets 
             only do half the damage. On the hardest level there will be more
             resilient enemies, and they will fire more often.

Controls   : Allows you to change the default controls.

Mission Screen (Fig.3)

You will be briefed on the upcoming any button to proceed.

Game Screen (Fig.4)

1. You
A remarkable likeness, don't you think ? Pay attention and you'll be alerted to 
low health...and sneak attacks!

2. H.P. 
The percentage of health you have remaining. When it reaches 0, you have not 
been "semper fidelis"...

3. Shot
The number of shots you have left for the currently selected weapon.

The Missions

Mission One....................Dresden Strike
Location.......................Castle outside Dresden
Objective......................Terminate Hans Gr�sse and escape

You have been captured on a mission to uncover the plans
for Operation the dark corners of a dungeon
fortress you are harshly interrogated. In a desperate attempt
to escape, you overpower the cell guard. Armed only with
the guard's pistol and knife, you must escape...

Mission Two ...................A Dark Secret
Location.......................Castle Erlangen
Objective......................Terminate Trans Gr�sse and escape

The insane warrior Trans Gr�sse has developed a full line of
the most feared tool of modern warfare--the chemical
weapons. You've been assigned to stop him from his mad
task. Castle Erlangen sits atop a cloudy mountain...its
massive stone walls are lined with a smooth carpet of moss.
No one knew the location of this castle until a few days were rushed there by the President in hopes of
catching the sparse guard unaware.

Mission Three..................Operation Eisenfaust
Location.......................Dr. Schabb's Research
Objective......................Terminate Dr. Schabbs

You must finish the mission you started in Mission One...find
out if Operation Eisenfaust is real, or a ploy. Reported by
some agents to be a plan to create the ultimate soldier, it is
believed Dr. Schabbs managed to graft a working gun onto
the chest of some of his less-fortunate minions, and then
brought them back to life! Somewhere in the depths of his
laboratory, Dr. Schabbs awaits you with his corpso-kinetic
serum. Defeat him or he will turn you into a mutant!

Mission Four...................Trail of the Madman
Location.......................Mountain Fortress
Objective......................Terminate �bermutant

Trans may be terminated, but his weapons of woe are ready
for war! Hidden in the dank dungeons of their mountain
fortress are the plans for the first wave of the chemical
nightmare. You must fight your way to very bottom, and
battle the �bermutant, who guards the plans. You begin your
adventure after descending in the castle's elevator. You are
looking for the map room that is guarded by the �bermutant.
These maps will lead you to the secret base where the
weapons and soldiers are being amassed. You've got to find
them fast--before choking clouds of noxios gas pour out
over Europe and the world!

Mission Five...................Confrontation
Location.......................Castle Heidenheim
Objective......................Terminate Death Knight

Chemical war is about to be waged on a massive scale
unless you can stop the evil Death Knight from unleashing
his burning gasses! You found the plans hidden in the musty
dungeons of the Mountain Fortress, and they led you Castle Heidenheim, perched on a small rise
between two massive mountains. Inside its forbidding stone
walls are tons of crack troops and the grotesque Death
Knight himself!

Mission Six....................Hitler's Last Stand
Location.......................Castle Wolfenstein
Objective......................Terminate Hitler

Take out the nexus of the master state...Hitler. You've
searched for him in bunkers from Normandy to Bern, but he
fled to Castle Wolfenstein, a titanic fortress in a forgotten
province impervious to invasion...except for yours. You must
make it past his numerous guards and crack-shot officers to
reach the final confrontation. And you can be sure that Hitler
will be ready for you!

The Items

There are many different types of itmes scattered about. Pick
them up by merely walking over them. Note that you can't
pick up healing items if you are at 100% health. Also, you
can't pick up ammo if you already carrying the
maximum amount.


After clearing your hosts, it's time to handle a hungry one-
man army. The allies' elite also get the best dinners--packed
with nutrition and healing power of 10%

First Aid Kits

The bad guys have intercepted Red Cross shipments! Now
stored among their strongholds, these kits are the latest in
medical technology, and will increase your health by 25%.


These guards are armed to the teeth. Gracious even in
defeat, they'll leave their ammo for taking! Pick up
unused ammo for 10 bullets.

Ammo Boxes

These are space caches of ammunition. Pick them up for 40

Ammo Packs

Huge ammo packs will increase the maximum number of
bullets you can carry. It never hurts to have a few extra
rounds on your hip.


You always have a knife. it will help you out if you need a
shave, but for the most part is used only when you're out of
firepower for a final mano-a-mano.


You always have a pistol, and will start the game out with
one. This is the weakest of the guns...and unlike the knife, it
doesn't need sharpening!

Machine Gun

The primary weapon of the S.S. Guard. It's efficient and
powerful, especially when attacking multiple enemies. You
can hold down the fire button for rapid fire.

Flame Thrower

This pyro-tool is powered by the gas cans that you'll find
along the way. hang fire on the bad guys with a burst of


Rockets fired from the launcher have the ability to plow
through several enemies, provided they are in the line of fire.


Using the Gatling Gun principle of a rotating barrel, this is a
destructive machine that will clear the room in a New York
minute...however, it has a huge appetite for ammunition.
Hold down the fire button for rapid fire.


Hitler has a twisted obsession for treasure and other artifacts.
This ill'gotten booty is stored within the walls of his
impenetrable fortresses. When you collect treasure, as a
bonus, health increases by 4%.


Some of the upper levels are well-secured with locked doors
and elevators. You'll need to search the level for keys into
these areas. There are two types of locked doors in the
enemy's fortresses. Some doors require the gold key to open,
and some require the blue key.


Hidden within secret rooms of the fortresses are items that
give you that extra urge to keep fighting! Grabbing one of
these items will bring your Health to 200%!

The Enemy


The grist for Hitler's mill, but an effective force in groups.
They wear no body armor and can be brought
down by a single (but well-placed) shot. Carrying
only a pistol, thei firepower isn't exactly menacing.
Guards are slow to react and must stop and take
aim before shooting, making them particulary
vulnerable to machine-gun attack.

S.S. Guard

The S.S. Guard are well-trained and can rarely be surprised.
Most will bark a waring when they become aware of your
presence...this can make for an easy head cvount!
However, some are trained to be silent. Wearing
thick vests and carrying a machine gun, the S.S. are
difficult to bring down and pack a heavy punch. If
an S.S. Guard shoots you at close range, the
encounter will be brief--because you'll be toast!

German Shepherds

Trained to kill, these pernicious pups are fast
and vicious, but one shot should take them
down. Since they dodge so well, it's best to get
their attention and wait for them in a doorway. If you don't
wait until they are in close range, you'll waste a lot of ammo.


Officers are usually silent until they spot you. They
can rarely be surprised and are fast, intelligent
fighters. Officers will move to the left and right as
they fire, making them difficult to hit. An officer's
weapon of choise is a pistol. They wear light vests
and take about half the damage of an S.S.
Guard. Don't underestimate their abilities. In close-quarters
combat, these guys will make life miserable...and short!

Helpful Hints

* Every level has hidden stuff. Not only could you use all
  those power-up items, but you can get a nice bonus for
  finding all of them, too.
* Your captors may be rude hosts, but they would never
  hide anything that would be necessary to escape. Keys
  and elevators can always be reached through non-
  hidden passages.
* Pushwalls are usually in alcovers, corners, or the ends of
  hallways. (But not always!)

* The doors and walls are not completely soundproof.
  Firing your weapon is likely to bring nearby guards
  running towards you.
* Don't stay in a doorway with the guards in the room
  beyond. if you do, they can easily sneak up from the
  side and shoot you.
* The close you are, the more damage you can inflict.


Programmers:	John Carmack, David Taylor, John Romere, Shawn Green
Artists:	Adrian Carmack, Keven Cloud
Designer:	Sandy Petersen
 Support:	Shawn Green, American McGee
 Manager:	Jay Wilbur
Producers: 	Bill Rehbock
Testers:	Tom Gillen, Scott Hunter, hank Cappa, Hans Jacobsen,
		Andrew Kein, Dan McNamee, Joe Sousa, Lance J. Lewis