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Troy Aikman NFL Football - Williams - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Troy Aikman Football Manual
Troy Aikman Football


1. Insert your Troy Aikman NFL(TM) Football(TM) cartridge into the cartridge 
   slot of your JAGUAR 64-bit Interactive Multimedia System.

2. Press the POWER Button.

3. Only the A, B and C Buttons will discontinue the title screens.

If, for any reason your cartridge does not load, or you only see a red screen, 
refer to the warranty information included with your JAGUAR cartridge.


The OPTIONS screen will appear every time you play Troy Aikman NFL(TM) 
Football(TM). Use it to customize the game you are about to play!

Memo: Press B 3 times to skip to the coin toss.

TEAM 1 (Player 1) : Left side of the screen.

TEAM 2 (Player 2 or Computer) : Right side of the screen.

D-Pad: Move thru list of options

A, C : Scroll thru choices of current option

B : Exit option screen and start game

Option: View stats

5 : Press 5 to view credits


1 Player - Against Computer

1 Player - Coach Against Computer

2 Player - Head to Head

2 Player Coach - Head to Head

DEMO - Computer Demonstration

NOTE: In Coach Mode, you select the plays and the computer executes them.

NOTE: There are three features you can access at any time:

Pressing Pause pauses the game.
 While paused, pressing B shows the volume meter and then the control pad can 
 be used to adjust the volume.

Pressing * and # together resets the game.

Pressing 0 on the keypad toggles music on and off.


Pre-Season: Pit any 2 teams against each other for one game.

NOTE: When either of the next 2 season options are chosen along with a 2 Player 
      Mode, each player will play against the computer except when their season 
      schedules cross, Game play will alternate at the end of each player's
      completed game.

94-95 Season: Play this exciting season as your favorite team, with a chance to 
      go to the play-offs and the Super Bowl!

NOTE: In '94-'95 Season Mode, the following rule changes are in efect! Kickoffs 
      are from the 30 yard line, and conversions are worth 2 points.

Custom Season: Design your own season or recreate a memorable season from the 


Only applies to preseason: select the home field of either team.


Quarters can be 2, 5, 10 or 15 minutes in duration.


There are six playing surfaces: Grass, Mud, Dirt, Snow, Rain and Artificial 
Turf. If Season Mode is selected, the field will be chosen based on the home 


Pressing 0 on the keypad toggles the music on and off.




ON:  Penaly calls made during game.
OFF: No penalties called except delay of game.


You may choose to play at three progressive levels: as a Rookie, a Pro or a 


While you are in Options, you can review your career stats. Your stats will be 
recorded only if you select "Save New Entry" or "Restore Saved Entry" on the 
Save Game Screen.

Push the Option Button to view your Career Stats. Use the Control Pad to scroll 
through the stat entries. When you are done viewing your stats, press the 
Option Button again to return to the Options Screen.


Being able to save stats is an awesome feature of Troy Aikman(TM) NFL 
Football(TM) ! You can only save completed games.

This feature allows you to save your currently completed game. Warning! You can 
only save one season at a time. Or, you can restore a previously saved game.

While in the Options Screen, you may clear any previously saved stats by 
pressing and holding *, Option and # together.

The reset feature is available at all times by pressing * and # together.


If you selected Custom Season while you were in Options, then this is the next 
screen you will see. This is your opportunity to design your season line-up 
however you wish. There are 16 games and 28 teams to choose from, so go for it!

Use the Control Pad to scroll left/right through the season and the B Button to 
change game location. Then use the A and C Buttons to select your opponents. 
Press the Option Button when done.


The Pre-Game Report is a listing of all the options you have selected for the 
current game.

It is a helpful reminder since there are many selections to be made before each 
game. Also, it is pretty helpful when returning to a previously saved game or 
season. Press any button to exit, or press the Option Button to return to the 
Option Screen.


After leaving the Pre-game Report, it's time for the coin toss to determine who 
kicks off. The visiting team calls it, and whoever wins the toss may elect to 
kick or receive. At the start of the second half, the kicking team will receive 
and vice versa.


     * : Weak
    ** : Average
   *** : Strong
  **** : Outstanding

Before the start of each half, Troy's Analysis Screen will appear. The 
strengths and weaknesses of each team will be evaluated by the expert, Troy 
Aikman! Take a minute or two to examine this data as it may affect your playing 
strategy. If you want to boost up a position on your team, now is the time to 
press the Option Button to enter the Team Set-up Screen.


To enter the Team Set-up Screen, push the Option Button while you are in Troy's 

Here each position has a monetary value. You can add or substract from this 
amount to enhance your team's balance. For each game you win, you will receive 
a bonus. Be warned though: injuries will weaken the strength of a position, so 
you need to leave some extra cash in your account to mend your injuries at 
halftime! If you weaken a position by subtracting money, you get only half that
amount added to your budget.

1. Use the Control pad to move through positions.

2. Press the A Button to add to the salary or the C Button to subtract.

3. Use the B Button to toggle between $10K or $100K increments.

To return to Troy's Analysis, just press Option.


At the beginning of each half, you can customize 3 special plays, giving you 
even more control over your team's destiny.

Press the Option Button to begin editing your special plays. There are four 
different options to change. They are: Play Number, Formation, Position, and 
Route. Use these controls to perfect your own special plays:

NOTE: Press Option to start customizing your special plays!

When you enter the Custom Play Screen the quarterback is already highlighted. 
At this stage use the 1, 2 and 3 Buttons to choose which special play you wish 
to customize and the A and C buttons to select the formation. Then press the B 
Button to highlight a player. Now you will be able to change that player's 
route with the A and C Buttons. You can also change the type of receiver by 
pressing the 4 and 6 Buttons. To select another player just press the B Button.

NOTE: Press Option again when you're ready for the kickoff!


If you're the Kicking Team, you might want to refer to the Kicker/Punter 
section on Page 29 for more details. The camera will follow the ball once it is 
kicked, and the Receiving Team will scroll onto the screen from below. Or, 
after the player has received the ball, use the Control Pad to guide him 
upfield in any of 8 directions. If you catch the ball in the end zone, you can 
press the 1 and 3 Buttons together to down the ball and your first play will be 
1st and 10 on the 20 yard line.



After the kickoff you will see the Play Select Screen, which consists of the 
Scoreboard, the Clocks, the Defensive Plays and the Offensive Plays.


Once you have memorized the playbook, you can quickly choose your plays by 
pressing the playbook page number followed by A, B or C. The playbook page 
numbers appear in the upper left corner of the offensive and defensive plays. 
You may also jump directly to a specific page by pressing the page number 
followed by the # Button.

Control Pad left or right: Flip plays
Pause : Pause
Option: Option
A,B,C : Select plays
Control Pad up or down: Scroll thru offensive/defensive plays


The Scoreboard contains the current status of the game. The Game Clock, with 
the amount of time remaining in the quarter, appears in large numbers in the 
upper center of the Scoreboard. A quarterly and total score appears just below 
the Game Clock, with a football next to the team that currently has the ball. 
To the left of the clock is a football indicating where the ball is on the 
field so you can set your strong sides. To the left of the football is the 
current down and number of yards to go for a 1st Down. On the right of the Game
Clock is an arrow indicating which half of the field you are on. To the right 
of the arrow is the yard line indicating the location of the ball and to the 
right of that is the Play Clock.


3 Defensive Plays appear at the top of the screen at any one time. Use the 
Control Pad to scroll up-down for more plays. Use the Control pad left or right 
to flip the Defensive play "strong side" (each play has a side line with a 
higher concentration of players). Use A, B or C to select your Defense. After 
the Offense picks a play, the timer starts and you have about 5 seconds to 
select your Defense or the computer picks for you.


Offensive Plays are located at the bottom of the screen. The first three plays 
you can pick from are the Special Plays that you designed. Or use the Control 
Pad to scroll up-down for more plays. Use the Control Pad left or right to flip 
the Offensive play strong side. Use A, B or C to select from the plays 
currently on the screen. You have 30 seconds on Pro or Veteran and 45 seconds 
on Rookie to select a play and snap the ball (otherwise a "delay of game" 
penalty is called regardless of penalty ON-OFF from Option Screen).


After selecting a play with A, B or C, you can quickly scroll away from the 
current playbook page, however, the NFL (TM) Shields will not show up until 
after you stop scrolling. This keeps your opponent from seeing which playbook 
page you are using.


When the computer has the ball and you have chosen your defensive play, the 
play clock will then be managed by the computer. Very cool feature!

NOTE: Once the offensive play is picked, the Game Clock and the Play Clock are
      stopped temporarily until you leave play select.

Memo: Stopping the clocks calling TIMEOUT

To Pause the game while in Play Select, press the Option Button. When the game 
is paused, you have several options:


Press A: Instan Replay of the previous play.

Press B: Call a Time Out. You start each half with 3. Just pausing won't cost 
         you a time out.

Press C: View up to 7 pages of Current Stats. They report the performance of
         both teams.

Press 1: Design Your Plays. NOTE: This will cost you a time out.


At the completion of each play, the Play Summary Screen will appear announcing 
the results of that play.

It also appears after a touchdown or field goal and gives a summary of the 
scoring drive.

If you want to pause the game at this time press the Option Button, you will be 
given two options as follows:

Press the A Button for Instant Replay
Press the B Button to call a Timeout

Press the Option Button again to exit.


A Bull's Eye will indicate a player with the ball. A Triangle will indicate a 
human controlled player without the ball. Each team will have a different 
colored triangle (black for the Home Team and gold for the Visiting Team). The 
players, both OFFENSIVE and DEFENSIVE, are generally controlled in a similar 

Use the Control Pad to guide the player in any of 8 directions. The player may 
be moved up, down, left, right and at 45 degree angles. In Coach Mode you 
control the plays, not the individual players.



A Button           CALL AUDIBLE A
                   THROW TO A

B Button           HIKE BALL
                   THROW TO B
                   ATTEMPT CATCH

C Button           CALL AUDIBLE C
                   THROW TO C
                   BURST OF SPEED

1 or 6 Button      L STIFF ARM
                   CYCLE CLOCKWISE

2 or 5 Button      SNAP & AUTO PITCH
                   BECOME RUNNER
                   JUMP STRAIGHT UP

3 or 4 Button      THROW AWAY
                   R STIFF ARM

Calling Audibles

The "AUDIBLES" are impromptu play changes the Quarterback makes before the 

          A Button - Special Play #1
          B Button - Snap the ball
          C Button - Special Play #2
     2 or 5 Button - Auto throw to running back after the snap

NOTE: If you select an audible and then wish to return to your original 
      formation just press the same button again.

Snap the Ball

To snap the ball, press the B Button. Once the ball has been snapped, the 
Player controls the Quarterback. He will scramble in whatever direction you 
indicate with the Control Pad. 

You can also Press the 2 Button for Autopitch, this command will snap the ball 
and handoff or pitch the ball to the running back. However, the Autopitch 
Button has no effect on plays where the Running Back is not ready to catch a 
quick pitch.


Use the A, B or C Buttons to pass to the selected Receiver.

When a pass occurs, the camera will follow the ball in flight. The 
Quarterback's arm strength varies, but he can never throw more than 75-80 

After the ball is in the air, press B to take over the Receiver and guide him 
to the ball.

NOTE: A, B & C letters above players do not appear when computer team has the 
      ball (so you won't know which play the computer has selected). In 
      2-Player mode the A, B & C letter designations will appear only after the
      ball is snapped.

Pitch+Hand off

As the Quarterback you can pitch/hand-off the ball. If the selected Receiver is 
in close range, pressing the button of the Receiver will cause the Quarterback 
to pitch or hand-off the ball to the selected Receiver.

To throw the ball away, press the 1 or 3 Button after the snap.

Press the 2 or 5 Button to become the Runner and make a break for it. 

NOTE: When the Quarterback changes to a Runner, it is still possible to throw, 
      but pressing the 1 or 3 Buttons will stiff arm instead of throwing the 
      ball away.

Running Techniques

Stiff Arming

Press the 1 or 6 Button to lay on the left stiff arm or press 3 or 4 Button to 
stiff arm right.


When running with the ball, you can juke the Tacklers (i.e., momentarily change
direction to fake them out and then continue on your original course) by 
rapidly changing direction with the Control Pad.

Spin Evasive

Press the B Button and use this move to shake loose any would-be Tacklers.


If a Defender attempts a dive tackle or someone is down on the field, press the 
2 or 5 Button to hurdle over him.

Burst of Speed

Once per play, the Runner can sprint for a few seconds. To do this, press the C 

Note: If you are behind the line of scrimmage, pressing C may throw to a 

Jump + Dive

To jump, press the Control Pad and the A Button at the same time. You'll jump 
in the direction you press on the Control Pad.

To dive, press the Control Pad and the A Button at the same time. You'll dive 
in the direction you press on the Control Pad. Diving is useful in tackling and
for gaining an extra yard or two.

Fair Catch

While the kick-off or punt is in the air, press the 1 and 3 Buttons together to 
signal a fair catch and down the ball wherever you receive it.

Touch Backs

If you recover the ball in your own end zone (by receiving a kick off or punt/
intercepting or recovering a fumble), you can press 2 to down the ball for a 
touchback. The first play will be 1st and 10 from the 20 yard line.


Calling Audibles

The "AUDIBLES" are impromptu play changes that the defensive team makes before 
the snap:

     A Button - Blitz Option
     C Button - Man to Man Option

When the offense calls a punt or field goal, the defensive audible change to:

     A Button - Block Punt
     C Button - Punt Return
  Field Goal:
     A Button - Block Kick
     C Button - Prevent


Tackling is accomplished by moving the player you're controlling into the ball 
carrier. Once the Ball Carrier is touched, the tackle begins. You can also 
press the Control Pad and A Button to dive at him. To lay that really big hit 
on the Ball Carrier, try to tackle him head-on!

Pass Defense

If you are near the ball as it comes down, your Defender will usually try to 
deflect it. If you press the B Button when the ball gets near, he will try to 

NOTE: Press the 1 Button will select the previous defender and pressing the 3 
      Button will select the next defender.

Blocking Kicks, Punts + Passes

You can block kicks and punts by jumping or diving in front of the Kicker. If 
you time it correctly you will deflect the ball. To deflect a pass, position 
your Defender between the ball and the Receiver. Then jump at the appropriate 
moment. You will need to be close to where the ball is coming down OR in the
Passer's face as he throws.


To catch a break-away runner, each defender can sprint once per down. To 
sprint, just press the C Button.


Field goals and kicks/punts are controlled the same way. You will see a Power 
Meter with 2 bars and 2 arrows. The horizontal gauge with the L and R on it 
indicates direction. Use it to compensate for wind conditions and aiming. Move 
the arrow horizontally with the Control Pad. The vertical bar and its arrow 
indicate strength. Use it to balance the strength vs. accuracy required for a 
kick or punt. The horizontal white line on this gauge indicates maximum 
accuracy. The top of the gauge indicates maximum strength and minimum is at the 
bottom. Gauges are activated with the snap during field goals and punts and 
with the whistle when kicking off. The arrow next to the gauge will move up and
down. When the arrow reaches the desired line (strength), press the B Button to 

The lowest portion of the power meter is used for onside kicks on kick-offs. 
Stopping the meter in the lowest quarter will execute a low, hard kick.

When kicking off, the C Button moves your men to an onside formation left and A 
moves them to an onside formation right. If you call these formations in Coach 
mode you will automatically attempt an onside kick in that direction.

For field goals and punts: Press the 2 or 5 Button before the kick, but after 
the snap, changes the Holder/Punter into the Quarterback for a surprise fake.


You can pause the action at any point by pressing Pause. While the game is 
paused, pressing B will reveal the volume meter and the Control Pad will adjust 
the volume.

You can also press the Option Button to pause the game. This will give you two 

   A Instant Replay
   B Time Out.


To see an Instant Replay press the Option Button while on the field or at play 
select, then press the A Button. Use the Control Pad to select the player you 
wish to follow with the cursor. Press B to play the instant replay, press A to 
fast forward and press C to rewind.

You can also press the 1 Button to move one frame back, or press the 3 Button 
to move one frame forward. Pressing the 2 Button will force the cursor to 
follow the ball while the replay is in action.


At halftime or the end of a game, the STATS Screen will automatically appear. 
Use the Control Pad to scroll through the pages. Press Option to exit.


Troy Aikman NFL(TM) Football (TM) has both Conferences: The National Football 
Conference and The American Football Conference. Each are composed of Eastern, 
Western, and Central Divisions. Division Standings will not be available in
Pre-Season Mode. The 6 pages of data are displayed after each week's games and 
show the wins, losses and tie games for each team. Flip through the pages with 
the A and B Buttons. Push Option to exit.


The Play-Offs only happen in Custom Season or '94-'95 Season Mode. When all 16 
regular season games have been played, the PLAY-OFF Screen will appear in place 
of the Division Standings Screen and will show the 4 weeks of Play-Off 
competition: Wildcard, Divisionals, Championship, and The Super Bowl. Push 
Option to exit to the next human game. This screen will only appear if a human 
has made it to the playoffs. If not, then the season is over. Better luck next 



                BRONCOS     CHIEFS     RAIDERS     CHARGERS     SEAHAWKS

QUARTERBACK       ****       ****       ***          ***          ***
HALFBACK          **         ***        **           ***          ***
FULLBACK          **         **         **           ****         *
WIDE RECEIVER     ***        ***        ****         ***          **
TIGHT END         ****       ***        **           **           **
KICKER/PUNTER     ***        ***        ****         ***          **
OFFENSIVE LINE    **         ***        ***          **           **
SAFETY            ****       ***        ****         **           ***
CORNER BACK       ***        ***        ***          ***          ***
LINE BACKER       ***        ***        ***          ****         ***
DEFENSIVE LINE    **         ****       ***          ***          ***


                BENGALS     BROWNS     OILERS     STEELERS

QUARTERBACK       *          **         *           **
HALFBACK          **         ****       ***         ***
FULLBACK          *          ***        ***         **
WIDE RECEIVER     **         ***        ***         **
TIGHT END         *          **         ***         ****
KICKER/PUNTER     **         **         ***         ***
OFFENSIVE LINE    **         **         ***         ***
SAFETY            **         **         ***         ***
CORNER BACK       **         ***        ***         ***
LIEN BACKER       **         **         ***         **
DEFENSIVE LINE    **         ***        ***         **


                BILLS       COLTS      DOLPHINS     PATRIOTS     JETS 

QUARTERBACK      ****        **          ****         ***         ***
HALFBACK         ****        ****        ***          **          ***
FULLBACK         ***         ***         ***          **          ***
WIDE RECEIVER    ****        ***         ***          **          ***
TIGHT END        ***         **          ***          **          **
KICKER/PUNTER    **          **          ****         **          ***
OFFENSIVE LINE   ****        **          ***          **          ***
SAFETY           ***         **          **           **          ***
CORNER BACK      ***         ***         ***          ***         ***
LIEN BACKER      ***         **          ***          ***         ***
DEFENSIVE LINE   ***         ***         ***          **          **


               FALCONS     RAMS     SAINTS     49ERS

QUARTERBACK      ***       **        *          ****
HALFBACK         **        ****      **         ****
FULLBACK         **        **        **         ***
WIDE RECEIVER    ***       ***       ***        ****
TIGHT END        **        **        **         ****
KICKER/PUNTER    ****      **        ****       ***
OFFENSIVE LINE   ***       **        ***        ***
SAFETY           ***       **        ***        ***
CORNER BACK      ****      **        ***        ***
LIEN BACKER      **        **        ****       ***
DEFENSIVE LINE   **        **        ***        ***


               BEARS     LIONS     PACKERS     VIKINGS      BUCCANEERS

QUARTERBACK     **        **         ***         ****          *
HALFBACK        ***       ****       **          ***           ***
FULLBACK        ***       **         **          **            **
WIDE RECEIVER   **        **         ****        ***           **
TIGHT END       **        **         **          ***           **
KICKER/PUNTER   ***       **         **          ***           **
OFFENSIVE LINE  ***       ***        ***         **            **
SAFETY          ***       ***        ***         ***           **
CORNER BACK     ***       ***        ***         ***           ***
LIEN BACKER     ***       ***        ***         ***           **
DEFENSIVE LINE  ***       ***        ****        ****          **


                COWBOYS     GIANTS     EAGLES     CARDINALS     REDSKINS

QUARTERBACK       ****       ***        ***          **           **
HALFBACK          ****       ***        ***          ***          ***
FULLBACK          ***        **         **           ***          ***
WIDE RECEIVER     ****       ***        ***          ***          **
TIGHT END         ***        **         ***          **           **
KICKER/PUNTER     **         ***        ***          **           ***
OFFENSIVE LINE    ****       ***        **           ***          ***
SAFETY            ***        ****       ***          ***          **
CORNER BACK       ***        ***        ****         ***          ***
LIEN BACKER       ***        ***        ***          **           **
DEFENSIVE LINE    ****       ***        ***          ***          ***


Troy Aikman's football dream began in Henryetta, Oklahoma, where he earned 
All-State honors with the Henryetta High School Fighting Hens. His collegiate 
football career began at the University of Oklahoma and after 2 years, Troy 
transferred to UCLA. At UCLA the All-American Aikman led the Bruins to a 20-4 
record, including wins in the 1988 Aloha Bowl and the 1989 Cotton Bowl. In just 
two seasons at UCLA, Aikman completed 64,8% of his passes for 5,298 yards and 
41 touchdowns and finished his college career as the third rated passer in NCAA

After being drafted by the Cowboys in 1989, Troy became the first rookie to 
start a season opener for Dallas since Roger Staubach in 1969. After showing 
flashes of potential during his first three years in Dallas, Troy helped the 
Cowboys put everything together in 1992.

Comfortable in a strong offensive system, healthy the entire season and 
confident in his abilites to lead the club, Aikman led Dallas on a march 
through the regular season and the playoffs, culminating in a Super Bowl 
victory over Buffalo on January 31, 1993. For his performance that Sunday in 
Pasadena, Aikman earned the Super Bowl MVP award.

Aikman finished the season with 3,445 yards passing, to rank second in the NFC 
and fourth in the NFL. His 302 completions were the second most in a season in 
team history and tied him for the NFC lead, second in the NFL. The following 
year history repeated itself as Aikman again led Dallas to a Super Bowl win 
against Buffalo on January 30, 1994. Aikman completed the season with an 
overall ranking of second in both the NFC and the NFL. His statistics for 
season and post-season play were spectacular - a total of 332 completions for 
3786 yards.

Earning praise from football legends and admiration from his legion of fans, 
Aikman has become a symbol for respect on and off the field. In addition to 
establishing the "Troy Aikman Foundation", which benefits disadvantaged 
children, Aikman has provided support to literally dozens of charitable causes 
nationwide. For the past two seasons, Troy has been one of the five finalists 
for the NFL Man of the Year, which honors players for their contributions to 
the community.


"It is my belief that Childhood should be a wondrous time of life, a time of 
 dreaming, discovery, development and play. There is nothing more important 
 than the health and well-being of children in our nation. They are our future. 
 It is our goal to assist those children whose special needs are not being met 
 by other resources... we have united with friends and sponsors to improve the 
 quality of life for young dream at a time!"

                                                                 Troy Aikman

The Troy Aikman Foundation was started in October of 1992, through the 
generosity and beneficence of professional quarterback Troy Aikman. The 
Foundation is a public charitable 501(c)3 organization created as a 
fund-raising vehicle to support the needs of dependent children. The mission of 
the Foundation is to provide financial support for the physical, psychological, 
social and educational needs of dependent children whose needs are not being 
met, either in whole or in part, by any other viable resource.

Needs are identified through referrals from community and religious 
organizations, educational institutions, child protective agencies, and the 
general public.

Requests for grants and gifts are accepted and reviewed throughout the year. 
All requests are subject to board approval and gifts are made based on funds 
available at the time of the request.

All gifts must provide "direct care" to a specific child or group of children. 
It is the Foundation's intent to provide funds to individuals who have 
exhausted all other avenues of support.

The annual Troy Aikman Classic provides the major source of revenue for the 
Foundation. Local organizations and corporations also contribute in broadening 
the base of funding by naming the Foundation as recipent of funds raised at 
their own special events during the year.

Don't let drugs sideline you in the game of life. Join Troy Aikman and the 
youth of America in saying  "No Thank. I'll Pass" to drugs.


Jaguar Version Developed By       Telegames CDG  

Producer        	          Terry Grantham
Lead Programmer     		  Richard S. Wong

Additional Programming    	  David G. Mahaffey

Jaguar Graphics   		  Scott Martindale and Lake Effects Animation

Jaguar Music Adaption    	  Scott Vollmer

Special Thanks To Williams Entertainment Inc.

Football Engine Programming    	  Michael Hunley

Based on an Original Design By    Michael Hunley, David Schwartz, Gary Luecker, 
                                  Andy Wilson, John Stookey
Adapted from Original Code by     Michael Hunley, David Schwartz

Original Player Animations    	  Gary Lueckner, Francisco Gracia

Original Music and Sound Effects  Rob Atesalp

Package/Manual Design&Production  Debbie Austin, Steve High, Shawn Murphy, 
                                  Beeline Group, Inc.

Quality Control   		  Brian Johnson, Randy Estrella, John Stookey, 
                                  Tim Heydelaar, Dan Lewis, Steve Kramer

Technical Advice   		  Troy Aikman, Pat Curan, Vincent Curran, 
                                  Chris Curran

Additional Assistance   	  Verna Riddles, Charlyn Aikman, Bobby Collier,
                                  Jack Collier