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Raiden - Atari - Atari Jaguar     HTML Manual   

Raiden Manual


Mother Earth has fallen under seige by militant aliens. Now, as pilot of the 
Raiden Supersonic Attack Fighter, it's up to you to mount a daring 
counterattack. Rip through enemy lines and take back our cities ... torch 
Gatling units with your homing missiles ... and teach these galactic pirates 
why nobody messes with your planet!

Getting Started

1. Insert your JAGUAR Raiden cartridge into the cartridge slot of your JAGUAR 
   64-bit Interactive Multimedia System.
2. Press the POWER button.

3. Press the B button to discontinue the title screens.

Game Controls (see Fig. I)

	A	Fire   \
	B	Fire    |- (1)
	C	Bomb   /

	0 	Toggles music on or off ------ (2)

[PAUSE]		Will pause the game action. -------------------
While in Pause Mode, you may change the volume of the          |
music and sound effects. Press the A button and move           |--- (3)
the joypad left or right to change the volume setting of       |
the music. Press the B button and move the joypad left or      |
right to change the volume setting of the sound effects. ------

Volume and High Score information are retained in the cartridge even if you 
have turned off your JAGUAR 64-bit Interactive Multimedia System. The cartridge 
will store up to 100,000 changes. After 100,000 changes have been recorded, no 
more changes will be retained. To clear the currently saved changes, press *, 
option and # while on the Raiden title screen.

Main Game Selection Screen (see Fig. II)

Player 1

(1) Bomb Count	Displays current bomb amount
(2) Credits	Displays how many continue credits you have
(3) Ships	Displays number of ships remaining
(4) Score	Displays your current score

Player 2

(5) Bomb Count	Displays bomb amount for Player 2
(6) Credits	Displays credit amount for Player 2
(7) Ships	Displays ship count for Player 2
(8) Score	Displays score for Player 2

Weapon Power-Ups

Scattered throughout each level you will find a host of different weapons - 
some float around, others fly from enemy ships you destroy. To collect a Weapon 
Power-up, simply fly into it. To upgrade the power of each weapon, collect a 
series of only that weapon-type (for example, collecting four lasers in a row 
will give you a more powerful laser). The following is a list of the different
items you can collect.

   Blue		Lasers
   Red		Automatic machine gun
   "B"		Bomb
   "M"		Direct fire missile
   "H"		Homing missile
   Dragon	3,000 points
   Fairy	10,000 points
   "P"		Super Weapon Power-up. Takes you to the 
   		maximum power of the Weapon Power-up
   		you are currently using.
Special Shot:

2-Player Mode	Line up directly behind your teammate and fire into his 
		jetstream. This will give you a powerful dispersal beam.

Programming by Imagitec Design Inc.
Producer:	John Skruch
Testers:	Joe Sousa, Andrew Keim, Sean Patten, Tom Gillen, Ted Tahquechi