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Crazy Climber



1. NEWS FLASH!.......................1
2. GAME PLAY.........................2
3. USING THE CONTROLLER..............4
4. CONSOLE CONTROLS..................5
5. GAME VARIATIONS...................6
6. SCORING...........................6
7. HELPFUL HINTS.....................7
8. GAME SELECT MATRIX................8





(VIDEO CENTRAL). Police have reported an agile daredevil, nicknamed "Crazy Climber" by residents, trying to scale the tallest building in the city. Witnesses, some of whom have been taken to the hospital with kinks in their necks, say that the climber has been barraged with flower pots, buckets of water, and baskets of fruit by a madman known only as the "Mad Doctor." Residents of the building have complained of the disturbance.

"It's impossible to get any sleep around here," said one red-eyed resident. "Flower pots keep breaking against the side of the building, a lunatic keeps climbing past my living room window, and to make matters worse - a crazy bird keeps flapping back and forth outside. I am going batty!"

According to highly placed city officials, the Crazy Climber has vowed to reach the top of the building against all odds. Officials, who have since inspected the building, have discovered loose hinges on many of the windows, causing them to close on the climber's fingers. "These buildings weren't built for climbing," said one city building inspector.

Police have blocked off the street and a 24-hour watch on the climber has been posted. A helicopter is waiting at the top of the building to pick up Crazy Climber - if he makes it.

Keep reading for late-breaking details. Now, back to your regularly scheduled game play.


Win at CRAZY CLIMBER by climbing to the tops of four skyscrapers, while avoiding enemies and objects that can knock you off the side of the building. You can climb up, right, or left, but not down on the rows of windows. The faster and farther you climb, the more points you score. But watch out! If a window closes on your hands, or if a falling object hits you while climbing, you'll fall back to the street below.

You'll start the game with five climbers; each time one falls, another appears at the spot where the last climber fell. The last three climbers are shown at the top center of your screen.

Each skyscraper is progressively more difficult to climb. Windows open and close faster, more obstacles are placed in your path, and your enemies are more unrelenting in their attacks.

You'll need sharp eyes and quick reflexes to make it past all the obstacles placed in your path. The obstacles you'll encounter are:


These are an ever-present danger to you. You can climb past a window if it is even slightly open, but if it closes shut on both your hands, you'll fall. If a window closes on only one of your hands, you're safe - but only if you stay still. If you try to climb up or sideways, you'll lose your grip and fall.


An arch fiend with a weird sense of humor, the Mad Doctor smiles down at you while throwing a bizarre assortment of missiles. He has three to choose from - a flowerpot, a basket of fruit, and a bucket of water. If any of these hit you while you're climbing from one window to another, you'll fall. If you have both hands firmly planted on a ledge, however, you'll be safe. The obstacle will simply bounce off your head. Whether you fall or not, you'll lose 100 bonus points each time you're hit by one of the Mad Doctor's deadly toys.


Get ready for the biggest bird you've ever seen! This snow-white condor will divebomb you with gigantic eggs. If your arms are straight and firmly planted on a ledge, the egg will simply break and splatter into the air. If you are climbing to another window, however, it will knock you off the ledge. You will lose 100 points if an egg touches you, so avoid them if you can.


A shower of steel girders greets you as you climb some of the buildings . Nothing can stop a girder from sweeping you off the side of a building - avoid them at all costs. If a girder touches you, you'll not only fall, but you'll also lose 100 bonus points.


An electric sign sometimes appears where a building narrows down to two rows of windows. A flopping live wire hangs off the side of the sign. As you climb past, the wire will shock you. For each electric shock you receive, you lose 100 bonus points; 11 shocks and you'll fall off the building. Try to climb past the sign as fast as you can.


Each time you reach the top of a building, a helicopter appears and will take you to a new building. Hurry! You only have 30 seconds to grab the runner of the helicopter. Your bonus points tick off while the helicopter is searching for you, so the faster you grab the runner, the more bonus points you'll keep. After you've reached the top of Building 4, you'll be transported back to Building 1. Keep climbing! You'll continue to score points until you use all your climbers.


Use your Joystick Controller with this ATARI Game Program cartridge. Be sure the controller cables are firmly plugged into the jacks at the back of your ATARI 2600 Video Computer System game. Hold your Joystick with the red button to your upper left, toward the television screen. (See your Owner's Manual for further details.)


Select the game variation you want to play by using the GAME SELECT switch on your console, or by pulling back on your left Joystick. You can start the game two different ways. Press the GAME RESET switch on you console, or press the red button on your left controller. The Crazy Climber theme will then play; when it's over, you'll be ready to go!


Climbing up a building requires a two-part movement: First push the Joystick forward to move the climber's arms up; then pull the Joystick back to move the climber up to a new ledge. To climb quickly, move the Joystick back and forth, using a rocking motion.

To move your climber sideways, push the Joystick either left or right. Your climber will scurry across the building in the same direction you move your Joystick. However, you can only move your climber sideways when his arms are straight. If your climber is in a crouched position, you must straighten his arms out before he can move right or left.



Press GAME RESET to start the game, or to restart the game in the middle of game play. The Crazy Climber theme will play; when it stops you can move your climber. Good luck!


Use GAME SELECT to pick the game variation you would like to play. The game variation appears at the upper left of your screen. Continue pressing the switch to cycle through the game variations. Pulling back on the left Joystick has the same function as pressing the GAME SELECT switch.


Set this switch to COLOR if you're playing on a color TV. Set it to B-W to play the game on a black and white TV.


If you set your DIFFICULTY SWITCH to the A position, your climber moves slowly and will have a hard time grasping ledges. If you set your difficulty switch to the B position, your climber mvoes faster. The LEFT DIFFICULTY switch affects the climber controlled by the left Joystick; the RIGHT DIDDICULTY switch affects the climber controlled by the right Joystick.


CRAZY CLIMBER contains ten different game variations. Five of the variations are one-player games, the other five are two player games.

You have the option of starting a game on one of four different buildings. Use the Building 1 variation to start climbing on Building 1, the Building 2 variation to start climbing on Building 2, and so on.

Use the NOVICE variations to learn how to play CRAZY CLIMBER. In the NOVICE mode you cannot fall off a building unless a window shuts on your hands, or unless an electric sign shocks you more than eleven times. Your always start climbing on the Building 1 in the NOVICE game variations. (See Section 7 - GAME SELECT MATRIX, for a quick reference to game variations.)


You score pints in CRAZY CLIMBER two ways: by earning climbing points for each row of windows you climb up; and by earning bonus points when you reach the top of each skyscraper.

The value of your climbing points depends on the building you climb:

Building 1             100 points/row
Building 2             200 points/row
Building 3             300 points/row
Building 4             400 points/row

Bonus points are like a timer - they measure the speed at which you climb a building. When you start climbing a new building, the maximum number of bonus points appears on the screen, above your score (see Figure 4). For every ten seconds you climb, your bonus points decreases by 100 points. When you reach the top, you must grab the helicopter within 30 seconds, or you'll lose all your bonus points. You should grab the helicopter as fast as possible, since your bonus points continue to decrease until you touch the helicopter runner.

The maximum value of your bonus points also depends on which building you are on:

Building 1              100,000 points
Building 2              200,000 points
Building 3              300,000 points
Building 4              400,000 points


  • Climb as fast as possible to score maximum bonus points.
  • Climb past closing windows quickly. Rmember that you can safely climb past any window as longs as it doesn't close completely on your hands. Don't wait for a window to close - clmb past it.
  • Foil the Mad Doctor by clibing between two rows of windows. His missiles will whiz harmlessly past your head.
  • Try to predict where the helicopter will dip down to pick you up. Then move to the best place - fast!


  One Player Two Player Maximum Bonus Points Climbing Points Per Story Climber Unharmed by Falling Objects
Building 1 *   100,000 100  
Building 2 *   200,000 200  
Building 3 *   300,000 300  
Building 4 *   400,000 400  
Novice *   100,000 100 *
Building 1   * 100,000 100  
Building 2   * 200,000 200  
Building 3   * 300,000 300  
Building 4   * 400,000 400  
Novice   * 100,000 100 *


This manual archived by Alexander Bilstein for Atari Age.