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Cruise Missile

Cruise Missile

Cruise Missile (TM)

Cruise Missile

   Cruise Missile is a full-color action game for one player.  It is
designed to be played on the ATARI(R) Video Computer System(TM) VCS 2600 and
   You control your own Starship in this space battle which takes place in the
galaxy of Interwand.  Your Interwand Starship is equipped to do battle with 
the enemy guard towers and spaceships of the planet Antiwand.
   Your mission is to destroy the guard towers that protect the underground
enemy settlement and enter the secret tunnel that leads to Antiwand.  You
must constantly be on the alert and attack the guard towers before they
collide with and destroy your Starship.  When you have destroyed 10 towers,
you will go to Level 2 where you can enter the underground world of the
Antiwands.  It is here that you will do battle with Antiwand spaceships
and underground missile command towers which will try to destroy your 
   The more Antiwand towers you destroy, the more the attack speed of the
towers increases and the tunnel itself grows more and more narrow making
your journey more perilous than ever.

Instructions for Setup

1. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to connect the ATARI Video
Computer System to your TV.

2. Install only the Left Joystick control.  The Right Joystick is not used.

3. Make certain that the ATARI power switch is OFF, then insert the game

4. Set the TV TYPE switch to the proper setting.

5. Set the DIFFICULTY switch to A (slow) or B (fast).

6. Set the CHANNEL 2-3 switch to the proper setting for your TV.

7. Set the POWER switch to ON.

Instructions for Play

1. Push RESET to start or restart Cruise Missile action.

2. There are eight (8) moving and shooting directions on the Joystick: up,
down, left, right, and four (4) diagonal directions.  Press the RED button
to fire at the enemy towers and spaceships.

3. You begin with eight (8) Starships which you can control one at a time.

4. You must use your Starship to destroy the two kinds of Antiwand guard
towers that protect the underground settlement.  You receive 20 points for
each low tower you destroy and 50 points for each high tower you destroy.
To destroy the high tower you must hit the firing arm of the tower.

(NOTE: Move your Starship slowly and return to the upper left corner of the
screen after you finish attacking the enemy.)

5. The game shifts to Level 2 after you have destroyed 10 towers.  Now you
will have three (3) chances to enter the underground tunnel that leads to
Antiwand.  If you choose to stay above ground, the firing speed of the towers
will increase.  To enter the tunnel you must move quickly.

6. Once in the tunnel you must attack and destroy enemy space vehicles and
underground missile command towers before they destroy you.  The underground
tunnel will grow more narrow as time passes.  This makes it more difficult
to negotiate a path for your Starship, so be careful!

7. You receive 50 points when you hit a tower.  The number of points you
receive for each hit increases as the number of towers you hit increases.
The highest score you can receive is 360 points.

8. You can also try to pass through the tunnel without ever hitting an
enemy tower or spaceship.  Whenever you do this, you will receive 20 points.
The firing speed of the towers doubles if you stay in the tunnel after
hitting 10 towers.

9. When you hit 50 towers, the ground changes color from green to blue.
At this time, if you hit 10 more towers (either above or underground), you
will receive one extra Starship.  The firing speed of the towers will triple
after you've hit 80 towers.

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ATARI(R) is a registered trademark and Video Computer System(TM) is a
trademark of ATARI, INC.

FG1007 (C)Froggo Games Corp. Printed in U.S.A.

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance