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Custer's Revenge

Custer's Revenge


M y s t i q u e (tm)




The object of the game is to use your joystick control to advance Custer
across the TV screen and "score" as many times as you can with the beautiful
maiden, all the time trying to avoid the arrows, and in game numbers 3 and 4
the prickly cactus as well.
When the game starts, Custer has three lives. Every time he is hit by an
arrow, he goes into his little dance and loses one life. In games 3 and 4,
if he runs into a cactus, he'll go into a different dance, but he still
loses a life. When all the lives are lost the game is over. Small cactuses
on the black stripe at the bottom of the screen show how many lives are
remaining in addition to the one then in play.


When Custer successfully reaches the maiden, repeatedly depress the "fire"
button. Do not hold it down. You receive one point for each time you "score".
So press it over and over again as rapidly as you can. Watch how the maiden
smiles and kicks up her heels and Custer "flips his lid". As Custer "scores"
a fanfare of Charge is played. You do not have to wait for the tune to finish
to "score" again. Just keep pressing the button over and over again.

Game Play

Custer's Revenge (tm) consists of two game versions, each with a one or
two player option. With the power shut off, gently insert your Mystique (tm)
video game cartridge into your Atari (R) or Sears (R) console in the same
manner as you would with any compatible game cartridge. Turning the power
switch to "on" will activate the "foreplay" mode. This is very similar to
the "Attract" mode seen on many arcade games. You will hear the Cavalry
Charge Song followed by the Indian War Dance music. Once the music stops
playing you can start the game.
Games numbers 1 and 3 are one-player versions and 2 and 4 are two-player
versions. In games 1 and 2 you need only avoid the arrows. Games 3 and 4 are
more difficult in that you must avoid the cactus in addition to the arrows.
Use the game select switch on your console to select your game choice. The
number of the game appears on a color stripe above the Mystique (tm) name
near the bottom of the screen. Use the left joystick control for the one-
player games and both joysticks for the two-player games.
Once you have selected the game, either depress the "game reset" button
on your console, or the red "fire" button on the left joystick control. This
will start the "play" mode and the two musical themes are then repeated. At
the end of the music the tom-toms begin to beat, the arrows start flying and
it's time to start playing.
Moving the joystick to the right will cause Custer to face right and walk
to the right. Moving the joystick to the left causes Custer to face left and
walk to the left. Moving the joystick up or down or leaving it in the center
will cause Custer to "halt".


The trick is to avoid the arrows. They will cost you a life if they hit in
a line with Custer's hat. However it is possible to stand between 2 arrows
and not get hit. When Custer gets hit by an arrow, lightning and thunder
strike, he grabs his bottom, jumps out of his boots and does his dance to
the tune of Taps.
The large cactus plants on the screens of games 3 and 4 will appear and
disappear at random intervals. If any part of Custer touches the cactus when
it appears, it will cost one life. When this occurs, Custer goes into a
different dance, pointing to his wounded pride, and once again passing on to
the tune of Taps.

Bonus Lives

For every 50 points Custer scores (you receive one point each time he
scores), you will be awarded a bonus life. You can accumulate no more than
6 lives at any one time, in addition to the one in play.

Two Player Option

When the two player option is selected, the first player (using the left
joystick -- red score stripe) plays until a life is lost. The second player
(right joystick -- green score stripe) then plays until a life is lost.
Turns continue to alternate until one player has lost all their lives. The
other player then continues until their remaining lives are lost. When this
occurs, the game is over and players' final scores are displayed simultan-
eously on the screen, meanwhile the unit returns to the "Attract" or
"foreplay" mode.

Difficulty Levels

With the difficulty switch in the "A" position the arrows initially move
at a slow speed. Upon reaching 50 points, a bonus life is awarded, Custer
returns to the left side of the screen and the arrows speed up to the
"intermediate" speed, significantly increasing the difficulty of avoiding
the arrows. Upon reaching 100 points, another bonus life is awarded; Custer
returns to the left part of the screen again and the speed of the arrows
increases to "fast". In essence, the better you get, the harder it gets to
By moving the difficulty switch to the "B" position, all speeds are
With two-players it is possible for one player to use the slower speed and
the other player to use the faster speed for handicap purposes.

After Play

The world of electronic video games is a most exciting concept. It uses
computer generated images to challenge the player's imagination; to create
a fantasy situation that offers a challenge.
Until Mystique (tm), video games have been considered by many to be
"child's play" (because they usually beat the adults). But here's a game kids
can't play (so you stand a chance of winning).
We at Mystique (tm) feel that it's time for video games and their adult
players to come out of the closet, away from the kids, and deal with ADULT
fantasies. After all, grown-ups have been known to be imaginative and comp-
etitive, as well as have fantasies.
We have designed our "Adult" games to be whimsical, entertaining, challeng-
ing, naughty and FUN. Our own team of design engineers has developed a line
of games that don't just stop at "Adult", but push the Atari console to the
limit. You'll see graphics of a quality that you probably have never seen
before. You'll hear music and sound effects where you've come to expect only
an occasional "bleep" before. Nearly every bit of capability of the Atari
2600 is used.
It is our desire to provide you with not only the finest in adult video
games, but with a level of quality -- play, graphics, effects and humor --
rarely found in any video game -- adult or not. We want you to laugh, smile
a lot, have a challenge and enjoy! Any suggestions for improvement are
welcome. Compliments are adored. However, we'd love to hear from you either

P.S. If the kids catch you and should ask, tell them Custer and the maiden
are just dancing.

Printed in Hong Kong