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Demolition Herby - Telesys - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Demolition Herby

Plays on the Atari 2600 Video Computer System tm
and Sears Tele-Games Video Arcade


Fun in Fames

Wham, bam...Watch out, man!!!

You're out to clear the tracks with Demolition Herby.  But
on your way bash! crash! knock anyone who gets in your
way.  If you don't, it's the junkyard for you!

Squash a squad car, trash a tow truck...shift into
overdrive and give them the slip.  But watch your fuel--even
hot-shot hotrodders run out of gas!

Controlling this dastardly driver could drive you mad!!!
So just jump on the throttle and let him rip!!!

Demolition Herby.  He'll turn you into a wreck.

Black out all the squares on the demolition course--and score
as many points as you can--before you lose your last car.

Play with one or two players using the Joystick Controllers.
Always be sure the power is off before inserting or removing
the Demolition Herby cartridge from your video game system.
For a one-person game use the controller plugged into the
LEFT CONTROLLER jack.  Hold the controller so the red
button is to your upper left.  The Difficulty Switch has no
effect on this game.

There are a total of three Demolition Herby games (see 
game variations for details).  Game number is indicated in the
lower middle of screen.  Push game select button to choose
the game you wish to play.  Push red button on Joystick to 
begin or start a new game.

You control Herby--the little green car that starts out at the 
top of the screen.  Use your Joystick to move him up, down,
left, and right.  You don't have to follow any set course, but he
only travels on the lines, not within the squares.

You'll notice the white lines turn red as Herby goes over
them.  When you've changed all four lines around a square to
red, the square gets blacked out.  You earn points and get
more fuel.  The bar at the bottom of the screen is your gas
gauge.  You'll hear a warning tune when you're nearly on 
empty.  If you hit empty, you'll have to use one of your
extra cars.

But you've got more to worry about than running out of gas!
There's no way you can just go on your merry way, blacking
out squares undisturbed.

Just when you think you've got a square done, here come the
chase cars.  These guys could be your undoing!  If they go over
a line you've turned red, they change it back to white!  They 
also try to bash right into you.  If they do, they can knock you
off the track.  You'll have to get a new car when that happens.
So rear-end them first!  You'll stay on track and earn bonus
points besides!

Note:  When a chase car is on the same line as Herby, its 
speed doubles.

When you do manage to black out all the squares on the
screen, you've completed a lap and the action stops.  Push the
red button on your Joystick and you'll start all over--but this 
time your pursuers are really on your tail.  the better _you_
get at outwitting them, the smarter and faster _they_ get.

You begin the game with three spare cars, indicated by the
three cars at the bottom of the screen.  Every time Herby
gets knocked off the track, you lose one car.

When you see a chase car coming at Herby, get out of the
way!  Any time they're heading toward you and hit you, you
get knocked off the track.  To knock the chase cars away and 
stay on the track yourself you have to hit them from behind
(while they're going away from you).

If you do get hit, Herby will come to rest at the screen's edge.
Just move your Joystick to get him back on track.

To really step on the gas, push the red button on your
controller and Herby shifts into overdrive.

Use this carefully, because in overdrive you use fuel up a lot
faster.  And you no longer change the color of the track--
unless you've knocked out all the chase cars.

NOTE:  If you knock all three chase cars off the track,
you can shift into overdrive and the track will still change
color.  This is your chance to really rack up some points.  So
put it in high gear and go for it!  Chase cars stay off the
track for 8-10 seconds.

You can turn Demolition Herby into a two-player game by just
moving the Joystick plugged into the right sice of the game
console.  When you do, you control all three chase cars.
And you're the spoiler.  You can really get in the way of
Herby's progress.

Pick out the fastest chase car and set him in hot pursuit of
Herby.  You can move in all directions, but can only change
directions at intersections.  So all three cars will move
the way you shift the Joystick when they individually reach
their next intersection.

Black out a single square--32 points + fuel
Complete two squares with one line--145 points + more fuel
Ram a chase car--117 points

For each 1000 points you score you get an additional car,
up to six maximum.

There are three game variations.

#1--Children's Race
The other demolition racers are fairly slow.  The speed
stays the same every lap.

#2--Beginner's Course
Pace stars out slow, but gets progressively faster with 
each lap.  After 7 laps, the other racers get going so
fast, they don't even erase your red lines--they don't 
need to!

#3--Dastardly Derby
Start out quick, and then try to keep the pace!  After
just two laps, your opponents don't bother to erase the
red lines anymore.  They're just after you!

*As often as possible, set yourself up to complete two squares
with one line.
*After you hit a chase car, get away so you don't get hit
when he ricochets.

After playing Demolition Herby a while, You'll find yourself
developing your own style of play.  There is no one best
approach, but here are some game strategies you
might consider:

The Slippery Shifter--Evade those chase cars at all costs and
concentrate on blacking out squares.  Try using overdrive right
at the beginning to get to the opposite end of the track.  (This
is especially effective at the first few levels, when your
pursuers are slower and not so smart.)

The Bashing Crasher--Get those chase cars out of your
hair--and rack up points--by going after them first.  Then
uwe overdrive to black out all the squares you can.  (When
the chase cars get really fast, this strategy might be
a necessity!)

The Trail Blazer--Play around and find a strategy we haven't.
(Then drop us a line and let us know how you beat this 
crazy game!)

Here's a little peek at how the chase cars and Herby are
programmed to stack up at each level of game play.

You'll notice quotients on the chart below, for example:
25/25.  The first number is the intelligence, or IQ of the car.
The second number is it's speed.

Herby's speed is 100.  You determine his smarts.  You'll notice
that no chase car's IQ reaches 100, or perfect.  We like our
computers to be at least _slightly_ human.

G=Game L=Level C=Car
G1   L1   C1-25/25   C2-25/25   C3-25/25   C4-XX/XX   Chase Cars Erase
G2   L2   C1-XX/XX   C2-50/25   C3-25/25   C4-25/25   Chase Cars Erase
G2   L3   C1-75/25   C2-90/25   C3-25/50   C4-XX/XX   Chase Cars Erase
G2   L4   C1-XX/XX   C2-90/25   C3-25/50   C4-50/50   Chase Cars Erase
G2   L5   C1-25/50   C2-75/50   C3-25/65   C4-XX/XX   Chase Cars Erase
G2   L6   C1-XX/XX   C2-50/50   C3-90/50   C4-50/65   Chase Cars Erase
G3   L7   C1-75/50   C2-50/65   C3-25/80   C4-XX/XX   Chase Cars Erase
G3   L8   C1-XX/XX   C2-90/50   C3-75/65   C4-50/65   Chase Cars Erase
G3   L9   C1-25/65   C2-25/80   C3-90/80   C4-XX/XX   Chase Cars Don't
G3   L10  C1-XX/XX   C2-50/65   C3-50/80   C4-90/80   Chase Cars Don't
G3   L11  C1-75/75   C2-90/80   C3-90/80   C4-XX/XX   Chase Cars Don't
G3   L12  C1-XX/XX   C2-90/65   C3-90/80   C4-90/80   Chase Cars Don't
G3   L13  C1-25/80   C2-90/80   C3-90/80   C4-XX/XX   Chase Cars Don't
G3   L14  C1-XX/XX   C2-50/80   C3-90/80   C4-90/80   Chase Cars Don't
G3   L15  C1-75/95   C2-90/95   C3-90/95   C4-XX/XX   Chase Cars Don't
G3   L16  C1-90/95   C2-90/95   C3-90/95   C4-XX/XX   Chase Cars Don't

Fun in Games
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This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance