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Dodge 'Em - Atari - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Dodge 'Em
Game Program(TM) Instructions
Atari(R) A Warner Communications Company
(C) 1980 ATARI, INC.
Model CX2637
{Page 1}
Use your Joystick Controller with this ATARI(R) Game Program(TM). Be sure the
controllers are firmly plugged into the LEFT and RIGHT CONTROLLER jacks at
the rear of your ATARI Video Computer System(TM). Hold the controller with
the red button to your upper left toward the television screen.
For one-player games, use the controller plugged into the LEFT CONTROLLER
JACK. See Section 3 of your Video Computer System Owner's Manual for further
NOTE: Always turn the console power switch off when inserting or removing a
Game Program. this will protect the electronic components and prolong the
life of your ATARI Video Computer System.
In all games, your race car automatically moves forward around the four lane
track. To steer your car right or left, move the Joystick forward or backward
(towards yourself). The red controller button acts as your gas pedal and
accelerates your car.
game select switch
Use this switch to select the game number you wish to play. The number of
each game appears momentarily at the upper left corner of the screen.
left difficulty switch
In the a position, the computer car or cars travel at twice their normal
speed after the first and third sets of bonus points are awarded. In the b
position, the car or cars travel at a slower or normal speed.
{Page 2}
game reset switch
Use this switch to start game play.
right difficulty switch
In the a position, the computer car begins game play in different playfield
positions. In the b position, the computer car always begins game play next
to your race car.
During a game each player receives three turns or heats. each turn or heat
ends when your car crashes--three heats, three crashes! When you run over all
the dots on the track, you score eight bonus points and another set of dots
appears. however, you are allowed only five sets of dots per turn. the
number of your remaining turns is displayed at the upper center of the
{Figure of playing field, a square track with four lanes, divided into four
quadrents, with two numbers above it and two cars driving on it, indicating
that the number of remaining turns is the number sightly left of center at
the top of the field}
At the end of a game, the scores alternately flash on the screen. In one-
player games, try to beat your previous score. In two-player games, the
player with the highest score after three heats is the winner.
Each player controls a car:
Red car - left controller player
Green car - right controller player
Blue car - computer controlled (except in Game 3)
{Page 3}
{Figure showing GAME NUMBER as leftmost top number, REMAINING TURNS as number
slightly left of center at top, SCORE as rightmost number at top, COMPUTER
CAR positioned at bottom, slightly left of center, outermost lane, and LEFT
CONTROLLER PLAYER car at bottom, slightly right of center, outermost lane.}
NOTE: Colors may vary on different television sets.
Steer your race car counterclockwise on the four lane track. Your objective
is to score as many points as possible by running over the dots which appear
on the lanes of the track.
The computer car races clockwise on the track and tries to crash into your
car. When a crash occurs, you lose one turn. If you run over two sets of
dots, TWO computer cars will appear on the track.
{Figure showing computer car and left controller player at previous positions
and a second computer car at the top of the track, outermost lane, slightly
right of center}
To avoid the computer car and to score points, your timing is important. Use
your accelerator and your skill at steering from one lane to another to win.
{Page 4}
You may change a maximum of two lanes at a time, except when accelerating.
When accelerating, you may change one lane at a time.
In one-player games score as many points as possible during your three turns.
There are two two-player games:
A.      You and your opponent take turns scoring while the computer controls
        the other car. (Game 2)
B.      You and your opponent go for it at the same time. The player using
        the left Joystick starts as the point-scoring car (moving left to
        right on the screen); the right player controls the crash car with
        one speed and no point-scoring. When a crash occurs, the roles are
        reversed. (Game 3)
The number at the top, right side of the screen represents both players
scores, and changes color according to the color of each car.
You'll hear the roar of the engines and the crashes.
GAME 1 - One player
GAME 2 - Two players/computer controls one car. (See A. -GAME PLAY)
GAME 3 - Two players alternately control a point-scoring car and a crash car.
         (See B. - GAME PLAY)
{Page 5}
ATARI(R) A Warner Communcations Company
ATARI, INC., Consumer Division
P.O. Box 427, Sunnyvale, CA 94086
Printed in U.S.A.
C011402-37 Rev.1

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