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Double Dragon - Activision - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Double Dragon


for the Atari 2600


The Black Warriors have kidnapped your best girl. That was their first
mistake. Challenging you and your twin brother in martial arts combat will
be their second. But these thugs don't play by the rules. Knives, whips,
bats, boulders, and dynamite are standard issue with these masters of pain.
And their uzi-toting boss doesn't believe in happy endings.

* For 1 or 2 players with simultaneous action, just like the arcade.
* The hottest martial arts moves, including skull-cracking punches,
flying kicks, and elbow smashes.
* The best-ever graphics and sound for the Atari.


The Ultimate Challenge

Twin brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee learned to fight the hard way --- for
survival in the unforgiving city streets. Their brand of combat - classic
martial arts manoeuvres mixed with anything-goes street brawling - has
turned them into walking lethal weapons.
Now, the Lees must summon all their fighting abilities and cunning into
meeting the greatest challenge of their lives - rescuing Billy's girlfriend,
Marion. She's been kidnapped by the Black Warriors the savage street gang
lead by the mysterious Shadow Boss.
The twins pursue the Black Warriors through the city streets and it's out-
skirts. Finally they fight their way into the Secret Enemy Base. There,
Billy and Jimmy meet the Shadow Boss. It's a battle to the finish, with
Marion as the prize.

Loading Instructions

1. With your TV off, hook up your video game system to your TV.
2. Plug in your joystick. If you're playing a one player game, use the
jack on the left.
3. Turn on your TV, and insert the Double Dragon cartridge with the label
facing away from you.
4. Turn on the video game system.

The Battle Begins

Either one or two players can battle it out against the Shadow Boss's
henchmen. There are three different games:
* Game 1 - One player against the Black Warriors.
* Game 2 - Two players against the Black Warriors.
* Game 3 - Player against player in a one-on-one battle (This game is
strictly a fight between Billy and Jimmy, and is a good time to
practice your fighting skills).
Press the SELECT button on the console to choose which game you want to play.
Press the RESET button to start the game. Press it again. Press the RESET
button during the game to stop playing and start a new game.

Fighting Controls

There are four fighting moves. Use the joystick and joystick button as
described below to activate these blows.

* Punch: Move the joystick to the right or left (depending on which
direction you're facing) and press the button.

* Elbow Punch: Move the joystick diagonally up and to the RIGHT and
press the button to throw a LEFT elbow punch, and diagonally up and
to the LEFT and press the button to throw a RIGHT elbow punch. You'll
throw the elbow punch in the opposite direction from the one you're

* Kick: Move the joystick diagonally down and to the right or left,
depending on which way you want to kick and press the button.

* Jump Kick: Move the joystick up and press the button. You'll leap
forward and kick in the direction you're facing.

You can also manoeuvre around the fighting area by moving the joystick


In some battles, the Black Warriors have weapons: bats, knives and oil drums.
To knock weapons out of an enemy's hands, punch or kick him. To take a weapon
away from your opponent, punch him. If the weapon's been dropped, stand over
it and press the button.

Fighting It Out

On the fighting screens, there's a column of numbers in the top centre of
the screen:
* The top number (purple) keeps a score for Player One.
* The middle number (orange) keeps score for Player Two.
* The bottom number (yellow) keeps time. You get 70 units of time to
make it through the first and second missions. In the middle of the
third mission, the timer is reset to give you 90 units of time for
the third and fourth missions.

Confronting The Enemy

If you're playing a one-person game (Game 1) you see two opponents on the
fighting screen. You only fight one at a time, each stays in his half of
the screen. You can fight them simultaneously by moving back and forth
between the two screen sections. When you defeat one, the other will engage
you in battle.
If you're playing a two-person game (Game 2) both of you fight your opponents
at the same time. You each are restricted to your section of the screen.

Watch Your Strength

At the bottom of the screen are the strength bars.
The number above the strength bar indicates the number of lives remaining.
You start out with 3 lives.
When you begin the fight, your strength bar is full. As you fight and
receive blows, your strength is reduced. When the stength bar is empty, that
life is over. When the number of lives remaining is 0 and the strength bar
has been drained, the game is over.
After each mission you complete, your strength bar is refreshed, but you
don't earn more lives. You must get to the Shadow Boss's Enemy Base on your
original 3 lives.


The score is based on the kicks and punches you land.

Action Points Action Points

Punch 50 Kick 100
Jump Kick 100 Elbow 180
Bat 200 Oil Drum 200
Knife 500

Scenes of Battle

Billy and Jimmy Lee clash with the Black Warriors in four different areas.
The going gets tougher as the tough gets going.

Mission 1: City Slums
Mission 2: Industrial Areas
Mission 3: Outskirts of the City
Mission 4: The Enemy Base of the Shadow Boss

After each mission, the timer is reset. After the second mission, it is
reset to 90.

Battle Strategy

* You can't drop your weapon, but it can be taken away from you during
the heat of battle. Keep your distance while slugging it out.
* Don't squander your lives early on! You'll definitely need all your
strength once you're locked in battle with the Shadow Boss.
* The corners can be good places to clobber your opponent. Be careful,
though - you might get trapped yourself.
* Keep an eye on the timer. If your time runs out before you polish off
your opponent, you lose a life. If it's your last life, you go back
to the beginning of the game.
* When you are playing a one-person game (Game 1), avoid getting in
between your opponents, their lightning manoeuvres will soon destroy


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