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Dragonstomper - Starpath - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   


How to Play




How to Use the
Starpath Supercharger

  • Set up your Atari Video Computer System (or any similar game system that takes Video Computer System game cartridges) according to manufacturer instructions. Use joystick controllers.
  • Make sure power switch is OFF, and insert the Starpath Supercharger with label up. Be careful not to force it or to insert it crookedly.
  • Connect the plug on the end of the Supercharger cable to the earphone jack of any cassette recorder/ player.* (This jack may also be labeled "monitor," "mon.," "ear," or "output.")
  • For best results, keep the cassette player at least a few inches away from the TV set.
  • Turn the power switch of the game ON. The TV screen should read "REWIND TAPE PRESS PLAY." If not, turn the power off and check to be sure the system is properly hooked up and the Supercharger is fully inserted.
  • Insert Side A of DRAGONSTOMPER. Side A of the cassette is quick load side; Side B is the standard load side. Some cassette players may not load reliably on the quick load side. If so, flip the tape over and use Side B.
  • Set volume and tone controls near high or maximum.
  • Press REWIND and wait until the tape stops moving. Now press PLAY.
  • In a few moments, you will hear the sounds of the game loading and see colored panels fill the screen. A moment later "STOP TAPE" will appear, and you'll be ready to play DRAGONSTOMPER.

If you have trouble...

  • If the tape player makes a screeching noise, you have not plugged the Supercharger cable into the earphone jack.
  • If the tape doesn't move, check the batteries in the cassette player.
  • Rewind the tape completely and try again.
  • Try Side B of the game cassette if Side A won't load properly. Set volume and tone controls at high or maximum.
  • Move the cassette player farther from the TV set and try again.

* If you use a large cassette deck with a "phone" type earphone plug,
you may purchase an adapter at most electronics specialty stores.

Only the Dragonstomper Can Save the Kingdom...

Once this was a happy place to live. There was plenty to eat and drink, and the children could play safely in the forests. The King was wise and ruled with a gentle hand.

Then a Druid magician completed the enchantment of a powerful amulet. The amulet, thought the Druid, would subdue the dragon. The Druid, controlling the fierce beast, would become invincible. So, amulet in hand, the Druid magician entered the dragon's cave.

And fell into a trap.

The amulet skidded out of the Druid's hand...and into the dragon's claw. The Druid fled in terror. The dragon lay still, puzzled and fascinated.

Slowly, the magic powers of the amulet flowed into the dragon. To his physical strength were added cunning, intelligence, and far greater magical powers. As the dragon gained power, he became obsessed with evil. And he turned the full force of his evil powers against the once happy Kingdom.

From his cave, the dragon cast spells that caused crops to parch and die. Hidden pools of quicksand snared travelers on their way to village markets, Savage creatures-- maniacs, scorpions, demented monkeys, and worse-- attacked without warning or provocation.

The Kingdom became a desperate and treacherous place. The King's loyal knights had all fallen to the dragon's evil warriors. The King's Wizard was helpless against the dragon's magic. There was only one hope left.

The Dragonstomper.
So here's where you come in. As the fabled Dragonstomper, you'll need all your wits, strength, intuition, and resourcefulness to dispatch the evil that hangs over the Kingdom. First, you must battle your way across the countryside, giving the dragon's creatures a taste of your blade. Then, you must prepare yourself for the big brawl, recruiting men and supplies from the oppressed village. Finally, you must conquer the dragon and smash the evil amulet.

Another day in the life of a Dragonstomper.

Fighting Your Way to the Dragon's Cave

Dragonstomper is a Multi Load game.
The three levels of Dragonstomper play are far too complex to be loaded into the Starpath Supercharger cartridge at one time. So the game cassette is divided into three sections, each of which is loaded separately from your cassette player into the computer memory of the Supercharger:

  • Load One: The Enchanted Countryside
  • Load Two: The Oppressed Village
  • Load Three: The Dragon's Cave

Important Be sure to press the STOP button on your cassette recorder as soon as the STOP TAPE message appears. If you're too slow, you may let the tape run past the beginning of the next load.

Even if you miss the beginning of the next load, no problem. A REWIND TAPE message appears, and you should rewind the tape back to the beginning. The Supercharger will find the correct load automatically and, when it's loaded, a STOP TAPE message will appear. Be patient, and let the tape pass through the unwanted loading cycles.

The Enchanted Countryside
Your objective during your trek across the countryside is to obtain the power and magic you need to get into the village. You start with 400 gold pieces and a good deal of strength and dexterity. But not enough to take you across the bridge into the village.

You'll have to fight the dragon's creatures, taking possession of their gold, spells, and weapons. Once you have enough, you can bargain with the guard at the bridge.

But be careful, because each battle can cost you some of your strength. And when your strength is all gone, you're a dead Dragonstomper:

The Oppressed Village
Your objective during your stay in the village is to equip yourself with what you need to battle the dragon. The shops have a variety of provisions you may find useful. Enter the Magic Shop, the Trade Shop, or the Hospital and buy or barter what you need.

You'll find the few warriors in the village, but you'll have to use your wits before they'll join you in your journey into the dragon's cave.

Once you're satisfied that you've got what it takes to take on the dragon, just step up to the cave's gate. But you better be absolutely sure you're ready. There is no turning back.

The Dragon's Cave
Now we'll find out if you're worthy of the name Dragonstomper.

Proceed into the cave with care. It's riddled with traps, snares, and guardians. It's also riddled with the bones of other would-be dragon stompers.

You'll need all the strength and magic at your disposal to survive this adventure.

How to Play

Start the game by loading the cassette into the Supercharger and picking up your left joystick.

To move across the landscape, just push the joystick in the direction you wish to travel. You can move when the message area at the bottom of the screen reads:

    ##    ##      
    ##    ######  USE
  ######  ##      STICK
      ##  ######  MOVE
  ######    ##  
      ##    ##

To deal with adversaries you can choose to MOVE, FIGHT, or USE a weapon or magic spell. When the screen shows the "action menu" below, push the joystick in the direction of the arrow next to the action you wish to take:

    ##      MOVE

  ######    FIGHT

  ######    USE

    ##      STATUS

When fighting, you'll find that the battles are given blow-by-blow descriptions on the message block. Every time your adversary scores a hit, you'll see how much of your strength was lost. The less strength and dexterity you have left, the more likely you are to get the worst of a battle. When your strength is low, you'd better MOVE on.

To learn your status, you press the joystick button and the "action menu" appears. Push the joystick in the indicated direction, and you'll see how much gold, strength, dexterity, and useful objects you possess. (Note that there are times during combat when you can't switch to the "action menu.")

  0603    GOLD
    14    STR
    16    DEX
   ###    INVENTORY

Pushing the joystick in the INVENTORY direction shows you how many of each object you've accumulated. When you have more than three object types, you can review them all by calling for MORE.

To use various objects, during a battle or at any other time, select USE from the action menu. Then the message area shows which objects are available (you may need the MORE command to call up all the objects), and you need only push the joystick in the appropriate direction to use it.

    ##      GOLD

  ######    CHEST

  ######    KEY

    ##      MORE

To resurrect yourself if you drop dead during the first load (if your strength drops below zero), just press RESET. You'll lose all your magic objects, but you'll have a fresh supply of gold, strength, and dexterity.

Be a Better

When your strength is down, stay out of fights until you build it up again. Your strength builds gradually with time. A more dramatic increase in strength may be obtained by visiting church and making a suitable contribution.

Think before you fight. Your adversaries will wear you down if you battle them mindlessly. Try USEing an appropriate object during the first exchange of blows. Or just MOVE along if you don't think you need any objects in your adversary's possession.

Watch out for booby traps. Don't get fooled by a seemingly peaceful landscape. The cunning dragon has laid traps by the front entrance to certain castles. Try the back entrance.

Get by the bridge guard, the easy way. He's too tough to fight. So give him lots of gold. Or, even easier, show him your scroll as identification.

The clever Dragonstomper can prove he is smarter than the dragon by outwitting him and stealing the amulet. The dragon can then be rehabilitated instead of killed.

Limited 90 Day Warranty


STARPATH CORP. warrants to the original purchaser of this STARPATH product that it will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for ninety days from the date of purchase. If this product is discovered to be defective within the warranty period, return to place of purchase for replacement. This warranty is limited to electronic and mechanical parts within the product. It is not applicable to normal wear and tear and is not applicable and shall be void if the defect has arisen through, or the product shows signs of, misuse, excessive wear, modifications, or tampering.


Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the limitations or exclusions set forth may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Repair Service
Should your SUPERCHARGER require service after the ninety day limited warranty period, a charge of $15 will be assessed to restore it to full working condition. Send the SUPERCHARGER unit, shipping prepaid, to:
    P.O. Box 209
    Santa Clara, CA 95050.

STARPATH takes pride in providing you the finest,
most challenging video games available today.  We
welcome your comments and suggestions for ways to
make our game selection even more enjoyable.  Please
P.O. Box 209, Santa Clara, CA 95050




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