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Untitled Document
                                    J A M M E D

                                     (C) 2001

                                  Thomas Jentzsch

It was love on first sight. Barely 20 years old she stood in the crowd,
drawing all the looks in her breathtaking yellow designerdress. From that
moment you didn't care for any other, you just had eyes for her. You just
knew she would soon be yours.

But you still can't afford her, so you will simply take her tonight.
Silently you sneak to her room and cautiously open the door. Then you see
her, that sleek italian! You will brush aside everything that stands between
you and her and then you will flee with her, with this dream of a ...used
sports car!

Move all the other cars out of the way to steal your dream car out of the lot.

Jammed consists of 600 puzzles which are organized in 6 difficulty levels
of 100 puzzles each. With the joystick you can move the cursor and the
firebutton moves the selected car in the indicated direction.

RESET            = restart puzzle
SELECT           = select level
FIRE+SELECT      = select random puzzle in current level
LEFT DIFFICULTY  = cursor mode
RIGHT DIFFICULTY = switch between NTSC and PAL settings

The counter on the left hand displays the number of moves. It starts with
the minimally required number of moves in the negative and increases.
If the level ends with the counter displaying 00, the puzzle is solved

The counter on the right hand indicates the current puzzle (0..599).
The first digit also signifies the level of difficulty (0..5).

JAMMED is based on the board game Rush Hour from Binary Arts.

This game would not have been possible without valuable support of the members of
Stellalist, the Atari 2600 programmers mailing list:


Special thanks to Brian Prescot ("Crazy Valet",
for inspiration and Eckhard Stollberg for testing.

Thank you all!

JAMMED (C) 2001 Thomas Jentzsch.
This game is copyrighted. You can't distribute JAMMED on Atari 2600 cartridges
without my explicit permission. Thomas Jentzsch makes no guarantees, written or
implied, on this software. I'm not responsible for any damage due to the use of
this software.

JAMMED has been developed and tested with z26 by John Saeger. It does not(!) work
with emulators that don't support illegal opcodes, like Stella (1.1), StellaX
(1.1.3) and the windows version of PCAE (2.5).

You can buy Atari 2600 cartridges at Hozer Video Games:


A free demo version with 30 playable puzzles can be found at:



Please send any comments, questions, or suggestions to:

                     [email protected]