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Fishing Derby - Activision - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Fishing Derby
                            FISHING DERBY

This is one of the Activision video games that is fun toplay even if you don't
know the rules.  So go ahead!  Use your Joystick Controllers.  And when you're
ready to find out why some fish bite and some don't, how to tell the whoppers
from the lunkers and--especially--how to keep the shark from eating your catch,
read these simple instructions.  Good Luck!

-------------------------FISHING DERBY BASICS----------------------------------
1.  Hook up your video game system.  Follow manufacturer's instructions.

2.  With power OFF, plug in game cartridge.

3.  Turn power ON.  If no picture appears, check connection of your game system
    to TV, then try steps 1-3 again.

4.  Select game with game select switch.
        Game 1:  You against the Activision computer fisherman.
        Game 2:  You against another player.

5.  Use left Joystick Controller for fisherman on the left pier and to play
    against the computer (Game 1).

6.  Use right Joystick Controller for fisherman on the right pier (Game 2). 

7.  Hold Joystick Controller with red button at upper left.  Move your Joystick
    from left to right to move your pole out and back.  To lower and raise 
    your line, move the Joystick up and down. 

8.  Choose your difficulty or handicap for each player (or the computer):
        a(up)--Fish won't bite unless you get the end of your line right
                 under his nose.
        b(down)--Fish will bite if you get the end of the line near his mouth.
    (Hint: When learning FISHING DERBY, handicap the computer at a, and put 
    your switch at b.)
9.  Scoring (top of screen):                  |Note to owners of Sears        |
    There are six rows of fish.  From the top |Tele-Game Video Arcade system: |
    down, they count as follows:              |                               |
        First two rows:  2 pounds each        | Difficulty switches are called|
        Second two rows: 4 pounds each        | skill left (or right) player  |
        Bottom two rows: 6 punds each         | and a(up) is expert and       |
    The big ones are down deep.  Go for 'em!  | b(down) is novice.            |
10. Press game reset to start each FISHING DERBY.  First player to land 99 lbs.
    of those beautiful fish wins.

                         HOW TO MAKE 'EM BITE

Drop the very end of your line (that's where the bait is) down to the level you
want to fish.  Then move the bait to touch the mouth of the fish you want to
catch.  The difficulty settings determine how close the bait has to be before
he bites.  See Instruction #8.

GOT ONE HOOKED?  If you don't do anything after hooking a fish, he will swim 
slowly up toward the surface (and the shark might gobble him up).  If you want
to reel him in fast, push the red button.  Be quick, though.  When both players
have hooked a fish, only one can reel up at a time (the first one hooked).  
The other fish will swim up slowly until the first fish has either been caught
or eaten by the shark.

                        HOW TO BE A CHAMPION
                        FISHING DERBY ANGLER
          Tips from David Crane, designer of FISHING DERBY

     David Crane, formerly a senior game designer at Atari, also designed
     Dragster for Activision.  He believes in taking on game assignments
     that everyone else says are impossible--and always gets them done.

"The most important thing I can tell you is to WATCH OUT FOR THE SHARK!  I've
made him quick and wily and unpredictable.  If your fish touches the chark
anywhere, he'll turn in a flash and snap it up.  So try to keep your fish away 
from him while you're reeling in.

"Once you've hooked your fish, you'll want to play him back and forth until the
shark moves out of the way, then push the red button and land him quickly.  You
can reel in more or less slowly by pressing or releasing the red button and you
can move your line back and forth with your Joystick.

"Since the big fish are in the fifth and sixth rows, go deep.  Start with the
fifth row if you're the player on the left.  You will have a little advantage
there, because you can reach the fifth row first.  The player on the right
should go to the sixth row to catch his big ones.

"Also, watch to see which fish start from your opponent's side and which start
from your side.  As fish are caught, they are replaced on the side they started
from.  It's better for you to catch fish that start uner your pier, because you
can usually go right back for another one.

"FISHING DERBY is a game designed to be fun for everyone in the family.  Now 
you won't have to get rained on or sunburned when you go fishing.  I'd like
to hear how you like it."

[David Crane]

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      Activision, Inc., 759 E. Evelyn Ave., Sunnyvale, CA  94086 

(c) 1980 Activision AG-004-03 10/80 Rev. 2

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