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Ice Hockey - Activision - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Ice Hockey
                Activision Ice Hockey


Welcome to the slam-bank world of Ice Hockey. Before you lace up your
skates and step out on the ice, you'd better take a minute to read 
these instructions. Then get ready for some outstanding head-to-head

Ice Hockey Basics

1. Hook up your video game system. Follow manufacturers instructions.

2. With power OFF, plug in game cartridge.

3. Turn power ON. If no picture appears, check connection of your game 
system to TV, then repeat steps 1 - 3.

4. Plug in Joystick Controllers.

5. Set difficulty switches to b(down).

6. Select game with game select switch.

    Game 1: You against the Activision computer team. Regular Action. 
    Game 2: You against a friend. Regular action.
    Game 3: You against the Activision computer team. High-speed Action.
    Game 4. You aganist a friend. High-speed action.

    Note: In Games 1 and 3, you are the blue team; the computer is the yellow
team. On black and white TV, the blue team is dark and the yellow team is 

7. Use of Joystick Controllers. The left joystick controls the blue team in
all games. The right Joystick controls the yellow team in Games 2 and 4. You
will be controlling the player on your team who is holding the hockey stick.
This will always be the player closest to the puck. Moving your joystick left
moves your player left, and moving it right moves him right. Push forward or
pull back to move up and down the ice.

8. To begin play. Press game reset. Both teams will be in position for a 
face-off. After a few seconds, the puck will be in play.

9. To take a shot. Press the red button on your josytick. You can control the
angle of your shot depending on where the puck is on your stick when you fire.
(See "How To Play").

10. Difficulty switches. They're used to handicap players. With the difficulty
switches in the b (down) position, players are not handicapped. In the a(up)
position, a player is handicapped with a 25% skating speed reduction.

11. Object of the game. To score more goals than your opponent in the three-
minute time period.


The first thing to do is gain control of the puck, which you do by skating
near it. When you've connected, you'll hear a "click" and the puck will begin 
to move back and forth on your player's stick.

There are 32 shot angles. Your shot will go to the extreme left when the puck
is at the left side of your player's stick; it will go to the extreme right
when the puck is at the right side of your player's stick. All other shot 
angles occur when the puck is in between the two extremes. Players can only 
shoot the puck forward towards their opponent's goal.

When on defense, use your stick to knock the puck away, or body-check your
opponent to slow his attack.

When you're defending your goal, it's important to cut down your opponent's
shot angle, since you want to make it has tough as you can for him to get a
clean shot at your net.

                Passing the Puck
Ice Hockey is a team game, and you should practice passing from your goalie 
to your forward. You'll find it impossible to play championship-quality 
hockey if you don't learn how to move the puck effectively. You have to
understand the shot angles to become a good passer.


Learn how to "play the boards". Just as in real hockey, you can pass the puck
by shooting it off the sides of the rink. This is helpful in moving the puck up
the ice, and can be really key when you're in position to score a goal.

In addition to body-checking, there's another way to slow down your opponent:
knock him down. If you're close enogh to an opposing player, you can swing your
stick and occasionally knock him to the ice. Downed players will stay on the
ice for a short period, giving you an advantage. Goalies aannot be knocked down
in front of their goals.


One good way to learn some of the game's basics is to get some ice time by
yourself with Game 2. Move your opponent's players to the sides of the rink and
practice shooting and skating. You'll soon get a feeling for the different shot
angles, and you'll notice that players hav certain movement restrictions. Your
forward is prevented from moving too close to his own goal, and your goalie 
can go only so far away from his goal.


You'll discover our Activision computer has a lot of practice skating and 
scoring goals. So, if you beat him on Game 1, send us a letter and tell us 
the score. Make sure a friend is watching as you outplay your opponent, so he
or she can sighn the letter as a witness to your achievement. We'll then send 
you  an official "All-Star" emblem. 


        Tips from Alan Miller, designer of Ice Hockey
Alan Miller is a Senior Designer at Activision. A fierce video game 
competitior, he's also the designer of Checkers and Tennis by ACTIVISION.

"My Activision Ice Hockey includes many of the features and much of the speed 
of real ice hockey.

"You really have to be quick right from the face-off. The player who 
controls the puck most often will wil the game. When you're on defense, don't
be too eager to bring your goalie too far out of his net. A smart forward
might try for an easy goal by angling his shot off the boards. 

"And here's a tip you might not discover, even after hours of ice time. When 
a loose puck is captured, it's automatically placed on the inside corner of
your stick. So, as soon as the puck hits your stick, you can launch an 
extremely angled shot and surprise your opponent.

"So, lace up your skates and go to it! And drop me a line and let me know
how you do".

(C) 1981 Activision. AX-012-03

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